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Nov 1st, 2011, 03:02 PM

Irish Tournament Dublin


FI Miss W Casey d Miss Vance ????




Won by Mary G Gray d Rose Key 2-0 (does this mean 2 sets to zero?)

For more info see American Lawn Tennis, 'A Bermuda Tournament in 1876', Mary Gray, 15 September, 1924, p.534 and Todd, T., The Tennis Players, from Pagan Rites to Strawberries and Cream, Gurnsey: Vallancey, 1979, p.164

There were only three entrants including Mary's sister Bessie and Rose Key, with Mary winning the tournament and defeating Miss Key in the final 2-0. Mary Gray noted -- 'The prize was the raquet which I still have: it weighs 9 ounces, the face measuring 8 x 10 inches and the handle sixteen inches. It had a red velvet handle covering (which I promptly tore off) and an inscription on a silver plate...which contains the following inscription "Ladies Prize for Lawn Tennis won by Miss M. Gray Bermuda 1876"



Irish Tournament



Note: The connection, if any, between the Irish events of 1876-1877 and the Irish Chmps is unclear. The Fitzwilliam Club, which hosted the championships from 1879, was founded in 1879. The exact location for the events of 1876 and 1877 is uncertain.