View Full Version : Next in line

Nov 13th, 2002, 08:43 AM
i was wondering what everyone thought about the new russians? will they be top 10? will they be grand slam winners? but what i really want to now is how good people think they will be in the long-term but also how well will they do next year and who everyone thinks is the best?

the main players are safina, sharapova, zvonareva and kuznetsova. i also consider krasnoroutskaya, petrova and dementieva part of this group because i don't think they have fulfilled their full potential yet.

there is also douchevina, kirilenko, bastrikova and linetskaya who should be making pretty goods inroads next year on the tour. how far will these girls go next year?

i also follow myriam casanova and mikaelian for my swiss favs.

and bielik, irvin, shadisha robinson and harkleroad for my usa favs.

comments are welcome and much appreciated.