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Mar 29th, 2012, 08:47 PM
We built a house up in a tree and dreamed of how our lives would be. But now the tree has died.
So just say to Jenny Jenny: Dreams are ten a Penny!
You dreamed of heroes riding across the seas. In shining amour but all you had was me.
So just say to Jenny Jenny: Dreams are ten a Penny!
John Kinkade: Dreams are ten a penny (Excerpt)
Preview PM Miami QF (day session): [8]Na Li (CHN) vs [2]Maria Sharapova (RUS) 53 % vs 47 %
If Na plays well she should have no problem overpowering her opponent. […]
[...] Maria has been more than USELESS.
[...] Maria has been playing horrible so far [...]
[…]Sharapova is an inferior version of Azarenka.
what's the point of receiving another thrashing from Serena when you can lose to Na Li? :inlove:

Maybe she΄ll lose to Li just to avoid another embarassing trashing from Serena :happy:
exactly :inlove:
Martha's in deep shit :facepalm:
Na of course..there are some players Maria will never beat again: Serena, Vika and Na.
na better win this or i'll be pissed and think evil thoughts about her. :fiery:
Na is gonna snatch Maria's stomach flab. :o
[...] maria has never been able to push Na in even 3 sets in the last 4 meetings. both are not playing well, but Error-na will able to take poova relatively easily
crush her, superNa :bowdown:
Maria cant run. thats why she cant beat agressive players when theyre on
[...] 5 more matches and Masha will become Na's punchbag :lol:
Hopefully Na in 3 to save tennis from a new low.
This. I totally agree. How someone could be playing such substandard tennis and still making qtrs, semis and even finals is beyond me. It boggles the mind. Plus our collective eardrums need a break.
PM Miami QF (day session): [2]Maria Sharapova (RUS) def [8]Na Li (CHN) 63 60
PM Miami QF (night session]: [4]Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) def [10]Serena Williams (USA) 64 64

Preview PM SF: [4]Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) vs [2]Maria Sharapova (RUS) 51% vs 49%
Trash her Caro, you just beat a much better player, if Caro plays well she will win this with EASE. [...]
Please win Caro :unsure: We can't have THAT final again :unsure:
Maria needs to win Miami to prove her ranking.
Caroline should win fairly comfortably […]
Sharapova has not been serving well, and I think the Woz will frustrate the hell out of her […]
Caroline will win. But a final azarenka-maria with azarenka trashing her would be fun :oh:
agree with this :lol:
Oh, I am 100% confident Goatniacki will win. Even if Maria managed to reproduce her GOATly AO08 form, I doubt it would've been good enough to get Maria more than 6 games against the Woz of tonight. […]
It's so surprising to see people cheering on Wozniacki. :eek: […]
Its not so much cheering on its more accepting the inevetable.
[…] Wozniacki showed she was playing at a pretty high level today. Sharapova showed nothing of the sort against Li. […]
Goatniacki easily. Ain't gonna be a pretty match.
Maria has been playing shitty in Miami.
Caro is so winning this. :sad:
I'd say Caro is a slight favorite because it's on HC but I think it'll be tighter than IW last year.
woz played better tennis in this tournament than sharapova.
Maria wont be agressive enough and will probably play the same game that she's been playing during this whole event. Serve will, of course, completely leave her since it's an important stage and she'll probably grind with Wozniacki until she makes an error. […]
~*Princess Karolina*~, something like 2 and 3. Martha simply unable to hit through Wozniacka from the baseline the way former tennis professional ReeRee still managed to do on occasion, and just spinning in all her serves and having to rally for each and every point on a slow ass court such as this one - this is going to be really ugly.
Maria is going to put in a fantabulously shitty performance, so Fedniacki will prob win this.
caro 6-3 6-4

a) she has been to consistent in this tournament 4 maria's nightmare periods (2-3 games)
b) playing on this level that she has been playing in miami, she will just force errors from maria
c) and not to mention in maria's serve breakes down :o

money on caro, if u ask me :haha:
I have a feeling DFandERRORpova is going to show up. Caro is coming off a big confidence boost. Caro in 3 for me.
I hope Wozniacki - if there's one player that wouldn't drop her level in tight moments against the vulture Pova it's probably her.
Caro doesn't need 3 sets to dispose of DFandERRORpova.
Caro can win that UEPova in 2 easy sets
To be honest, Maria has to play well to win. So, the question is, can she deliver? I doubt that she can. It will most probably be a bad quality match, wich Maria will be all to egar to destroy in her own DF UE trashy way, like IW from last year. :lol:
Caro destroy this useless barbie girl..:)

PM Miami PM SF: [2]Maria Sharapova (RUS) def [4]Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) 46 62 64

Mar 29th, 2012, 09:10 PM
:eek: Gawdang but there's a lot of shite posted on this board.

Mar 30th, 2012, 01:24 AM
:lol::lol: it wasn't that serious to post so many quotes.

Mar 30th, 2012, 01:28 AM