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Nov 9th, 2002, 05:32 AM
"I was very happy to be able to stay with her,'' Williams said. ``I have a lot of respect for her. She was my favorite player growing up. That's why I started grunting; I wanted to be like Monica.'' - Venus Williams

"It's very tough when you play a person who serves well" - Monica Seles

"She just comes up with the goods and puts the pressure on you with her serve and her movement" - Monica Seles

"She showed everyone she's definitely a force to be reckoned with'' - Venus Williams

Dawn Marie
Nov 9th, 2002, 05:33 AM

Nov 9th, 2002, 05:35 AM
I agree Dawn Marie...both of them are amazing ladies...

Venus Forever
Nov 9th, 2002, 05:39 AM
Originally posted by Dawn Marie


:D :) :D :) :D

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:12 AM
i just hate it when monica plays a sister....but when she isnt i root for her to win...she comes right after the williams sisters in my book

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:16 AM
It makes me happy to hear those nice words from both:)

Nov 9th, 2002, 07:19 AM
Seles, Venus: the most players with most RESPECT and CLASS and GRACIOUS players on the tour.

Too bad they played so well in the event

Nov 9th, 2002, 09:26 AM
It was a great match !!! Congrats to both ! :D

Nov 9th, 2002, 09:31 AM
I enjoyed the match! they were both playing well! Well, I have to give credit to both girls! congrats for a great tennis match!
(I wanted monica to win, but that's not relevant any more)

Nov 9th, 2002, 10:24 AM
Great to see!

schnyder lover
Nov 9th, 2002, 10:35 AM
i have gained so much respect for venus this week - she seems much more open these days, strange that she seems so happy when her parents are getting divorced - or perhaps that is just a relief for her.

although i also hate her for taking patty out - just kidding - actually the way patty challenged her makes me much happier than if she had just beaten hantuchova or dokic.

Rae Q.
Nov 9th, 2002, 11:39 AM
Venus and Monica are such class acts. :)

Nov 9th, 2002, 11:51 AM
VENUS and SELES are greater women

Nov 10th, 2002, 12:25 AM
OMG! I don't think I've ever heard Venus say she was "Very happy to be able stay with" anyone, ever. I don't recall hearing anyone in the top 10 say something like that.

Nov 10th, 2002, 12:53 AM
It was a great game.My hat off to both beautiful ladies.

Loyal Selesian
Nov 10th, 2002, 02:41 PM
Venus want to be like MOnica....wowow i never knew that. Great quote

Nov 10th, 2002, 04:42 PM
OMG! those were really nice words said from Venus... I think she's starting to be more humble:) it really surprised me, I'm really glad they both said such nice words of each other..


Bright Red
Nov 10th, 2002, 05:01 PM
It's strange to hear such compliments exchanged between two current competitors. But it's a great measure of the class and maturity that both young ladies possess.

I noticed that during the match, Venus turned her back to Monica and pumped her fist when she made an important winner. It was almost as if she didn't want Monica to see her joy. This reminded me of when Serena turned her back to Venus to conceal a moment of celebration during one of their matches.

It's pretty refreshing.

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:05 PM
Nice words from both!!

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:12 PM
Oh God .. please people.

It was a lousy match. Venus is gracious, that is for sure.

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:33 PM
Winners/Errors indicate it wasn't lousy, albeit not brilliant: Seles 21/22, Williams 44/38.

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:40 PM
Williams(USA) Williams(USA)

1st Serve % 26 of 48 = 54 % 39 of 71 = 55 %

Aces 3 3

Double Faults 1 10

Unforced Errors 19 33

Winning % on 1st Serve 19 of 26 = 73 % 20 of 39 = 51 %

Winning % on 2nd Serve 13 of 22 = 59 % 15 of 32 = 47 %

Winners (Including Service) 16 13

Break Point Conversions 5 of 17 = 29 % 2 of 4 = 50 %

Net Approaches 7 of 12 = 58 % 10 of 12 = 83 %

Total Points Won 68 51

Fastest Serve 117 MPH 120 MPH

Average 1st Serve Speed 101 MPH 104 MPH

Average 2nd Serve Speed 82 MPH 82 MPH

Nov 10th, 2002, 05:52 PM
Both Venus and Monica gave some great answers :) - it's good to see respect from one another.

My fav quote though was Monica saying that many kids have told her that they model their games after her. I thought it was a great answer. They were like "wow! aren't you amazed that Venus modeled something after you?" and she was like "there are thousands of equally important people out there that do too". Not sure why, but it struck me as a very classy answer, from someone who realises there is a world outside of tennis and that each person is equally important to the others as human beings.