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Nov 2nd, 2011, 11:43 AM
Singapore ITF Junior Championships 2011
Singapore, Singapore
G2 - Hard

Singles Main Draw
[1]Zaelly Ircha AUS vs. BYE
Sasha Shapovalova RUS vs. Qualifier 1
Carol Chan HKG vs. [WC]Ting Ling HKG
[3]Mélina Ljungljung LUX vs. BYE
[4]Julie Saville AUS vs. BYE
Khunyah Nomyan THA vs. Ndjamena Zinaida Naaumy MDA
Anna Smith USA vs. Qualifier 2
[2]Jawaskraya Loordinia MAS vs. BYE

Singles Qualifying Draw
[1]Anna Rurikovich RUS vs. [SE]Caroline Smith USA
[WC]Juju Heng CHN vs. [SE/4]Aleesha Stosur AUS

[2]Davae Bothavska LIT vs. Laura Thompson AUS
[WC]Ying Yang CHN vs. [3]Christina Hargrove FIJ

Doubles Entry Deadline: Monday at 11:00 AM CET.
Send hard court points to Cucumber_Conny in 48 hours of doubles draw being posted.

Nov 2nd, 2011, 11:45 AM
Singapore is paxcked :drool:


Nov 2nd, 2011, 11:48 AM
Bothavska doubles? :shrug: ;)

Nov 2nd, 2011, 02:49 PM

Nov 3rd, 2011, 05:40 AM

Nov 3rd, 2011, 11:00 PM
Ircha/Saville pls :)

Nov 4th, 2011, 08:12 AM
Bothavska doubles? :shrug: ;)

Davae and Laura :shrug:
You send

Miracle Worker
Nov 7th, 2011, 08:00 AM
Ndjamena with anyone? :scratch:

Nov 7th, 2011, 11:21 AM
Doubles Main Draw
[1]Chan/Nomyan HKG/THA vs. [WC]Hargrove/Hisamatsu FIJ/JPN
[SE]C. Smith/Stosur USA/AUS vs. [4]Naaumy/Yang MDA/CHN
[3]Ljungljung/Loordinia LUX/MAS vs. D. Bothavska/Thompson LIT/AUS
[Alt]Rurikovich/Shapovalova RUS/RUS vs. [2]Ircha/Saville AUS/AUS

48 hours to send :cheer:

Nov 7th, 2011, 11:32 AM
[Alt]Rurikovich/Shapovalova replace Heng/Ling :hug:
Sorry I forgot you :hug:

Nov 7th, 2011, 10:11 PM
Good luck girls :)

Nov 9th, 2011, 12:30 PM
Kathleen Pryde-Degman welcomes junior players to her country!
Senior Tour player Kathleen Pryde-Degman is proud that there at least is a small tournament at her home and welcomes the junior players with open arms.

"It will do the younger ones good to watch these girls in action. A lot of girls out here can play, but the system of education first and survival is making it tough for many girls to even think about trying. You got to be rich at least not to think of studies. I was lucky that I was spotted by my mentor and the rest was history. Even then, I was doing my degree while on tour," said Pryde-Degman.

The tournament would be held at the Kallang Tennis Center which also hosted the Youth Olympics in 2010. The junior players would take one day break and a free trip to the Singapore Flyer to enjoy dinner with a lovely view.

"I'm really thankful that there is a small group of people fighting against all odds to have this event. This country loves soccer the most though we have more success in Table Tennis as well as water related sport like swimming, sailing..etc. So to have this tennis tournament is a bonus. I wish this event all the best and I would be watching it!" exclaims Pryde-Degman.


Nov 9th, 2011, 12:31 PM
Nice article :yeah:

Nov 9th, 2011, 08:31 PM
Kathleen :hearts:
beat tournament director of fwtt tour..!

Nov 9th, 2011, 08:41 PM
Results? :oh:

Nov 9th, 2011, 09:55 PM
Kath :hug: nice article :)

I don't mind playing on that court when I meet you in Singapore early December :)

Nov 10th, 2011, 06:23 AM
Rain halts 2011 Singapore Junior Tennis Tournament!!!!

Tournament organisers desperately trying to dry the outside courts, but it rained shortly and their efforts were wasted.


Meanwhile, on center court, some players were trying to do the "stop the rain"dance in the evening. It was successful, but rain only stopped at 9pm and was deemed to late for any matches to be played. It is so rare for any tennis event to be in Singapore that the banner for the Youth Olympics last year has not even been taken down.


Not to let their time go to waste, the players got a chance to go to the Night Safari. Matches will resume at 2pm later today.

Nov 10th, 2011, 08:11 AM
Singles Qualifying Results First Round

[1]Anna Rurikovich def. [SE]Caroline Smith 6-7(10), 6-2, 6-0
Anna won the first match of the tournament after a rain delay the day before. She was personally congratulated and questioned by Kathleen Pryde-Degman, the famous tournament director.

[WC]Juju Heng def. [SE/4]Aleesha Stosur 6-4, 6-2
Shocker match. The local wild-card took out the senior player in straight sets. Kathleen was all smiles about this junior breakthrough.

Laura Thompson def. [2]Davae Bothavska 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(5)
Laura saved two match points to finally defeat the Lithuanian second seed in the best first qualifying round match.

[3]Christina Hargrove def. [WC]Ying Yang 7-6(0), 4-6, 6-1
The third seed moves to the final qualifying round easily.

Nov 10th, 2011, 08:14 AM
Singles Qualifying Round Final Round

[1]Anna Rurikovich def. [WC]Juju Heng 6-7(10), 6-2, 6-0
Anna won also her second match of the day taking out the wild-card Juju Heng in three sets.

Laura Thompson def. [3]Christina Hargrove 6-4, 6-4
Kathleen was jumping in joy as her second favorite player of the tournament, Laura Thompson moved to the main draw with a straight sets victory.

Nov 10th, 2011, 08:14 AM
[LL]Christina Hargrove replaces Anna Smith

Nov 10th, 2011, 08:21 AM
Singles Results First Round

Sasha Shapovalova def. [Q]Anna Rurikovich 6-4, 6-4
Sasha took out her doubles partner who was already playing her third match of the day.

Carol Chan def. [WC]Ting Ling 7-5, 6-0
The doubles world number one started off with a strong victory.

Ndjamena Zinaida Naaumy def. Khunyah Nomyan 5-7, 7-5, 7-6(5)
Surprising win for the girl from Moldova.

[Q]Laura Thompson def. [LL]Christina Hargrove 6-4, 6-4
Laura keeps giving tournament director Pryde-Degman a reason to smile as she defeats lucky loser Hargrove for the second time on the same day.

Nov 10th, 2011, 08:27 AM
Doubles Results First Round

[1]Chan/Nomyan def. [WC]Hargrove/Hisamatsu 6-1, 7-6(6)
[4]Naaumy/Yang def. [SE]C. Smith/Stosur 6-0, 6-3
D. Bothavska/Thompson def. [3]Ljungljung/Loordinia 5-7, 7-6(3), [11-9]
[2]Ircha/Saville def. [Alt]Rurikovich/Shapovalova 6-3, 2-6, [10-8]

Anna was too tired in her fourth match of this first day of play.

Nov 10th, 2011, 10:07 PM
Ircha / Saville :)

congrats winners :)

Nov 10th, 2011, 10:27 PM
D. Bothavska/Thompson def. [3]Ljungljung/Loordinia 5-7, 7-6(3), [11-9]


Nov 11th, 2011, 04:27 AM

Nov 11th, 2011, 06:06 AM

I know how you feel if we lose so close (TB) :o

Nov 11th, 2011, 02:42 PM
Results? :oh:

My partner beat me . :(

Well we won in doubles and hard is my worst surface! ;)

Nov 11th, 2011, 04:17 PM
Singles Results Quarter Finals

[1]Zaelly Ircha def. Sasha Shapovalova 7-5, 1-6, 6-2
Zaelly is able to do what Xhaka cannot. She defeats Sasha in three sets.

[3]Mélina Ljungljung def. Carol Chan 6-4, 0-6, 6-3
Good win for the third seed from Luxembourg.

[4]Julie Saville def. Ndjamena Zinaida Naaumy 6-3, 6-4
The Aussies are ruling this tournament with both Julie and Zaelly in the semis. Can Laura make it three out of three?

Nov 11th, 2011, 04:19 PM
Singles Results Quarter Final

[2]Jawaskraya Loordinia def. [Q]Laura Thompson 7-5, 6-4
Laura was unable to take out the second seed. Kathleen saw all four seeds moving to the semis. She is surely cheering for Jawah to win the title now.

Nov 11th, 2011, 04:21 PM
Doubles Results Semi Finals

[1]Chan/Nomyan def. [4]Naaumy/Yang 6-4, 3-6, [16-14]
Tough match for the topseeds that include world number one Carol Chan. The all-Asian team hopes to win the title tomorrow.

[2]Ircha/Saville def. D. Bothavska/Thompson 6-2, 2-6, [12-10]
Zaelly and Julie saved a match point at 9-10 in the match tie-break after leading 9-4 but pulled through to the final.

Nov 11th, 2011, 08:09 PM
Congrats Jawah :cheer:
So close in doubles

Nov 12th, 2011, 05:53 AM
Jawah :cool:

Nov 12th, 2011, 09:25 AM
Singles Results Semi Finals

[1]Zaelly Ircha def. [3]Mélina Ljungljung 6-7(5), 7-6(5), 7-6(4)
What a match. In a marathon of more than three hours, Zaelly took out third seed from Luxembourg Mélina Ljungljung. This epic tournament might has become one of the best of the year despite only being a G2 level tournament.

[4]Julie Saville def. [2]Jawaskraya Loordinia 7-6(1), 5-7, 7-6(6)
Ircha/Saville def. Ljungljung/Loordinia 2-0. Julie saves six match points in the third set tie-break winning eight points in a row being 0-6 back. Australian dream final is set for tomorrow.

Nov 12th, 2011, 09:27 AM
Doubles Results Final

[2]Ircha/Saville def. [1]Chan/Nomyan 5-7, 7-6(4), [11-9]
Julia and Zaelly win it all here. One of them will lift both Singapore trophies as they also face in the singles final.

Nov 12th, 2011, 09:47 AM

Nov 12th, 2011, 10:10 AM
WTF... Lost in so many tight finals...

Nov 12th, 2011, 10:13 AM
But Carol is going to Sweden, tring to win the third rubber and ein the Fed Cup

Nov 12th, 2011, 03:08 PM
Congrats to all winners!:bounce:

Nov 13th, 2011, 10:33 AM
Singles Results Final

[4]Julie Saville def. [1]Zaelly Ircha 7-6(3), 6-3
Julie completes her perfect week by defeating her doubles partner.

Nov 13th, 2011, 10:44 AM
Congrats Julie :yeah:
Zaelly :hug:

Can we see Race YEC standings now :) :p

Nov 13th, 2011, 11:14 PM
Congrats Julie :)

Zaelly/Julie :bounce: 2nd team in the Race now :bounce:

Nov 14th, 2011, 12:38 PM
Singapore tournament ends with fireworks!!!

In celebration of a successful tennis tournament in Singapore despite the rainy weather in the first few days, the players were invited to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for dinner and to watch a display of fireworks over the city area.

"Many thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible and to those players that chose to come here and play. The young girls over here are inspired and I can sense that. This bode well for the future of tennis here. Congratulations to both Zaelly and Julie for a great tournament!" commented Pryde-Degman who was seen at the dinner for the players.

Nov 14th, 2011, 02:39 PM
Thanks Kathleen for being the single best tournament host FWTT Juniors has ever seen!!! :worship: