View Full Version : Does anyone else get annoyed by Serena's "I'm losing" pout?

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:22 AM
Considering I haven't seen it in so long before this week, I realized it still really annoys me. When she got down against Clijsters and even Capriati she kept giving off negative signals and doing this sort of pouting. I could just see her saying "I don't care" or "this is stupid" and chucking her racket. I think she should look to her big sister and maybe be a little more classy during a loss. Maybe Serena has forgotten how to lose?

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:23 AM
I'm glad you are annoyed.:p

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:25 AM
of course, the stampede of negativity comes out, only when there is a williams loss...

whats next you dont like how venus flicks her sweat off with her finger???

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:28 AM
No, I don't mind that with Venus, but Sampras doing that drives me up the wall!!!!

Btw, I think its hard to assess Serena's attitude when losing when she has been winning all year, and only losing in very close matches until today.

Rae Q.
Nov 12th, 2002, 05:29 AM
Originally posted by evadafan
Considering I haven't seen it in so long before this week, I realized it still really annoys me. When she got down against Clijsters and even Capriati she kept giving off negative signals and doing this sort of pouting. I could just see her saying "I don't care" or "this is stupid" and chucking her racket. I think she should look to her big sister and maybe be a little more classy during a loss. Maybe Serena has forgotten how to lose?

I totally agree with you. Serena really needs to learn to be classy during a loss because all the other girls are always classy during a loss so Serena has no excuse. I hope during this brief holiday from the tour that Serena attends some seminars on how to be classy. It would help her so much and endear her to more fans other than Wx2 fans. Evadafan good on you for some excellent insight and advice for Serena. I hope she changes
next season and loses classily.

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:29 AM
Evadafan, you lost me. I don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Can anyone clarify?

Randy H
Nov 12th, 2002, 05:30 AM
actually I think Serena is a pretty good "loser" - she's a perfectionist on court, and gets down on herself easily when she makes mistakes, but she's also quick to regroup these days, and when I have seen her lose matches, I find her to be pretty gracious. i've seen many players with far less class, or even negativity on court...

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:32 AM
Well it wasn't nearly as bad as Lindsay Davenport against Monica.

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:34 AM
I'm talking about her on the court when she is losing. After the loss, she is very gracious, with that I won't argue.

Rae Q.
Nov 12th, 2002, 05:37 AM
Originally posted by evadafan
I'm talking about her on the court when she is losing. After the loss, she is very gracious, with that I won't argue.

Evadafan I knew exactly what your meant and I still agree with you. Serena is terribly unclassy when she's on court and losing.

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:50 AM
and now ,you will start crying if williams fans retaliate or call you names.
most of your post , beleive me are offensives...

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:53 AM
That can be said about a lot of players. Most of them have negative body language when they are down, at least Serena doesnt start yelling at the umpires or complainign about everyting.

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:54 AM
i too would be angry at myself if i knew that i could be playing better, its not like serena was blaming clijsters...or maybe you prefer her cussing and breaking rackets like other players, or maybe she should just not care at all like dokic??so which one??

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:57 AM
:) :) The Sisters just can't win, they'll be trashed when they win and trashed when they lose. WTF????:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I think you people should just enjoy the win and feel good for your favorite and leave it at that.!!! For, as sure as I breathe, the next time she gets defeated by a Williams, I'll rub your noses in it.!!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:06 AM
exactly persond...i dont mind that much that serena was beaten by clijsters, cuz she is a nice girl...but when people start making these threads only cuz its an occasion a sister was beaten, that is really pathetic...

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:14 AM
What an obsered comment! :rolleyes:

The fact that Serena reacts the way she does "Pouting" as you call it :rolleyes: shows her competitiveness. Serena is a perfectionist! She may be #1, she may have 3 Grand Slam titles this year, but when asked how her year went, she responds "It was a good year, but I could've done a few things better." That just shows why she is #1 and that she has that fighting and motivating spirit.

Serena is always hard on herself. She always wants to play her best tennis and when she doesn't, she's not satisfied. It's what motivates her. When Serena lost tonight, it was obvious she was disappointed...kind of like she didn't know how to react to losing. Pretty understandable...considering she doesn't lose often, eh? It's not like she plays a sad role to make Clijsters or whoever feel sorry for her.

Anyway, in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with players reacting on court or making comments to themselves...as long as they aren't swearing or disrupting play. It's when players act like they don't really care, give up or don't react when they aren't playing so well that, to me, is a problem. You could tell Serena was completely worn out toward the end of that match, but she never gave up and played the best she could until the end.

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:17 AM
Serena def. Capriati 6-0 6-0

"I made too many unforced errors, my first serve percentage was low, and I didnt move my feet much, but besides that, I played pretty well."


Williams Rulez
Nov 12th, 2002, 06:27 AM
It says a lot about your opinion of Capriati then. :rolleyes:

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:41 AM
I really don't read it as a "pout" at all. I see it more as frustration that she's not able to execute her shots like she knows how to, and is a bit disgusted with her self. It's certainly not the type of negativity that Linds lets into her head. Nor the crankiness that Jenn displays.

And when she shook her head after a good shot, I didn't see that as negative either. More like: "How silly. Why am I not doing that more? That was so easy!"

That's my take anyway. (This thread is much ado about nothing, IMO).

Nov 12th, 2002, 07:13 AM
why do people feel threatened by perfectionists? It only shows your own insecurity when you can't handle someone else critiquing THEIR game. It only shows that you are petty.

In tennis the only game that matter is YOUR OWN GAME. You can't control what the opponent does. The opponent does not make you double fault, the opponent does not make you hit an unforced error, YOU DO THAT. The only thing the opponet can do is hit a winner or cause you to hit a forced error.

so if you hit every ball out I guess in your mind somehow the other player is the root cause of your loss and you should be happy and satisfied because of their superior play?:rolleyes:

Nov 12th, 2002, 09:00 AM
What absolute crap if i have ever read any. IF it's not Jennifer or Lindsay or whoever, it's Serena.

WHo in the hell cares how a player acts when they are losing for crying out loud? Are they not allowed to show emotion or discust with themselves when they are down?

SOme of you people don't know the meaning of class. THis is not ladies figure skating or the Miss AMerica pageant for crying out loud.

Tennis is a demanding sport physically and mentally and I say once and for all stop acting like pansies and let the women be who they are.

Sam L
Nov 12th, 2002, 09:46 AM
I love it when Serena pouts! :kiss:

Nov 12th, 2002, 11:39 AM
i really didn't notice a pout. honestly i wouldn't have thought that pouting was Serena's style! what i noticed instead were looks of disappointment and (uncharacteristically) fear, especially towards the end of the second set. but i'm not sure why Serena is being criticised for having human emotions.

Nov 12th, 2002, 12:11 PM
serena is emotional since she is on tour. it's her style. learn to live with it!

Nov 12th, 2002, 12:26 PM
I found Serena very classy last night. Before, she would be like crying, last night, she was smiling on court while losing! For me (only for me; and I am entitled to my opinion) the only reason she lost is because she was tired. So, I am not worried for 2003.

Serendy Willick
Nov 12th, 2002, 01:58 PM
Gee why dont you get your azz out there and start missing returns left and right and see if you dont get disgusted:mad: :fiery: . This is Tennis, a competitive sport if you want some prim and proper ladies bollacks, why dont you go to golf or something:rolleyes: :fiery: :mad:

Nov 12th, 2002, 07:45 PM
I think the "pout" is cute. And I don't really think it's a pout at all. It looks more like disappointment, fear, and bewilderment. I think Serena was trying hard, but she was so tired and off of her game. I like to see Serena winning, except when she's playing Venus, but I think she's so cute when she gives that little expression. :kiss:

Nov 13th, 2002, 02:15 AM
I think ya'll have blown this out of proportion. I just said the pout annoys me and wondered if it did anyone else. Why the hell people mentioned "the sisters" is beyond me. Venus doesn't do this at all. I was talking about SERENA. I know they are both black and sisters, but they are two different personalities.

Other players do it too, most notably Dokic who was already mentioned. Henin and Lindsay can get annoying with it also.

Nov 13th, 2002, 07:54 PM
There is nothing particularly unclassy about being disgusted with your own play. Just about evey top player shows some poor body laugauage when they are playing poorly. What strikes me as odd is that anybody - fans or opponents - should feel offended. I'd love it if you could explain that to me.

I admire the fact that Venus shows a minimum of emotion on court, becasue I think in the past Serena's anger at her play was counter-productive (ie. dwelling on the last point makes it tough to concentrate on the next one) . But as long as players don't take their anger out on innocent bystanders, showing emotion on court remines the spectators that you care, and should offend no one.

Nov 13th, 2002, 10:45 PM
evadafan - Interesting. I saw, I'm exhasusted, I'm losing, she's returning everything what am I going to do."

You saw 'negative signals'. 'pouting', and somehow projected "I don't care" and "this is stupid" onto Serena's behaviour. I guess it just goes to show how people's preconcieved notions about a player influences what they see.

I saw effort, you saw quitting.

Nov 14th, 2002, 06:17 AM
Larry, I don't think I said it offended me, if I did I didn't mean it. I said it ANNOYED me. I can't even think of a scenario where a tennis player could offend me. Hell, I'm not even offended by Jennifer's excessive use of F**K!

Volcana, it does show that your preconceived notions of Serena will not allow you to see what is actually happening. I'm neutral on Serena, I don't like or dislike her so I think my opinion on Serena is pretty unbiased. Of course I couldn't say that for many players!

Nov 14th, 2002, 07:39 AM
OK, fair enough. It annoys you. But why, assuming no vulgar expressions are made? I'm struggling to understand how somebody's facial expressions during a match, that you characterize as a "pout" (I reacall her shaking her head alot with a sardonic smile - not a pout) are somehow unclassy. She's unhappy with how she's playing, and her face shows it. Is this not allowed? Or do you beleive that her displeasue with her own play is somehow disrespectful of her opponent? I don't get it.

Nov 14th, 2002, 10:23 AM
Just for the record, I'm neutral on Serena as well - an unbiased observer. And I didn't see anything that could even remotely be construed as "I don't care" about Serena's demeanor during this match. In fact, I can't summon such behavior in recent memory.

I certainly find it difficult to understand why someone who is completely "neutral" would have such a distorted view of things as to get annoyed by the the smallest shakes of her head or facial expressions. This is nitpicking!

Speaking of things that annoy -- one of mine is when somebody starts a trivial thread to kick people when their already down. Not very classy, that.

Nov 15th, 2002, 03:47 AM
Yeah I guess I better watch what I say, I don't want a player being offended when they log on and happen to find my little ol' post.

Wake up to yourselves.

I think its interesting to see the things other people find annoying about players. There's no need for you to hone in here and attack me because something annoys me. You don't have to read the damn thread.

But anyway, another thing that annoys me is that Pete Sampras sweat flicking thing. Not to even start on Capriati's double faulting.....

Nov 15th, 2002, 03:57 AM
Other players do it too, most notably Dokic who was already mentioned. Henin and Lindsay can get annoying with it also.

Exactly... But this thread had to be about Serena lol..

Since other million players do it, Serena has to be criticized :)

Interesting :)

Nov 15th, 2002, 04:08 AM

Were Dokic, Lindsay, or Henin playing in a match that I watched on Monday night, the night I made this thread?

Sorry to have touched the third rail of this board, Serena Williams.

Nov 15th, 2002, 04:20 AM
That's ok

I'm actually used to some useless observations on Serena in this board :)

The 'Everything to bash her' thread

Nov 15th, 2002, 05:21 AM
If that's the case evadafan, then why wasn't the title of your thread "Things posters find annoying about players" or "Things I find annoying about players"? Your annoyance with Serena seems so petty that it resembles someone who dislikes here and is just finding any little thing to pick at her about.

Nov 15th, 2002, 05:26 AM
Hail-Venus, now I can see your point.
Serena said Kim had been playing well and deserved to win. That sounds like a good loser to me