View Full Version : Desperately seeking CTV Canada Olympic Coverage from Canoe/Kayak

Aug 8th, 2012, 09:48 AM
Canadian Tennis Forumers... Help PLEASE!


I thought I set up my tape this morning to get the live coverage of the Canoe/Kayak racing out at Eton Dorney and it turns out nope! I hit PM instead of AM and therefore I totally missed Canada's medal winning performances... Did anyone here get them? Because now I'm desparately looking for them. I'm sure CTV will show it later, but I like to have the actual live coverage and then they skip over the athlete introductions,interviews,medal ceremonies in Prime Time.

What I'm looking for from this morning:
Men's K1 1000 Meters and Men's C1 1000
Event Preview with Rob Faulds and (I forget the other guy's name)
Athlete Interview at Venue, Medal Ceremonies in full.

Did ANYONE get the CTV coverage of this? I'm now officialy desparate. I know it sounds strange but this is extremely important to me.

Can someone PLEASE email me at krempfer@hotmail.com ASAP to make arrangements if they did? I'm willing to pay handsomely to get this coverage.

Thanks in advance!