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Aug 17th, 2012, 02:05 AM
I'll take report requests but I won't take photos as I always do and then something goes wrong with my camera and I lose the pictures :lol:

I will also try to tweet from the tournament, so check me out at @hellas719

I'll be at qualies hopefully 3 days and then I'll also go during the MD I'm just not sure when yet ;)

Aug 21st, 2012, 07:07 AM
:wavey: Pics of Mandy :hearts: and Aussies if you can :)

Aug 21st, 2012, 11:00 AM
Reports about Marta :oh:

Aug 21st, 2012, 11:04 AM
pics of Szavay, Serena would be cool!

Aug 21st, 2012, 12:38 PM
So you are going again ? :hearts: I remember the last yead drama between Kolar and Georgatou :lol:

Daniilidou please and Safarova, Keothavong :)

Aug 22nd, 2012, 03:25 AM
So you are going again ? :hearts: I remember the last yead drama between Kolar and Georgatou :lol:

Daniilidou please and Safarova, Keothavong :)

I remember and people accused me of making things up :rolleyes:
And people also complained about me trying to get attention by putting that report in the GM when some of them put their whole threads in the GM :facepalm:

Aug 22nd, 2012, 03:25 AM
Qualies Day 1:

Okay, let's try to get this organized now :lol:

First, I "accidentally" walked in the VIP way and went right by BJK :oh:

Right away, Murray and Sharapova were practicing but they were so far away. Honestly fuck the USTA because we used to be able to watch those far away practice courts from the top of the Court 4 stands and now they put some stupid blue padding against the fence and now we can't see :rolleyes:

A lot of players walked by me but I couldn't really identify them, especially ATP guys :lol:

So I first just walked around to find a match and most of them were boring so I found some friends and just socialized with them for a while :lol:. And then I watched some of Larriere-Ivanova and Mauresmo was there watching but it was a pretty boring match. Ivanova was really bad :tape:. She needs to lose some weight too IMO :o. Larriere was really hot though :hearts:, and she was better than I expected but she is top 100 at most ;)

All day I kept checking Armstrong and Grandstand to see who was practicing there but it was all ATP :o. And I could only recognize Cilic, Gasquet, Verdasco, Seppi (I think), and Raonic. I had no idea about the other ones. And on the practice courts there was barely any action other than Sharapova and Murray earlier. Just some qualy players but mostly empty courts :shrug:

I then saw Hendler walking into Ashe and I saw some of Klein-Halebian where Asderaki was umpiring. I'm not sure why Halebian has a Greek first name and an Armenian sounding surname :unsure:. I was just mostly walking around and looking at players since there were many boring matches in the beginning and it was really hot. Ivana Lisjak reminds me of some Jersey Shore character with her jet black hair and her huge hoop earrings :lol:. Her grunt was atrocious too :scared:

Okay umm I saw Madison Keys watching matches with who I think was her mom. And then I saw a little of Castano-Schoofs but it was boring :lol:. I stepped in gum which I was pissed about :lol:. I then just kept observing players and saw that Ying-Ying Duan was really tall and Adamczak had a beautiful one handed BH and her game kinda reminds me of Daniilidou's :p

Okay the waffle fries are amazing and if anyone here gets the chance to go to the USO I recommend them because I always get them and they're amazing :drool:. Sorry for making totally random comments in this post but I'm just going off of what I put on twitter really. I watched a little of Domachowska-Glushko. Tons of Israelis as usual, some Poles too. Domachowska was wearing a skirt almost down to her knees which disappointed me because I wanted to see more of her long legs:hearts:. But honestly I find her very overrated in the looks department and it was a boring match. Domachowska had no game plan but I watched a little since Adrian requested it. She would moonball some points, ballbashers others. She was a mess. Glushko wasn't great either TBH :shrug:

Aug 22nd, 2012, 03:45 AM
New post:

-Krunic is so short.
-Garcia walked by me with her family and she looke really happy :awww:
-I randomly saw Mary Joe Fernandez (I think it was her) sitting on a bench talking on her cell phone :spit:
-There was a girl with credentials who looked like Vassiliki Vougiouka :inlove:
-Flipkens really didn't play well but won. She had some trouble closing it out, but when she did some people went to her for autographs and interviews and she seemed really cool and funny. Some guy asked her to take a picture with him and he said his wife would take the picture and then she said "You sure she won't get jealous?" and them everyone around laughed :lol:
-I saw the end of Malek-Jones and Jones was angry and threw her racket :oh:. And then Malek hit an ace on MP and I expected her to be happy with the win but she just like stormed off the court afterwards and was out of sight 10 seconds after the handshake :weirdo:
-I saw some of Simmonds vs. Cha.Scholl. Simmonds has issues with her hair, it's blonde and blue :tape:. Chalena Scholls coach kept screaming vamps and she saved some MPs but then she lost and later on I saw her walking alone and she was crying :awww:. Simmonds is a lefty pusher, her game reminds me of Pervak. Afterwards Simmon was sitting in the main square with her coach or father (or both?) and was talking on the phone. During the match, Viola vs. Authom was on the next court and Camerin kept screaming out in Italian to Viola. Matisse was there (is Authom Belgian?) and he kept looking over to watch Simmonds-Scholl and he seemed very interested :lol:
-As she was on her way out, Eva Asderaki made eye contact with me and stared at me for like 5 seconds :eek::spit::inlove:
-The dumb food court scoreboard has the old Georgian flag for Chakhnashvili :facepalm:
-The umpire in Coin-Rybarikova said "Rybarikova from the Slavic Republic" instead of "Slovak Republic" :help:
-Caught the 3rd set TB of Pavlovic-Beck. Seemed like a shitty match but Mauresmo was watching so I watched near her :lol:
-I was going to watch Chan vs.Ferrer-Suarez. The first point I saw was a DF from Ferrer-Suarez and I decided it would be the last point I saw. I'm too lazy to check the stats but Ines probably had 56288365 DFs as usual :o
-Saw bits and pieces of Fichman-Puig. The grunting from both was annoying and Fichman acts like a total bitch on court. Her attitude is very repelling :o. There were a ton of Puerto Rican fans for Puig and they kept cheering like crazy for her :cool:
-Saw the end of Mrdeza-Pegula. Pegula was so sweet and signed like 20 autographs and took pics with kids. She seemed so nice. Mrdeza has this weird tattoo on her arm that looks like one you would only see on men who ride motorcycles :spit:
-Saw some of Tsurenko-Bogdan. Tsurenko didn't have to do much. Bogdan was a mess. Mitu was watching it and then she went to watch Copil-Naso after Bogdan got destroyed. Tsurenko was very hot just like last year :hearts:. And she had a huge entourage with her...

Aug 22nd, 2012, 04:06 AM
Last Observations:
-Castano was watching Alejandro Gonzalez.
-There were a few Paraguayan fans watching Cepede Royg vs. Molinero. I didn't stay though because it was a boring match :p
-I saw MLDB on her way to the practice courts as I was leaving :p
-Mauresmo was very nice to all the fans, taking pics and giving autographs :)

-I saw a game in the beginning and Rezai was hammering the ball. Mauresmo was watching and Rezai hit 4 winners in a row in that game. It was like 2010 Madrid and then I left. I came back in the second set and saw Aravane struggling. She was complaining to the umpire about Saisai taking too much time on the changeovers with her cute French accent. I couldn't hear much because Saisai had some annoying fans who were talking on their cell phones, opening candy wrappers loudly and making noise, chewing on hard granola bars, talking, standing up during points, etc.:o. This one lady in front of me had this big red umbrella so I couldn't see one side of the court because she's afraid of the sun and needs a big umbrella and doesn't care that it blocks everyone else's view. And she kept standing up during points it was so annoying and she was clapping during rallies :rolleyes:. And then her fans kept multiplying so I had to leave again :o. And Saisai is so over ranked. She is the biggest pusher ever and she makes Julia Cohen look like Sharapova :o. I eventually came back to this match and tried to sit by Amelie since there weren't many Chinese fans there and it was amazing. Match of the day. Rezai kept complaining about Saisai and then Rezai took her water bottle and slammed it on the court and then a few points later she slammed a ball onto another court and then the umpire said code violation and she screamed to him with her cute French accent "I DON'T CARE!!!" :lol:. There was a brief stop in play because Saisai complained about something and then fans jeered and then Rezai yelled something to the umpire and then people kept chanting things like "Just play" and "We want to watch tennis" and finally Saisai went to return a serve. And then "The Great Pusher of China" won and then the handshake was epic. Rezai totally threatened her :rolls:. No one could hear what she said but she was really angry and I know she said something really mean. She used her pointing finger while she was talking to Saisai and I don't know what she said but it looked like Serena's incident with Shino :oh:. And then a few minutes later I saw Rezai hiding near the Lacoste store screaming at her coach in French :lol:

Tammy makes funny facial expressions between points :lol:. I watched a lot of this match. In the first set TB, Tammy blew 3 SPs. She won the second. In the third set TB she just folded and didn't play well. She fought really hard and I gained a lot of respect for her. I can't see her going too far in the future unless she improves which is possible because she is a hard worker and a fighter. Her fight is incredible even though she gets tight some times. She looked very sweaty and exhausted but she refused to give up. There was one game where she didn't really try hard to get some balls and she looked a little fatigued. It was a really long match, 7-6 5-7 7-6. I'm not sure of the match time but she was sweating like crazy. Both girls were really nice to fans afterwards. After losing such a tough three setter, Hendler was smiling and she had some relatives there or friends or something and she was socializing with them and one of them had a baby and I heard her say to the baby "and on the weekend we can go to the pool together". She seems very down to Earth and I was surprised to see how well she took the tough loss :shrug:

I watched the beginning of this match but it was depressing to see Maka losing so I left. I came back in the middle of the second set. Well, Maka fought but she looked exhausted on court and she looked tired. She threw her racket a few times and then after she lost MP she threw her racket to her chair and did the handshakes and then stormed off. I felt bad because I wonder if this is the last we will see of her in a GS qualy draw (hopefully not!) but I was happy that she got the chance to go to the Olympics :). I then saw her sitting down with her coach and he was talking to her and she was listening and then Dolonc walked by with her coach which I thought was awkward since they just played each other and then Dolonc and her coach sat a few tables away. I hope Maka can string together some nice results soon...

Aug 22nd, 2012, 04:49 AM
Wednesday Plans:
I plan on going tomorrow. Originally I was going to go later but Eleni is playing at 11 am so I will probably go early, although I might have to miss Eleni :sad:

Matches I plan on seeing:
Daniilidou vs. Mayr-Achleitner
Kudryavtseva vs.Craybas
Ivakhnenko vs. Gallovits-Hall
Keys vs. Brengle
Olaru vs. Meusburger
Some Others

Also don't forget, I will be tweeting from the grounds so follow me @hellas719 :wavey:

come on lena
Aug 22nd, 2012, 06:25 AM
Thanks andrea :)

Aug 22nd, 2012, 07:32 AM
Drama like Rezai/Zheng is why I love qualies :lol: can't wait to go on friday!

Aug 22nd, 2012, 08:03 AM
Any pics of Aussies, Krunic or Tsurenko? :)

Aug 22nd, 2012, 08:50 AM
thanks for the report, rezai :spit:

Aug 22nd, 2012, 09:02 AM
Epic Rezai-S.Zheng report :hysteric:

Aug 22nd, 2012, 09:23 AM
Thanks a lot! Great reports :yeah.
The Rezai-Zheng match must have been hilarious. :lol:
Have fun today!

Aug 22nd, 2012, 11:56 AM
i'm so curious how Radwańska will do ;) so please reports, if you can :)

Aug 22nd, 2012, 05:01 PM
Lol, what drama in the qualy stage :drool:

Especially with Rezai, what was going on? :unsure:

King Halep
Aug 22nd, 2012, 10:15 PM
:wavey: Pics of Svitolina :hearts: :)

Aug 22nd, 2012, 10:19 PM
Maybe you saw Puchkova-Birnerova match today? :awww:

King Halep
Aug 22nd, 2012, 10:27 PM
Last Observations:
chewing on hard granola bars...

oh no no no no


Aug 23rd, 2012, 04:40 AM
Drama like Rezai/Zheng is why I love qualies :lol: can't wait to go on friday!

Have fun! :)

Any pics of Aussies, Krunic or Tsurenko? :)

No, sorry :hug:

Thanks a lot! Great reports :yeah.
The Rezai-Zheng match must have been hilarious. :lol:
Have fun today!

Thanks, I did! :)

i'm so curious how Radwańska will do ;) so please reports, if you can :)

Will try but I don't know when I'm going to the MD...

Lol, what drama in the qualy stage :drool:

Especially with Rezai, what was going on? :unsure:

She was just a mess :shrug:
She isn't the player she used to be and she has a lot of work to do on her game and attitude :help:

:wavey: Pics of Svitolina :hearts: :)

Sorry, I didn't see her :hug:

Maybe you saw Puchkova-Birnerova match today? :awww:

I only saw a few points so I can't really elaborate on it, sorry :p

oh no no no no


Poor choice of words from me :facepalm:

Aug 23rd, 2012, 05:50 AM
Wednesday Qualies:
-I didn't get to see Olaru's match, but I saw her go to the bathroom after the first set and then later on I saw her leaving the grounds all alone. She looked depressed :awww:
-Mueller was walking around a lot and watching matches, just like yesterday :p
-Asderaki did Kiick-Evtimova and Smyczek vs. Heliovaara :hearts:
-Fichman was watching Dancevic.
-Mauresmo was watching Feuerstein.
-Buyukakcay was watching Daniilidou vs. Mayr-Achleitner.
-Gallovits-Hall and her coach/husband walked by me and we almost made eye contact :hearts:
-Krunic and Rybarikova were walking around (not together) and then Krunic went to watch Birnerova vs. Puchkova with her now compatriot Dolonc :p
-Meusburger was watching Feuerstein vs. Pelletier.
-The weather was so weird. It would rain and then the sun would come out, and then it would rain again and then the sun would come out :spit:
-I saw many players practicing. Oudin with Mirza, Murray with Wawrinka, McHale, Robson with MJMS, Harrison, Hampton, Cilic, Youzhny, Shvedova, Muguruza, Evtimova, Li with her husband, Chardy with Simon, etc.
-Joao Souza was pissed and he broke his racket :oh:
-Many Japanese fans supporting their players, also some Ecuadorians as there was an ATP player from Ecuador ;)
-Vika wasn't watching Bubkas match :sad:
-Kudryavtseva looks so different in person :speakles:
-Asderaki was watching Ivakhnenko vs. Gallovits-Hall :eek:
-Saw one point of Putintseva-Floris. Putintseva acting like a bitch as usual :lol:
-Katrina Adams walked by me one time :p

Aug 23rd, 2012, 05:50 AM
Match Reports:

Daniilidou vs. Mayr-Achleitner:
I got there a little late so I missed the first few games. I also had to take a call so I only saw about half of the first set. It was competitive. In the beginning Mayr kept throwing her racket and Eleni complained about the rain so they stopped play and then there was a brief rain delay but then it cleared up so they resumed the match. There were actually several Greeks there so it was nice to see that I wasn't all on my own. Eleni's coach was very vocal and kept screaming in Greek to her and told her things like "Pame Lena!" and "Pame Elenaki!" and "Bravo Lena!", etc. I'm not sure if that is really considered coaching but the umpire did nothing. Sometimes he would tell Eleni to be strong and sometimes to be aggressive, so I guess it was coaching but as usual no umpire ever has the balls to say anythinng about it :lol:. Mayr was swearing a lot and in the first set she hit some nice shots. There were some nice rallies in this match but Eleni was just too strong in the second set. She was playing such beautiful tennis. She was being aggressive with her one-handed backhand instead of just slicing every ball and watching her hit a few backhand winners was absolutely beautiful. She also hit some nice drop shots and surprisingly hit 4 aces and didn't have many DFs either :p. Eleni's sponsor tag on her shirt was about to fall off and no one told her anything about it :spit:. And then towards the end a group of like 80 kids came to watch the match and it was so funny and random that they picked Eleni's match of all of them. It was also really ironic because when the kids came Mayr stopped having an attitude and became normal for once, maybe she wanted to set a good example for the children :lol:. Eleni hit a great shot on MP and I was surprised that Mayr gave a very nice handshake since she was bitchy for most of the match. Afterwards I wanted to talk to Eleni and I saw others talking to her (I think they were Greek) and then some kids wanted her autographs and then I was going to talk to her but I was so nervous :help:. So I just stuttered and said to her congratulations in Greek because I just couldn't breathe I'm so pathetic :rolls:. I even planned out what I was going to say and then my mind went totally blank :lol:. Anyways it was the best I had see Eleni play in quite a while...

Weinhold vs. Buyukakcay:
Saw the first set and a half of this match. Weinhold was really poor in the first set and she was playing at a 10K level. Cagla didn't have to do much. Cagla was very solid in the first set and she won. It was a pretty boring set actually. The second set was much more exciting. Weinhold raised her level so it was much more competitive with better rallies. I then left after the 7th game in the 2nd set so I just saw the score now. Cagla was overall just better than Weinhold :shrug:

Ivakhnenko vs. Gallovits-Hall:
I watched the first set. Edina played very well. She was so consistent and she was playing really well. There were an lot of nice rallies and good points from both. It was a fun match :D. Edina was calm and patient but aggressive. She had a lot of winners. Valentyna played well and fought hard but Edina was more experienced and more consistent. Valentyna kept banging her racket and swearing in Ukrainian but she tried to run down every ball and worked hard for her points. It was a good match but Edina was just a little better and played well on the important points. I left this match after the first set because Valentyna took a bathroom break and I didn't feel like waiting for her to come back, and on my way out I saw that Asderaki was watching this match. Oh and Ivakhnenko kept grunting loudly even on slices, very unnecessary :rolleyes:

Dzehalevich vs. Larcher de Brito:
Match of the day from what I saw, but unfortunately I only saw the last 5-6 games. This was played on Court 12, which along with Court 16 is the smallest court there. Only one side has stands, and only 3 rows. There were no seats which sucked because I had to stand behind people who were standing and I could barely see this EPIC match. Dzehalevich was just getting balls in play and it was working. Both girls were grunting/screaming like crazy and the crowd was laughing :lol:. MLDB was so fierce and intense on court which was a little annoying but also cool. You could tell that both players got really tight and especially Michelle was so afraid of coming to net and during important points she kept pushing instead of going for her shots because she was too tight. In the end Dzehalevich mishit a few balls which costed her. MLDB won and it was just so exciting to watch. Some people in the crowd were talking about her and all of the pressure on her and how she was hyped a few years ago, etc. it was nice to see her pull through because you could just tell how much this win meant to her. IIRC she winona the last 4 games. She just kept fighting and didn't give up, even though she was playing like shit :lol:. She won ugly though, and this worked against Dzehalevich, but she needs to step up her game because it won't work against better players...

Min vs. Cepelova:
I saw the last game because I wanted to go to Court 17 since I've never been there. Min had a ton of support from the crowd, but it wasn't enough. From what I saw, Min is a huge fighter and I see a bright future for her especially if she can work on her fitness ;)

Vekic vs. Sirotkina:
I was curious to see Vekic so I stayed for most of the second set but it was a pretty boring match. Vekic looks much older than she really is. Sirotkina had nothing to hurt her with. Vekic was just better and more solid and in the end she won :shrug:

Feuerstein vs. Pelletier:
Mauresmo and Meusburger were in the crowd. I saw the last few games. Feuerstein was useless and kept hitting UEs. It was painful to watch, but MP was really good point ;)

Kiick vs. Evtimova:
Saw Evtimova last year against Cadantu and she is exactly the same. She is so sexy even though her grunt is so fake :lol:. She hits hard and kinda flat but she is just so much fun to watch when she is on. Asderaki was in the chair for this one. I only saw a few games and some dumb kids in front of me were asking their father where Bulgaria was and they kept making fun of Bulgaria by saying "Baldgaria" :facepalm:. Yeah, its kinda true what they say about Americans and geography :hysteric:. Kiick was basically just trying to defend from what I saw. Dia was too strong and then after the match some man went up to her and he asked her how old she was :spit:

Koehler vs. Pereira:
I just saw the last two games and the third set TB. Very messy match with lots of UEs and swearing from both girls. I'm glad I didn't see more of this because it wouldve been a waste of time :lol:

Aug 23rd, 2012, 07:04 AM
I probably won't go Thursday or Friday :(

If I go it would be Thursday late afternoon, but it's unlikely :sad:

If I do go I will put it on twitter though :p

Also I will go to a few days of MD but I don't know when yet...

King Halep
Aug 23rd, 2012, 07:35 AM
Poor choice of words from me :facepalm:

I meant its funny that they are eating so noisily

King Halep
Aug 23rd, 2012, 07:41 AM
Wednesday Qualies:
-I didn't get to see Olaru's match, but I saw her go to the bathroom after the first set and then later on I saw her leaving the grounds all alone. She looked depressed :awww:

I know what you mean. I saw Khromacheva, the one that everyone hates, after she lost her final round qualifying match at AO which was a good effort for a sixteen year old, and she was crying as she was walking off the court and there was noone with her, and it was all so sad. :sad: Theres so much drama on last day of qualifying. I have to contrast it with little Krunic who was still smiling even after winning 3 games in her match but then she is a bit crazy.

Can the public see what are the practice schedules at USO?

come on lena
Aug 23rd, 2012, 08:06 AM
Daniilidou :hearts: Thanks Andreas for reports!Hope you will go tonight!:wavey:

Aug 23rd, 2012, 08:15 AM
^^ thats why I love Krunic, she's so cute and nice :inlove:

Aug 23rd, 2012, 09:48 AM
Thanks, great reports wish I was there ;)

Aug 23rd, 2012, 01:34 PM
thanks for the reports :bowdown:

Marta :awww:

Aug 23rd, 2012, 02:04 PM
Thanks again :yeah:
Great to know Eleni was playing well!

Aug 24th, 2012, 05:07 AM
Not going again until MD :(
But I'm happy I had a blast the first 2 Q days, even though another day there would've been better :p

come on lena
Aug 24th, 2012, 05:10 AM
Eleni was 2-5 down and she won :O Come on lena :hearts:

Aug 24th, 2012, 05:48 AM
^She was down 1-5 even :speakles::woohoo:

Aug 27th, 2012, 07:17 AM
Thanks! :lol:

Aug 30th, 2012, 12:56 AM
Had tickets for Thursday but can't make it :sad:
Hopefully going to QF...

Sep 14th, 2012, 02:21 AM
Went Thursday to MxD final, some juniors, and Ferrer-Tipsy and got to see Vika, Masha, Ree, and Murray practice :cheer:

Will report soon.

Oct 30th, 2012, 12:04 AM
My report:
I'm too lazy to do a big full report so I'll just recap :p

-Mixed final was exciting in the STB :cool:
-I was so glad that sexist pig Tipsarevic lost in 5th set TB :cheer:
-I got to watch Vika, Masha, Serena, and Murray practice. It was my first time ever seeing Serena in person, but I mostly concentrated on Vika since she's one of my main faves and she was closer to me. Her practice was out of control. She was just so good and perfect that day. That practice session was one of the best tennis she's ever played. Every ball went in and near the line if not on it :worship:
-I saw some of Kontaveit-Kiick. It was such a messy match :o. Tons of UEs. Kontaveit had more power and basically dictated play from what I saw, although it was clear that neither player was on their A game. But Kontaveit did hit some nice winners here and there ;)
-I saw the whole Kalovelonis vs. Peliwo three set encounter. Kalovelonis got the early break in the first set and then from then on it was pretty even but Kalovelonis kept the break to take the set. Then in the second it was even until Peliwo broke Kalovelonis in the last game. Then in the third set Peliwo won easily although e games were close, he just won most of the important points. So many Canadian juniors went to watch Peliwo. Zhao, Abanda, who I think was Akkerman, some other girl, some boys, etc. And Kalovelonis only had Ismailov watching him :awww:. Kalovelonis has a big serve and overall a big game but he isn't the strongest mentally and it showed. He often got down on himself, and one time said some bad things in Greek during a changeover and once he got mad and hit a ball from Court 13 to Court 17 :oh:. I had never seen anything like that ever. I've seen them hit it to the next court, but to hit it so far? Crazy! Peliwo wasn't very well behaved either but he wasn't as bad, only a little in the first set but then he regrouped. Kalovelonis started having meltdowns in the third set. But it was a very competitive match and I like Kalovelonis' future. Peliwo ended up winning the whole tournament! Markos had set points against Karol Beck this year so I don't see why Markos can't have a good future on the ATP tour. It's all mental with him. He always loses big matches because of wasting big points, like in a few of the junior slams already this year. But he just needs some experience I guess :shrug:
-I watched the end of Liam Broady's match against some French junior, very intense and the crowd really got into it :)