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Nov 12th, 2002, 08:35 AM
I'm Jiro from Bangkok and will visit this year Hopman Cup in Perth during 28 Dec, 2002 - 5 Jan, 2003. This is my first time to participate oversea tournament.

Unfortunately this year there is no Thailand's team in the tournament even they've been invited the Thai team. I can't wait to see and take photos of many big name players such as Hewitt, Williams, Blake, Kim, Tommy, ASV, Hantuchova, Jiri, Daja, Molik and Iroda, the players from Asian country including Rossana from South America.

Recently I met Alicia Molik and Rossana in Volvo women's Open, Pattaya. Both of them are very friendly when I asked for the pictures. I know they are playing Hopman Cup this year and I told them " I'm going to visit Hopman Cup, please remember my face, I will say hello to you in Perth". They said "really !!! it's great and hope to see you there."

Hope to meet all of you there. Anyone has any information please share !!!

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Dec 12th, 2002, 06:03 AM
At the hopman Cup, you have access to the players as they come off the court to get their autographs. Although security is always watching you and the other 50 and more people. Their is autograph island for the first 9 (?) sessions. This is were players from competing countries go to and you can ask them questions, get autographs and have a photo. The players are very relaxed and very down to earth. Not all the players do this. You can also watch the players practice on the practice court behind/next to centre court. There is normaly a timetable up saying when and what time players are training!!

Hope this helps!!

Dec 12th, 2002, 06:50 AM
Hello nm_cb :wavey:

Thanks for useful information.

You can also watch the players practice on the practice court behind/next to centre court.

Glad to know that. The organizer also said that the audience can enter the court one hours before the match start.

Too bad :sad: :sad: ASV has already retired therefore I don't have chance to see her there.

Dec 12th, 2002, 12:59 PM
I'm going, but this time not alone or with people I don't know. With friends, this time. I hope they can stand hanging out with me for 5 hours a session. I have about 5 or 6 different people going with me. See if you can find me. ;)

Food is very expensive, jirobkk. I hope you plan to bring a lot of money. Last year, I spent nearly $120 on food alone. Lol. I went to the nacho stand so often that one of the girls working there remembered me. And then recognized me the following year. Btw, nachos cost $5.50 per serve. Cans of soft drink cost $2.50. Bottled water costs $3.00. Mind you, these were last years prices.

There's also a lot of other things to do. You can get your face painted in the colours of the country you are cheering for, you can register how fast your serve is at the 'fast-serve' booth. You can also play a hit-and-volley game against a computer. And finally, there's the official Hopman Cup racquet stringers. You can watch them repair the players' racquets and ask them questions as they're working. Sometimes, the players themselves drop off their own racquets.

Dec 12th, 2002, 02:04 PM
Hello Aloysius, :wavey:
How are you ? Glad to know you will be going.
Finally I've decided to stay in Perth and will go to Burswood Dome by train. They said it takes 15 minutes from Perth city.

I bought a season ticket (Sessions 1 - 11 & Final, on A Reserve seat) from BOCS ticketing , it costs $290AUD and they send it to me last month.

Food is very expensive, jirobkk. I hope you plan to bring a lot of money. Last year, I spent nearly $120 on food alone. Lol. I went to the nacho stand so often that one of the girls working there remembered me. And then recognized me the following year. Btw, nachos cost $5.50 per serve. Cans of soft drink cost $2.50. Bottled water costs $3.00. Mind you, these were last years prices.

Did you spend nearly $120 on food per one day or one week ? And is it AUD or US dollars. I would do the same by going to nacho stand or buy a lot of food and water before going to the site.
Too bad :sad: :sad: I spent only 200 baht ( $8AUD ) a day for food in Volvo Women's Open, Pattaya.

It would be great if I can meet you there. Would you mind if I would send you my photo. My ticket is located at BLOCK 028 ROW F13.

Once again thank you for sharing the news.

Jiro from Bangkok.

:) ;) :)

Dec 12th, 2002, 09:56 PM
I'm also going to the Hopman Cup. I've got season tickets as well. I think I am in block 28 row D, but i'm not sure.
Last year and the years before, at the restrining centre, there was a man there with unucual coloured hair, eg blue, red. he is Mark Hlawaty, he was my coach, this year he is working with the Williams sisters and will travel with them to the Aus. Open!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be ballkid at the hopman cup this year so I'll meet many of the players, they are all very nice when they are on court with you!!!!!! Occasionally you can see the players walking around the building, sometimes with, sometimes without security. The players lounge is a good place to stand nearr if you want to get autographs.

Dec 13th, 2002, 12:01 AM
Thanks for sharing your information. :hearts:

My season ticket is allocated at BLOCK 028 ROW F13. That mean we are sitting in the same block, nm_cb.

Hope to meet you there.

Jiro from Bangkok. :wavey:

Dec 13th, 2002, 12:23 AM
Wow I am so jealous i live in Australia but on the other side so I won't be able to go to the Hopman Cup till I finish university which is three years time, cause I won't have enough money till then!!

I hope you all have so much fun, and could you please post some of the photos you take and maybe tell us all some of the goss about what happens. Anyway for the time being I will make do with television!!! But I am going to the Gold Coast (that is where I live) for two days.

Dec 13th, 2002, 02:19 AM
Originally posted by nm_cb
Last year and the years before, at the restrining centre, there was a man there with unucual coloured hair, eg blue, red. he is Mark Hlawaty, he was my coach, this year he is working with the Williams sisters and will travel with them to the Aus. Open!!!!!!!!!

nm_cb - did that guy help out Martina Hingis in 1997 -maybe I am mixing him up with someone else. Do you mind me asking in what way is he going to to be working with Serena & Venus. Like training, coaching or practice partner?

I hope all of you (jirobkk,Aloysius &nm_cb ) have a great time.


Dec 13th, 2002, 04:41 AM
Mark did tour with Martina Hingis in 1997 for the Australian circuit.

For the williams sisters he will be a hitting partner, giving them advise and so on.(I think) I have training with him next week, so I will ask him what he will be doing exactly.

Last year he and Len Cannell worked with Monica Seles with Fitness and hiting and so on.

Dec 13th, 2002, 12:28 PM
jirobkk, I don't have a scanner. Sorry. But I'm a pleasant-looking chap. Some would say I was hard to miss. Some would disagree. ;)

nm_cb, are you playing pennant tennis this season? Which club? What division? How is Mark as a coach? I'm on the lookout for a good coach. :)

Dec 13th, 2002, 10:04 PM

I am playing tennis pennants this season for East Fremantle Girls 18 and Under division 1.
Are you playing any pennants?? Do you enter tournaments??

Mark is a great coach although he is longer coaching as he is now playing on the satelite tour. Although other good coaches I know of are the coaches at the State Tennis Cantre (Mark used to coach there)(They all know what they are doing)(Len, Cameron and 2 other guys, one was the Head coach of the Davis Cup team in Argentina) and the coaches at the University of Western Australia, (Tim Wood and Diego (Can't write/pronounce his last name)) It is realy hard with coaches because you need to click with them, i have had about 10 coaches/hitting aprtners in the last 2 and a half years and am working with 1 of those coaches and two of those hitting partners.

Dec 15th, 2002, 01:04 PM
Hi nm_cb,

You can call me Al. Yeah, I'm doing the pennants thing. I'm playing Open Division 9 on Saturdays for Alexander Park. We have so many teams and lots of "recruits" from Mount Lawley. That sucks. Our team should have been at least Division 6, but with all these blow-ins (N4's and N5's), our regular teams have had to go down a few rungs on the ladder. It's all to do with State League being down-sized from 6 players to 4, I think. Either way, it sucks. We're winning our division too easily.

Yes, I played a couple of tournaments over winter - all Open and Special events - The Winter Hardcourt Champs, The Plexipave Champs at Sorrento, The State Hardcourt Champs, and The Spring Champs. I was totally outclassed in most of them. I made the second round of all my singles events at the State Hardies but lost first round everywhere else. However, I did win the special doubles at the Metro Plexipave. My partner and I got a cheque for $50 to share but no trophy. Dammit! Actually, we had to share the title with the other team because the final was rained out but I'm still counting it as a win. ;) It's ironic though considering doubles isn't my strongest point.

Thanks for the info on Mark and the other coaches. By Len and Cameron, do you mean Len Cannell and Cameron Venables? One of my mates is being coached by Cameron at the moment. I don't know Len but I've heard of him.

How about yourself? Do you play tournaments? I decided to enter the City of Perth Champs a little too late (the deadline was the day before I decided to enter it) so I guess I'm missing out this year. I didn't play the WA Open either. I wasn't ready and I didn't want to waste my money getting slaughtered by a State Leaguer. I'm not quite there yet but I will be one day. :)

Dec 15th, 2002, 01:20 PM
It's a pity Thailand doesn't participate in this year's event!:(

I think they really have a chance this year!!!


Dec 15th, 2002, 04:49 PM
I'm so disappointed too that Thai's team doesn't participate. Paradorn has to play ATP tournament in that week because his agency has been committed him to play Chennai, India.

:sad: :sad: :sad:

I'm alone in Perth without Paradorn and Tammy. :sad: :sad: :sad:

Dec 15th, 2002, 10:24 PM
Hi Al

you can call me Tash
I did mean Len Cannell and Cameron Venebles. I used to get trainind with Cameron when Mark injured his knee. He also has a brother who is also a coach (Tristan).

I play tournaments. I just played the W.A Open, but as i've changed coaches just 8 weeks ago, it may seem a long time, but with all the changes I've had to go through (Because my other coach stuffed my whole game up) it's not that long. I lost in 3 sets in my past 3 matches!

My coach has said that my strokes are much better than any one else my age but it's just my footwork that is letting me down, so all I really need to work on is my footwork and my game will fall into place.

Who was/is your old coach?? How long have you been playing? How old are you?

I do not like grass with a passion. This session we are being thrashed. The thing is some of the people we are playing I normally beat, but I'm not always playing with them. we are losing to them, not only in singles but also doubles. We (me and Jessica) used to beat most of the people we played in doubles, and usually only lost our singles to seeds.

Dec 16th, 2002, 12:52 PM
Hey Tash,

I've never had a personal coach, but I've been playing since I was seven. I'm in my early twenties now. I was taught to play by Ross Gerrans back in the day. I'm currently coaching kids myself at APTC under Bill Boyle. It's good work if you can get it. Rewarding too. One of my students gave me a Christmas present. I think she has a crush on me, but it was still very sweet. :) Other than that, I've also been sexually harassed, molested and violated by my female students. And they're only between the ages of 6 and 12! LOL.

You don't like playing on grass? I love it. I played on it during high school and I guess I'm just used to it. The bounce stays low to the ground too, which is good for me since I don't exactly have the best reach in the world. Hardcourts can wreak havoc with my game if I'm not on top of things. On grass, I can be sub-par and still do some damage. It's funny, but I don't even have the right game for grass. I'm aggressive from the baseline and not from the net. Despite the weaknesses, I'm doing better than I should be and that's a great FU to people who say I'm just lucky when I beat them. ;)

Btw, we had a great win this weekend. We beat the top team in our division. They're still No. 1 despite losing because they have more points than us. :( But it was satisfying to beat them. They used to play Division 5 last season and this season, they're all the way down at Division 9 and we're still kicking their asses.

How did you go this weekend, Tash? Are you only playing juniors? Or do youplay Open as well from time to time? Do you know Peter Clohessy? Maybe not, but anyway, he plays Division 4 on Saturdays and Under 16 pennants on Sundays for Blue Gum. He's only an N11 too. I wish our club gave the good younger players an opportunity to step up. It's no good us being stuck below when we should be right up there. It's all about seniority and hierachy at our club. :rolleyes: Anyway...

Dec 16th, 2002, 10:17 PM
We, as usual lost!!!
I have never played open as I'm only 13. But I will probably play the Open Clay Court Tournament in Jan.
I don't know Peter. But have you heard of Ryan Sceats? He plays Open and he's 17. Apparently he's one of the best in the state for juniors. He is one of my hitting partners.
I used to play on grass a lot. But it doesn't suit my game. I'm a baseline player and only come into the net when I need to.
Are there many players that cheat??? We have a lot!!!

Dec 17th, 2002, 01:46 PM
It seems like cheating is all a big part of playing pennants. I estimate that players lose about 5% of their points on bad line calls. I heard a story the other day about a guy who used to call foot faults on his opponents... from the other side of the court!!! What a tosser!

I've heard of Ryan. He played in quite a few of the same tournaments I did. So I've probably even seen him around. He is VERY good for his age. The other one is Brenton Bacon. I had to play him once immediately right after playing a titanic match just 15 minutes before. He thrashed me 6-0 6-1. I was so rooted, I couldn't believe the organizers made me play so soon after my first match, but I guess they were pressed for time. I had to play him at midday too. It was unbelievably sweltering that day.

You're only 13, Tash? I feel like a dirty, old man now. Lol. ;) But you write like you're much older. I thought you were at least 16 or 17.
Are you entered in the Coca-Cola event at your club? Sounds like some of the best juniors will be there this year. Apparently, Pat Cash won the very first Coca-Cola tournament at East Freo.

Dec 18th, 2002, 12:31 AM
Hi Al
My own coach thaught I was 15/16!!!
I am NOT gong to play The Coca Cola classic as a) I don't like grass and b) I don't like playing at East Fremantle and c) I don't really like the people organising the tournament!!

There are some of the best juniors playing, but thats like most of the tournament althugh some are missing as they are going over east to play or are on holidays!

If the match you played Brenton at was not at the State tennis centre, it is more than likely to happen. Nut at the State tennis Centre there normaly very good like that, and I suppose it helps if you know them!!

Dec 19th, 2002, 02:29 PM
Do you know Jessica Chaine? I was watching her hit one day and I thought she was about 15. But then one of her friends told me she was actually 12! I couldn't believe it. She was a big girl for 12. This was last year, so she's probably 13 by now.

So you mean all the juniors are GOOD when they play at the State Tennis Centre? Damn! I'm not really a big fan of the State Centre courts. There's a slope on one side and it makes the net look like it's 10 feet high. (Check out Court 8 and the middle Centre Court.) I'm short enough as it is, thank you very much! LOL.

Dec 20th, 2002, 07:38 AM
Hi Al
I do know Jessica Chaine. She is 13 now. At one tournament her mum had to go and get her birth certificate to prove that she was 12! She has a twin brother who is a VERY good player for his age (Benjamin)
Most, but not all the players are good when they play at the state tennis centre.
At the last tournament I played a match on court 8 and noticed that there was a slope!!
I do and i don't like playing at the State Tennis centre. I do because I can see all the poeple I know there, and I like the atmosphere, but I don't like it because the courts from 4-13 are soo close together and you have little room to get to the ball and as I slide at times on the hard courts it gets awkward with the fences being there. Even tennis west staff have complained about it!

Dec 20th, 2002, 01:31 PM
Hey Tash,

There really isn't that much room around those courts, are there? You'd think they would have thought of these things when they built the place. :rolleyes:

How have you been hitting the ball since the weekend? Any changes, improvements? I was hitting them like how you were just a couple of weeks ago, but I've since turned it around thanks to a new attitude and some minor adjustments to what I do offcourt.

Firstly, I was tired of playing well beneath players I know that I'm better than. That attitude spurred me on to work on my physical. Aside from aerobic workouts, I've also increased my free weight workouts to strengthen the back and arms more. This gives me confidence every time I step out on the court. I feel like I can beat anyone.

Secondly, the new addition to my diet is carrots. Lots and lots of carrots. It's good for the eyes so that you can see the ball better and focus. Carrots also contain less calories than it takes to metabolize, so it's like a workout for your insides and it keeps you trim and full of energy (because it's a vegetable).

Thirdly, I've been reviewing matches of some of the shorter guys on tour and seeing how they play against the bigger guys. I especially watch Lleyton Hewitt, Nicolas Kiefer, Andre Agassi, and I'm trying to find some more of Olivier Rochus. I even watch Martina Hingis matches against the Williams sisters. I study all their strengths and try to incorporate them into my game. I see their weaknesses and try to strengthen those parts of my own game.

The mental part then ties everything together now that the ground work is done. One of my favourite things to remember during a match is "It's not the size of the dog in a fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." It's always the first thing that pops into my head if I'm ever down in a match. When I'm cruising, I remind myself that "Winners never quit and quitters never win." It helps to keep me focused, otherwise I have lapses.

Everything has worked out well so far. I'm hitting the ball better than ever. I feel like I'm a level above the rest of my teammates. I'm beating them in practice. I'm thrashing opponents in weekend competition. And I'm threatening guys who are more than a few divisions ahead of me. I'm determined to play Division 1 some day and I hope it's sooner rather than later. :)
What are your aspirations for this season, Tash?

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:23 AM
Hi Al

I'm hitting the ball better now. I had Mark and Tim working with me as I did not really have closure with Mark and i think it was hard for me to let go. We incoorporated the two things I was being taught into a better style.

I know what it's like to play players worse than you lawst season, I was put into 14 division 5 and a creamed everybody, I think my worst score was losing 7 games in the whole match!

With the mental game, Tim and diego orgainized sports phycology for a group of his elite players. It included how we should look at points, body attitude, mental state, watching top players play and seeing their weaknesses and strengths in keeping themselves composed.

I am having a meeting with my coach discusing goals for now and the futur. He expects to have very good results with in 4 months!
My main goal/aspiration is to play my best every match, and I know if I do that I can beat anyone and everyone!

Have you heard of Jade Hopper?? Her dad's Gavin Hopper, he was a lot of the top players coaches. Jade travelled with him when he coached them. She gets tutoring at home and the academy her dad and Pat Cash run. (The little tennis sensation in QLD.?) She's 11 years old and been given an AIS scholarship. The thing is there are people who have beaten her really easily and they don't have a scholarship. Although there is one girl who does Tiarne Ettinghousen,, she's a really good player. Apparently Jade is only an o.k player, a friend of mine watched her play and said that she isn't as good as every one is making out she is. As I say it's who you know not what you know. Must go I will tell you the rest later

Dec 21st, 2002, 12:28 PM
I've heard stuff about Jade Hopper. Saw a piece about her on a current affairs show. I think it was "Today Tonight." They said she was the best Under 10 in the world at the time. From what I saw of her hitting on TV, her strokes look good, but it's how she uses them in a match that's going to count the most. She doesn't seem to be pushed into tennis, so that's a good thing at least. But I do disagree with her being pulled out of a formal education at such a young age. Home schooling isn't always the best way to do things IMO. Even Martina Hingis attended school until she was 14, which still isn't all that great, but at least she went.

One of my coaching students, or should I say EX-student, is home-schooled. Her mother says she has the mind of a 13-year-old, even though she's only 7-years-old. I wanted to laugh at how smug she was being. Her daughter might have the mind of a 13-year-old, but she had the social skills of a 1-year-old. Anyway, I was "reported" to the Head Coach for talking to her daughter like a child. Gee whiz, you mean she isn't a child??? Silly me. The Head Coach just told me to forget about it. He sometimes gets loonies like that and this woman was no different. Poor little girl.

Hey, it's good to hear that you're hitting 'em well again. Mark sounds like a top guy. What colour is his hair this week? ;) By the way, that's a great attitude to have. Stay positive. Stay fit. Have fun. Kick ass. :)

Are you looking forward to the Hopman Cup? Will you be ball-girling every day? I can't wait. I'll be chilling with some friends. It's gonna be so cool. :)

Dec 21st, 2002, 11:54 PM
Hi Al
Mark's hair is yellow, not blonde, yellow!!

I have to disagree with you about Jade not being pushed into playing. I feel that becuase Gavin didn't make it he wants both of his daughters to make it!! (Skye being his youngest) Gavin has a squad of these types of children about 7 years old. At times I feel sorry for them. It is important for them to mix with other kids, get to know others, help them keep their feet on the ground, learn social skills and all the rest. They would not be able to do the things they need to do to grow properly. Imagine all the pressure being put on their not yet fully develped bodies and muscles. Lleyton Hewitt was pretty much a full time student until Year 11 and he is number 1 in the world. If he can do it I think Jade and The rest of the Squad can do it!(Go to school and live like normal children)

I can't wait until the hopman cup. I will be ball-girling for 4 sessions and the Pro am. I can't remember what sessions.

Have a merry Christmas

Dec 22nd, 2002, 12:36 PM
Yeah, I don't agree with such a little kid being taken out of a formal education. If she's being pushed then she must be enjoying it as well. How stupid Gavin Hopper must be to do this to his own child when he's been around players like Mary Pierce and Jennifer Capriati and heard about their stories? That's one reason why I think she may not be being pushed into the sport.

Pushed physically is another thing. A girl that young shouldn't be hitting more than two hours a day, not 6-8 hours, as I saw in that piece. Martina Hingis was only hitting two hours a day up until she was 15. She also managed to do other activities too, which helped her to be well-rounded. Around 1999, she gave up a lot of activities in fear of injuring herself, which was both sensible and a shame.

Lleyton is a good example of being able to attend school and still make it as a pro. Lindsay Davenport is another, although she did her final year through correspondance. But the effort was there.

Hey, Merry Christmas to you too, Tash! :)

Try and get me a spot in the Pro-Am. Stuff the sponsors. hehe. ;)