View Full Version : QueenPova

Sep 2nd, 2012, 08:54 AM
By request i've been asked to see if it's possible if someone who has been perm-banned can come back?

Maybe there's a way to contact Queenpova directly, but seeming as the account was killed I don't really see how that's possible.

Sep 2nd, 2012, 09:03 AM
Okay so I just checked the Banned Poster Questions, and I guess it's pretty clear that it's not going to happen, but are there any options at all? Or will he just have to forever not have an account...?

Sep 2nd, 2012, 09:45 AM
Permabans are not given lightly. So no, there is not an option here. He is free to contact the webmaster naturally as described in the Banned Poster Questions FAQ.

Sep 2nd, 2012, 10:30 AM
Ok thankyou.