View Full Version : Receiving emails for subscribed threads

Natural Joe
Oct 19th, 2012, 06:15 PM
I have two question on this topic.

1) I would like to change my options so I don't receive emails for subscribed threads anymore. I have the Default Thread Subscription Mode on "No email notification" but I still receive emails for certain threads. I also tried to change it to "Weekly email notification" just to see if that works but apparently it doesn't as there are still emails incoming every couple of minutes. What am I doing wrong? And yes, I clicked on "Save changes". :p

2) When I look at my subscribed threads it says either "instant" or "none" under Notification. I receive emails only for threads with "instant" notification but not for those with "none" (makes sense...). However, I receive emails only for some of those threads with "instant" notification. That's not much of a problem of course as I would like to stop receiving emails anyway but it's still strange. My question is how can you change the notification of a thread from "instant" to "none" and why is it that some threads have instant notification whereas others have none?

Thanks for any help!