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Nov 13th, 2002, 04:35 AM
USA v Europe

Thursday, December 5th

19.00 - Davenport v Schett
21.00 - Seles v Kournikova

Friday, December 6th

19.00 - Seles/Davenport v Schett/Majoli
21.00 - V Williams/S Williams v Hantuchova/Dokic

Saturday, December 7th

10.30 - S Williams v Majoli
13.00 - V Williams v Dokic
15.30 - Capriati v Hantuchova

Can't wait for this :bounce:

Nov 13th, 2002, 07:48 AM
:eek: Wow this is would be so interesting! :eek:

Nov 13th, 2002, 09:17 AM

Nov 13th, 2002, 09:28 AM
Kournikova on court and catwalk in Dublin
From Neil Harman, Tennis Correspondent in Madrid

SERENA and Venus Williams, the best players in the world, and Anna Kournikova and Daniela Hantuchova, the two most attractive, will lead a galaxy of stars who have agreed to appear in an exhilarating, ground-breaking charity event in Ireland in December when the magic of the Ryder Cup comes to women’s tennis.
A formal announcement is scheduled for today that Europe v United States tennis-style will be staged at the Royal Dublin Society Show Grounds as the focal point of a promotion encompassing a mouthwatering fashion show — in which Kournikova, of Russia, and Hantuchova, from Slovakia, have agreed to appear — and a couple of concerts, expected to figure acts of the renowned quality of The Corrs and Kylie Minogue.

All proceeds from the event, named “The Trilogy” to celebrate the three-pronged attractions of tennis, fashion and music, are to go to the Chernobyl Children’s Project to aid victims of the nuclear explosion in 1986.

The calibre of the line-up is a remarkable coup for the promoters, Propriety Management, the sporting pedigree of whose managing director, Sean Collins, includes his acceptance for a number of tennis scholarships, one at the famed Nick Bolletieri Academy in Florida, where his peers included Marcelo Rios, the former world No 1, Mark Philippoussis, Tommy Haas and Xavier Malisse. As a reward for his entrepreneurial spirit, the trophy for the championship will be called, hardly surprisingly, the Collins Cup.

That the promoters have been able to entice such a phalanx of the sport’s leading figures is nothing short of miraculous. The Williams sisters have long said that they would like to visit Ireland one day, but they had in mind spending time on a private vacation.

None of the players in the field has been to Ireland and their presence is certain to attract sell-out crowds and resplendent publicity.

The sisters are taking a break and have in their sights a return for the Sanex WTA championships, to be staged at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles next month. After that, they head to Dublin.

Their allure is only the start. The line-up for the Collins Cup will also include Lindsay Davenport, the former Wimbledon champion, Jennifer Capriati, the former French and present Australian Open champion, and Monica Seles, a long-time world No 1. Hantuchova, who is at a career-high No 9 in the world, and Kournikova are backed in the European team by Iva Majoli, the 1997 French Open champion, Jelena Dokic, from Yugoslavia, and Barbara Schett, of Austria.

The Cup will be staged from December 5-7, with two singles on Thursday, two doubles on Friday and three singles on Saturday. The highlight would seem to be the doubles between the Williams sisters and Hantuchova and Dokic.

It is a format that, in golf, has stood the test of time with the Ryder Cup and women’s Solheim Cup and to bring the blueprint to tennis is a masterstroke. To have signed up so many famous faces, doubly so.

That Kournikova and Hantuchova have agreed to appear on the catwalk with a selection of the world’s most recognisable supermodels is an imaginative way of whetting the appetite for an event that is, I understand, already the subject of a fierce duel for the TV rights.

Collins, who represented Ireland at junior and senior level, is not the only man on the organising committee to have tennis roots. Ulli Nganga, a former pupil at the LTA’s school at Bisham Abbey, is the head of publicity. Nganga was ranked ninth in the UK in the early 1990s, his highest world ranking being No 390. He was a regular practice partner for John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg, Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras and Michael Chang. Now, he has moved into company that is just as powerful.

As it stands, the order of play for the inaugural Collins Cup is:

Thurs, Dec 5: Davenport v Schett; Seles v Kournikova. Fri, Dec 6: Seles and Davenport v Schett and Majoli; S and V Williams v Hantuchova and Dokic. Sat, Dec 7: S Williams v Majoli; V Williams v Dokic; Capriati v Hantuchova.

King Aaron
Nov 13th, 2002, 02:24 PM
:D :D

Scott Storm
Nov 13th, 2002, 05:11 PM
I can't wait! I got tickets for the thursday, they are pretty expensive for a student at 95 euros for a good seat but money well spent, it's just a shame i cant go to the three days, i guess I better book my seat in front of the telly for friday and saturday!

Nov 13th, 2002, 06:05 PM
Its sounds great i hope theres good crowds:D

Nov 13th, 2002, 07:20 PM
It's good to see Ireland getting to see top tennis. Aside from the 10k Dublin challenger and a few junior tournaments, Irish tennis fans don't get to see too much.

Nov 13th, 2002, 07:27 PM
They can make the short trek to London and see Wimbledon...

Nov 13th, 2002, 10:21 PM
should be interesting

Nov 14th, 2002, 03:40 PM
i can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!
Go Monica and the USA

Nov 14th, 2002, 07:16 PM
Yes i got tickets for the Friday session. Got good seats too for €95.

:wavey: Hey Scott Storm(hmmmm very suspect sounds like a porno name to me) you can do the write up for Thursdays match and if I'm not too lazy(I'm pushing for it to be named as a disease)I'll write up Fridays version of events.

Scott Storm
Nov 14th, 2002, 09:08 PM
Sure, i'l do my best!

Nov 15th, 2002, 02:28 PM

Nov 17th, 2002, 02:40 PM
Im gettin tickets for the Capriati Hautachova match should be great. Cant wait!!! (Capriati will win!!)

auntie janie
Nov 17th, 2002, 02:54 PM
95 EUROS!!!! :eek: Holy cow! Thank God it is for such a good cause!

Nov 17th, 2002, 07:53 PM
95 euros for an exhibition?! :eek:
i payed 40 euros to see Davis Cup semifinal Usa vs France in Roland Garros!!and first round of TMS Paris-Bercy was 20 euros for the best seat!! :o :o

Nov 18th, 2002, 03:11 PM
theres a website 4 this tourny?????


Nov 18th, 2002, 04:02 PM
Go MOnica!!!!
Go VEnus!!!!
Go Capriati!!!

Scott Storm
Nov 18th, 2002, 06:06 PM

Nov 20th, 2002, 07:38 PM
BOLD Predictions:

L. Davenport def. B. Schett 6-3; 6-1 boring:o . Babsi will be reduced to chasing Lindsay's balls around court for an hour

A. Kournikova def. M. Seles 5-7; 7-5; 6-3 Much more exciting. Monica will lead with a break in the second, but Anna's improved mental toughness will pull her through the second set. In the third, Monica takes it to 3-3, but then collapsed due to her lack of fitness.

Seles/Davenport def. Schett/Majoli 6-3; 6-4- the match where no one knows how to volley!:o :p . Monica will dump countless volleys into the net, as will schett and Iva. Lindsay, who will be the best volleyer on court, will order Monica to just blast passing shots from the baseline. Oh well.

Williams/Williams def. Hantuchova/Dokic 6-3; 5-7; 6-4- The crowd cheers wildly for the European beauties, who really look like they will win at 4-2 in the third. But the Williams' sisters powerful serves win it for them at the end.

S. Williams def. I. Majoli 6-1; 6-1 Iva gets blasted off court as usual.

V. Williams def. J. Dokic 7-6(9); 6-0 . After keeping the first set real close (and having several set points) Jelena does her normal gig and mentally gives up in the second.

D. Hantuchova def. J. Capriati 6-3; 3-6; 6-4 Jenny's serve lets her down yet again:sad: Dani's serve wins the match as even Jenny's return has serious trouble breaking it.

Nov 21st, 2002, 08:06 PM
Lindsay beat Babsi 6-3 6-3 it's an exhibition and Lindsay isnt a bitch so she wont crush Babsi.
Monica beat Anna 6-3 6-4
Lindsay/Monica beat Iva/Babsi 6-2 6-3

dont really care about the other matches! :rolleyes:

King Aaron
Nov 22nd, 2002, 01:29 PM
lol Lindsayfan

Nov 22nd, 2002, 01:59 PM
I recon the doubles matches should be quite close(probably the best matches in the tournament!)

Nov 22nd, 2002, 11:43 PM
Dokic is gonna kicksome major butt, maybe hantuchova'll slow her down coz i don'tthink they like eachother much. i think she has a reallygood shot tobeat Venus if she pushed her much beter sister,Serena, into a tie-break,heh not even Venus can do that nowadays!

Nov 23rd, 2002, 12:58 AM
IT'S AN EXHIBITION.... like it really matters

Nov 23rd, 2002, 02:45 AM
still important, why wouldn't it be important. if it wasn't important then none of these big names would be playing. hello use your head a little sometime

Nov 23rd, 2002, 05:22 AM
they are getting paid big bucks to play, why the hell do you think the tickets are so expensive

Scott Storm
Nov 23rd, 2002, 02:28 PM
It's not imporatant as in the results have no bearing on rankings, prize money or legitamate head to heads, they are important for the likes of anna k who needs match practice.

And part of the reason the tickets are so expensive is surely that us stupid irish are so excited to see big name players in our own country that we are actually paying the extortionate prices they have asked of us! (all in the name of charity, but what percentage are the players, models and artists getting?)

Nov 23rd, 2002, 10:04 PM
wow, America has it's biggest names while Europe...

I predict a 6-1 for the USA

Nov 24th, 2002, 12:02 AM
ive got tickets for saturday cant wait to see capriati in action!!

Nov 24th, 2002, 10:31 AM
Originally posted by mboyle
BOLD Predictions:
V. Williams def. J. Dokic 7-6(9); 6-0 . After keeping the first set real close (and having several set points) Jelena does her normal gig and mentally gives up in the second.

C'mon! Let's be little more optimistic. I think she improved her mental strength over few off-court weeks. So may I suggest 2nd set 6-1 for Venus ;)

...but seriously - good luck Europe!

Nov 24th, 2002, 11:52 AM
Lindsay better not get bloody injured again :)

Nov 24th, 2002, 03:46 PM
Yay I got tickets for friday and saturday :D:D:D would have had all three if it wasn't for damn uni presentations on thurs. soooooooooooooo excited! plus i've never been to ireland and so all is good!

Nov 24th, 2002, 06:11 PM
I think if its a success they might move it into the season so more top players play(european players!)

Nov 25th, 2002, 12:26 AM
Does anyone know if there will be any coverage for the U.S. fans??/

If so, i cant wait to see Anna!

They should let Anna play atleast a double match!!!

Nov 25th, 2002, 02:44 PM
I don't know if there is U.S coverage but there could well be due to the nature of the event.

Scott Storm
Nov 25th, 2002, 05:06 PM
There is an article in ace magazine about the tournament maybe somebody will be so good as to transcribe it, I would but I won't have any spare time this week.

Nov 28th, 2002, 03:35 PM
Apparently they're not covering this match on the Irish channels rte1 and net2 - I'm disgusted - haven't checked out Saturdays guide yet. They'll show stupid bloody golf from America but they won't show an incredible tennis tournament from their own country - RETARDS!

Scott Storm
Nov 28th, 2002, 09:08 PM
I was told sky sports 2 in one of the other threads! oh and do not fret about rte's standards i'm sure they will show repeats of the toy show ahead of any hopes you might have had of a highlights show.

Nov 29th, 2002, 02:43 PM
Yeah it is sky sports that are showing it - but never mind we might get to see another fabulous encounter of Bohemians vs St. Pats instead in the brilliant Eircom league:rolleyes: oh and of course the Toy show with the exceptionally amazing Billy Barry Kids http://www.smilies.nl/puke.gif

Dec 4th, 2002, 02:21 AM
As much as I don't want this to be happened.. the US team is going to sweep all the victories!!!

All the best to the Eurogirls!!! :bounce:

Dec 5th, 2002, 03:02 AM
Dokic has now been replaced by Elena Bovina

Dec 5th, 2002, 11:52 AM
oh no :( i wanted to see Jelena :(

Dec 5th, 2002, 12:30 PM
Is there anyone out there who can tape me the Babsi vs Davenport match?

I will pay for the tape and the postage and if anyone can either pm me or e-mail me on webmaster@barbara-schett.net


Dec 5th, 2002, 01:01 PM
Yeah Lena :D

King Aaron
Dec 5th, 2002, 01:12 PM
Lena :)

What happened to Jelena?

Dec 5th, 2002, 02:31 PM
shit I wanted to see Jelena