View Full Version : Question about racquet handle lengths! Help please!

Feb 26th, 2012, 02:28 AM
So I wanna switch racquets from my Prince O3 speedport black to the Wilson Blade 98 BLX. You would think it's easy enough but I have a huge problem. The handle on the BLX is shorter than the standard size so when I hit my backhand my left index finger is actually gripping the part of the throat and it hurts.bruises my finger and I'm afraid a mis-hit or a shank could put too much pressure on the frame and break my finger. I love this racquet and have been playing really well with it and it's well suited to my game. How can I extend the grip? I was looking to see if I can custom order it or something but I can't find anything. Anyone know of anything that could help?

Handle length on the O3 Speedport: 8.125 inches

Handle length on the BLX : 7.25 inches

Please and thank you!!!!