View Full Version : Judo Gold Medalist talks of her sexual abuse by former coach

Tennis Fool
Aug 5th, 2012, 01:15 AM

Glad she was able to overcome this!

"She told it (http://www.boston.com/sports/other_sports/olympics/articles/2012/03/04/kayla_harrison_envisions_golden_moment_at_olympics/) to newspapers (http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/26/sports/la-sp-oly-judo-kayla-harrison-20120427) and magazines (http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/features/story.aspx?ID=1742167), about how her coach had insinuated himself into the family, how sexual contact led to sexual intercourse over a period of years, on trips to Venezuela, Russia and Estonia, until she was 16. She told about finally revealing this to a friend (a firefighter who would become her fiancÚ) and then to her mother, who smashed out the coach’s car windows with a baseball bat. (The former coach, Daniel Doyle, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and banned from the sport.) "


Aug 5th, 2012, 03:07 PM
Glad she overcame that.