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Jun 6th, 2012, 12:11 AM
I'm sure everyone has their own favorite posters they miss. Please feel free to share and wish them well wherever they are (or wish them back;))

3 come to mind at the moment for me.

Chris Whiteside- Mr "Ann Jones" hasn't been around since fall of 2011. I hope you are ok Chris.

Newmark-Mark has been under the weather lately. Please send him postive vibes for a recovery.

Pepetaco-AKA Nancy Richey. It's been some time since we heard from Nancy. I know she was being a caregiver for her mom. Best wishes to both of them.

Are there others you can think of?

Jun 6th, 2012, 08:04 AM
I can think of a few right off the bat:

LDVTennis- though we had a minor spat here a couple of years ago, I've always respected his extremely well thought-out and accurate, detailed posts. and besides, how can I not miss someone who actually likes Steffi Graf more than me?

Pam Shriver- not sure if that's the right Pam, but the Pammy who was Pamtastic about everything Pam. The Pamenator.

AndyT- for reasons which are well-known to several people here, my behavior toward him (I went to visit him twice in Paris) turned deplorable, despicable, and absolutely hurtful, and I've lost a friend because of it. I miss his intelligent posts, and our infrequent arguments about all things Martina.

That's about it off the top of my head, but I sure if I think about it long enough, others will surface.

Jun 6th, 2012, 01:11 PM
I knew I'd think of more. I miss Helen Lawson very much. Despite her denying Liz the oscar in 1958 for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with a cheap little B&W prison movie, she always brought my spirit up with her much needed humor. To equate the catty behavior of today's girls on tour with Valley of the Dolls is genius.

Also, HanGAFan does check in once in a blue moon, it's not enough, and I hope he comes back and contributes like he used to.

Jun 9th, 2012, 07:29 AM
LOL. EVEN with the best of intentions......

I'll immediately put out that I'm overly-sensitive, indeed. Nevertheless and IMO, concerning ongoing issues (AND I feel the need to emphasize that specifically NONE of this is directed at Rollo, as I can only imagine how much hard work he puts into this site- thus, Rollo gets a lifetime pass from me): As has already been reviewed in here before- some stay away because of how they have been treated by a few posters. And then some stay away because of the cliquishness. On the one hand and to be fair- cliquishness is probably just about impossible to avoid completely whenever a group is formed. BUT- when the majority of site members do everything possible to make as many feel as welcome as possible- more folks stick around. When certain members choose to include only some.....well, human nature= you stick around only if you feel welcome and appreciated.

The results of who would be mentioned in here were pretty much who I'd have expected to be named. To be brutally honest- I'd have viewed it as a form of quasi-masochism for me to have continued to post here on a regular basis. The one hard but necessary lesson I learned from this site- don't stick around for as long as I did here with any situation if I just don't feel fully appreciated and heard. (Thank goodness, I've found such places in my life.) Frankly, it's just silly and ultimately demeaning to keep trying to be truly relevant anywhere, when it's just not going to happen.

I have still checked in now and then, because I'll always enjoy talk of tennis history- and of course I have fond memories of some in here. I do expect to completely fade away at some point. However, and as I do believe the majority in here ARE good people- while, sure, some of my motivation for posting now is to speak up for myself and my opinions- I also am posting all of this here because IMO such issues are still mostly fixable in general, so that newer posters may be more likely to stick around, IF it truly matters to this group. Mind you, there's always the option of just keeping things to focusing on one smaller group of posters. In which case, IMO, just be honest about that and move on. Otherwise, if you're gonna put in a thread such as this and open up that Pandora's box.....:tape:

Jun 10th, 2012, 07:12 AM
Ianmac , Andy T ,Zummi ( but i'm a member of his Martina board )
Ldv Tennis posts on GM and i'm very happy he doesn't posts on BFTP anymore ,he's such a hater :devil:

Jun 10th, 2012, 03:30 PM
Ianmac , Andy T ,Zummi ( but i'm a member of his Martina board )
Ldv Tennis posts on GM and i'm very happy he doesn't posts on BFTP anymore ,he's such a hater :devil:

With you all the way there ... I do miss Ianmac and Andy T and my dear friend Pepetaco (Nancy). Which reminds me I must email her to see how she's going.

Jun 10th, 2012, 06:57 PM
I know Daze11 posts sometimes still, but all too infrequently if you ask me. Maybe he's that rare breed of poster who, when he doesn't have something to say, he doesn't say anything at all. ;) Of course, it a simple thing to lure him- just post something about Chris Evert that's either wrong or negative, and he'll bite the worm every time!:lol: Seriously, he's a good friend of mine. I don't think he'll mind me telling everyone he's moved from Williamsburg (Brooklyn) to Santa Fe NM, and he's spiritually exploding with the positive experience. I plan on visiting when the weather here gets colder, and can't wait to see him again- can you believe it's been about 8 years since we played tennis on the red clay courts up on West 23rd Street.

Oh, and Nelsus, I did miss your posts- always intelligent and often funny. I did mention early on I was going to miss a lot of people right off the bat, as my brain's synapses (at least some of them) are in the permanently "off" switch mode.