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Feb 5th, 2012, 01:25 PM

There was a thread some time ago where people got to take pictures outside their rooms,

I saw mostly concrete, buildings with piss all vegetation :p

So, tell me, anyone here live on a farm or live in the rural landscape of your country?

If you do, What do you farm? Do you grow anything for export/market? How many Acres/Hectares?

What's the terrain like? Pastures? rolling fields for lucerne? rugged backcountry terrain ?

Ok, we'll I go first,

We have two sets of land,

One up in Nelson/Tasman where we have an Olive Grove (Moutere Gardens) our prime markets are NZ, Aussie and Asia. Hard to tap into the European Market due to Italy/Greece and Spain pretty much controlling the market of Olive Oil, so makes it difficult to tap into. We sell to Asia and Australia, ofcourse, due to free trade agreements we have with each country, and the logistics are inexpensive.

Our mainstay is 350 odd hectares of Canterbury farmland, half sheep, half dairy conversion, have a flock of about 6000 merino sheep, mainly for the domestic market, and some to Korea/China and the States, Chances are if you yanks have eaten mutton, it's come from a kiwi farm. Shearing Season in a few weeks :bounce: the rest is pasture land for dairy, A herd of about 700 fresians, milked twice daily. Milk gets collected 4 times a week.

We reluctantly didn't want to convert to dairy due to the costs involved, but due to the economic cliamate on wool, lamb and mutton and a demand for dairy it has been a good investment. Made a financial loss for 4 years due to it, but has picked up now.

about 25 acres is for hay which we supply to local farmers, and sell through a hay merchant. half bale and round bale.

5 acres for alpacas, we don't breed, just shear, and halter train, sell of the crias.

Huge load of Poultry, mainly Shavers, Wyandottes and a few silkies, the eggs are sold at the gate and bought from a local business who sells free range.

we have about 5 acres for my horses, though don't have time ride now, so they'll soon be heading to the glue/dog food factory later this year.

So there goes my little spiel, any farmers got anything to share?

No lifestyle block owners allowed in here ;):lol: you guys with your 2 chooks and donkey aren't farmers :tape::lol::angel:

Feb 5th, 2012, 01:41 PM
Hmm, not exactly a farm. :unsure:

More like a farm house in the suburbs of Mumbai. Roughly an acre, which is a lot by Mumbai standards.

We mainly have coconut palms, Banana, Breadfruit, Mango & Jackfruit Trees.

Mainly sell Coconuts & Breadfruits and believe it or not 'Banana leaves' and not the fruit. :lol:

My mum does have her patch of Indian Spinach, Indian Gooseberry & Bitter Gourd. But that is for family consumption.

My late grandfather was a farmer and hence I spent every holiday on a farm in Karnataka, India. My maternal uncle now runs it. We grow mainly rice, betel leaf & nut, cashewnuts, an assortment of Indian vegetables.( I don't seem to know their English names) :o


Feb 5th, 2012, 01:42 PM
Why don't you add a paul?

Good work Brendah! Didn't know how to create one, Do now!

Feb 5th, 2012, 02:15 PM
I'd love to live on a farm...temporarily :oh:

Feb 5th, 2012, 08:04 PM
Gosh, I wish I could live on a farmlet of about 4 to 6 acres somewhere in upstate New York. I prefer to grow my foods in greenhouses but would grow some grains such as corn and fruits such as apples in the outdoors. Of course, I'd need a couple of good wells and good soil to insure high yields every year. Be nice if I could also have a fresh pond where there would be a few fish that I could eat for dinner.

Hopefully, the farm wouldn't be too close to a pig farm but if it is, let's hope the nearest lake flows downstream away from my farmlet!