View Full Version : Separation of Church and State

Feb 10th, 2012, 02:37 PM
I hope this remains a separate thread for those of us who would like to have thoughtful discussions on ONE topic at a time by itself without wading in that dump so called political thread.

Anyway with the recent so called controversy with the Catholic Church and women's health (coverage for contraception) I think it is important that we have an open discussion on the FACTS as we find them and avoid the misinformation that the right always engage in.

The religious zealots can't have it both ways. You shouldn't want to accept government funding/aid and then don't want the government to ensure ALL citizens protection under the law. The state is secular and therefore has to look out for the interest of ALL including those who have no religious affiliations and have the same rights to health care provisions as everyone else who work for non religious organizations.

I think religious organization who doesn't want the government involved shouldn't accept government funding/aid. Also this also showed how the employer based system to provide health coverage is very FLAWED. If there was universal health care coverage for ALL then women's health wouldn't be threatened as it has been recently.