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Nov 9th, 2002, 02:05 AM
from yahoo, a report of clijsters-henin match:

Henin committed 33 unforced errors in front of a sparse afternoon crowd at Staples Center, where a leak in the 20,000-seat arena's roof caused rain to drop on a third-row seat that wasn't occupied.

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:09 AM
what exactly does that tell you :confused:

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:46 AM
it tells you that people dont care about women's tennis much anymore because apparently, to spectators, its gotten very boring

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:51 AM
It tells you that people have rent and mortages to pay in addition to supporting families. Their jobs come first. Tonight the stands seem pretty full.

Nov 9th, 2002, 06:53 AM
Over 8500 watched Venus & Monica,....not too bad I don't think.

Julian Byatt
Nov 9th, 2002, 04:20 PM
Please pardon my ignorance, but could someone PLEASE tell me what LMFAO stands for?
I see it all the time on these boards and I have racked my (admittedly small) brain to try to work it out myself but I just can't get it.


Crazy Canuck
Nov 9th, 2002, 04:21 PM
'laughing my fucking ass off'

Julian Byatt
Nov 9th, 2002, 04:26 PM
Thanks Rebecca.....I must admit there's no way I would worked that out!!

Crazy Canuck
Nov 9th, 2002, 04:28 PM
I'm sure someone told me at some point to.

So no problem - any other ones have you confused?

Julian Byatt
Nov 9th, 2002, 04:30 PM
There have been a couple of others but can't remember them offhand. I might have a quick scan of the boards and get back to you!!!

Nov 9th, 2002, 07:31 PM
Here's another one:

ROTFLMAO : "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off":)

Nov 9th, 2002, 10:14 PM
I wouldn't know about jobs and mortages relating to the low density of people in the Staples Center, but what about all the other tournaments they are full so why not this one??