View Full Version : Kim def. Justine 6-2 6-1

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:40 AM
OMG, what's the problem with Justine, according to the score, it was extremely one-side, because they are good freiends?

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:51 AM
She said yesterday that she had trouble getting fired up due to the crowd, or lack thereof. She can't afford to not be "fired up" against Kim

Nov 9th, 2002, 03:34 AM
The problem was Justine throwing in errors left, right and center. She looked tight the whole match. Kim just played solid.

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:50 AM
Justine is becoming a sore loser.

Well done Kim!!!!

Nov 9th, 2002, 08:23 AM
I'm not surprised about this result. Kim's been playing so well this fall. Congrats Kim; best of luck against Queen

auntie janie
Nov 9th, 2002, 12:37 PM
The quotes that I read form Justine said she was really tired; especially in the 2nd set she just could not get going. She did not need a crowd to win the other day, so I seriously doubt that she blamed the empty stadium for her loss.

Justine knows she played like crap; by mid-2nd set she looked like she wanted to get out of there. It was ugly! Very disappointing, but it has been a long season. Kim was just the opposite; really eager and looking fresh.

auntie janie
Nov 9th, 2002, 12:38 PM

Henin simply ran out of gas at the end of a long season and headed home to Belgium to prepare for her wedding next week.

"I was really tired during the match and I felt without energy," said Henin. "It's the end of the season, so this kind of thing can happen and unfortunately it happened to me today.

"Kim played really solid and I had to play 100 percent if I wanted to win the match.

"It was very close in the first set, it was 6-2 but it was close. In the second set I was completely dead and couldn't fight like I wanted to."