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Nov 18th, 2012, 06:01 PM
I have heard this argument brought up a few times by Hingis fans so I was wondering how some of you saw it. If you put the Hingis of 1997-2000, remove Graf, and in fact give 1997-2000 Hingis all of Graf's exact draws in her place from 1993-1996, and even have her play the 2 Australian Opens Graf missed, how many of those 16 slams does she win. Some Hingis fans said she would win 10-14. How many would you say. Here would be my breakdown:

1993 Australian Open- Seles was amazing here, even schooling a very in form Graf in the last 2 sets. Hingis of 1997 was very good and Hingis is a legitimately bad matchup for Seles, but despite that I say Seles in 2 close or 3 sets.

1993 French Open- Hingis was not in form at all at the 97 French, nearly losing to Pizzichini in straight sets, losing a bagel set to Paulus, barely surviving a grossly out of shape and 71 unforced error Seles in semis, and then getting crushed by Majoli in final. No way she survive a draw of even past prime Sabatini, subpar Sanchez Vicario, and her pigeon Fernandez playing the tennis of her life to win the title.

1993 Wimbledon- 1997 Wimbledon Hingis would either lose to Capriati in the quarters or Novotna in the final. Hingis nearly lost to both an injured (she would miss the entire summer until the U.S Open, dropping to #3 behind Seles and losing the #2 U.S Open seed based on her injury she was carrying here) and aging Novotna in 1997, a potential final with Jana (if Hingis even got there) would not have been close enough for Jana to choke. Actually I dont think see Hingis having any wins over Jana at Wimbledon this period.

1993 U.S Open- 1997 U.S Open Hingis wins easily no question. 1 slam Hingis

1994 Australian Open- 1998 Australian Open Hingis wins easily no question. 2 slams Hingis

1994 French- Hingis is raped off court by scary god mode Pierce in semis just like Graf was.

1994 Wimbledon- Hingis was always vurnerable on grass and 1998 Hingis wasnt that good at Wimbledon anyway, nearly losing to a past her prime Sanchez in the quarters and being easily beaten by 30 year old Novotna in the semis. Probably loses to inspired McNeil in 1st round just as Graf did.

1994 U.S Open- 1998 U.S Open Hingis was down 4-1 in 3rd set and reliant on choke by 30 year old Novotna to win. Loses to 26 year old Novotna in semis here, who pushed Graf hard in good match as it was.

1995 Australian Open- Hard to say. Hingis generally has a good record vs Pierce, especialy at the Australian Open but this was another event where god mode Pierce who showed up only a few tournaments of her career appeared. I will call this 50/50.

1995 French Open- Hingis is 0-3 vs Martinez on red clay, even losing to old well past her prime Martinez in 2000 in straight sets. Hingis loses in semis to Martinez.

1995 Wimbledon- I was about to say Hingis loses to Novotna in the semis, but 1999 Wimbledon Hingis is actually the one who lost 1st round to a pre prime Dokic 6-2, 6-0, so scratch that, loses early round to the first decent random nobody she plays. Either way definitely not the title.

1995 U.S Open- Seles despite her poor fitness level played some of the best and most spectacular tennis of her post stabbing career by far, totally overpowering and dominating everyone, including in some ways Graf in the final despite losing. I say Seles beats 1999 Hingis in final here.

1996 Australian Open- This is a tough one. Hingis generally owned post stabbing Seles, but Seles played some very strong tennis here, barely losing games to anyone except for an inspired Rubin in the semis. 2000 Hingis was already on decline and got spanked easily by Davenport. Tough one, I say 50/50, so combined with the 95 Australian 50/50, we now have 3 slams for Hingis.

1996 French Open- Loses to Sanchez Vicario in final. Hingis owned Sanchez but she never played prime Sanchez Vicario on clay, and the fact Sanchez is a 3 time Roland Garros Champion in a tougher clay era than Hingis played in and won none shows who the better clay courter is. Anyway Sanchez was playing some great tennis here and should have beaten Graf in the final. Hingis with her lack of offensive weaponary would never cope with this insane level of clay defense.

1996 Wimbledon- Loses to Novotna in quarters. 2000 Hingis was in many ways weaker than late 1996 Hingis, and even that Hingis lost to Jana both times they played indoors this year.

1996 U.S Open- Wins title, unless she was upset by 1996 Hingis herself in semis. So 4 slams for Hingis.

So my pick is 4 slams, 1 less than she actually won from 1997-2000, with no year anything like 1997.

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