View Full Version : I wish the MSG Network televised LA instead of ESPN/ESPN2.

the cat
Nov 10th, 2002, 04:35 AM
I really miss Bud Collins, Virginia Wade and the MSG Network covering the WTA's year end championships at Madison Square Garden. They gave the tournament excellent coverage. And the tournament had a big time feel in New York. This tournament in Los Angeles has all the feel of a Los Ageles Lakers exhibition game without Shaquille O'neal and Kobe Bryant! :eek:

And I taped wednesdays and thursdays coverage on ESPN. And they leave the matches before their conclusions on ESPN. I taped it both days only to find another moronic ESPN talk show on my tape where the end of the Henin-Dementieva and Maleeva-Hantuchova matches should have been! :mad:

This tournament should be a climactic ending to the WTA's season. But I think it's anti-climactic! :( Although Serena Williams is putting her final touches on one of the greatest years ever in women's tennis! :D

Nov 10th, 2002, 04:38 AM
Why would they show something on MSG that took place in LA?

the cat
Nov 10th, 2002, 04:51 AM
LOL! MSG is a cable television network!

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:07 AM
Originally posted by the cat
LOL! MSG is a cable television network!
But they usually just show NY teams and events in and around NY

the cat
Nov 10th, 2002, 01:53 PM
For many years, MSG televised the Chase Championships nationally. And they did a great job, too! :D

Nov 10th, 2002, 02:34 PM
It helps when an Arena have there own TV Network.. I do have to Admit.. Espn coverage so far is nothing to be happy about.. MSG use to show ALL the matches.