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Nov 8th, 2002, 11:40 PM
I found that today in the Swiss newspapers. Since nobody else's talking about it, I post it.


Present in L.A. but only for promotional purpose, Martina Hingis told she's wondering about the following of her careeer. "If I see that I can't go past quarter or semi-finals in the big tournaments, I think that I'm gonna take quickly the decision to stop definetly tennis", she said.

(...) Martina put a term to her season after being defeated by Dementieva in Filderstadt.
"I haven't been able to recover properly. my ankle is still swollen, and, especially, I'm too slow. So, I'm gonna take my time before returning to competition. No firm date has been chosen for my return."
Her coming to Australia next January is then uncertain.

She's not afraid by a life without tennis
"If, eventually, I call it quit, another life will start. A door will have shut down but a lot of others will be ready to open up. And I should really think about starting a family!"

Nov 8th, 2002, 11:47 PM
Even if she doesn't come back next year she will be back. I expect her to do a Jennifer Capriati and come back in a couple of years when the desire burns again.

Sad to hear her talking so negatively at the moment.

Nov 8th, 2002, 11:49 PM
hope she doesnt retire......

Nov 9th, 2002, 12:57 AM
Just re-cooperate and get better and she will be to her normal self again, hopefully:)

Nov 9th, 2002, 01:10 AM
Don't be so negative Martina! You're still a great player and can be #1 again!!! :hearts:

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:43 AM
NOOOOO, don't be so negative.
you can still be the no.1!!

Nov 9th, 2002, 05:21 AM
reading this thread just made me feel extremely sad

Nov 9th, 2002, 05:26 AM
Hingis:"If, eventually, I call it quit, another life will start. A door will have shut down but a lot of others will be ready to open up. And I should really think about starting a family!" Way to go girl, except for the last part. Give it some time.

Nov 9th, 2002, 05:38 AM
Martina winning Grand Slams at such young age hurts her badly cuz she wanted to be like Steff Graf. Tennis have changed with much more power since Williams sisters. Unfortunately, she is in the same league for the age group. Players at age 15 or younger today will not have to go thru with Williams anymore when they reach age 20.

WTA tennis would have be more interesting and entertaining without 2 Williams sisters today. I am sorry to say but I truly believe that Williams ruins WTA tennis. Sad but true. One of them on WTA tour would be better than both on WTA tour. Kournikova and others would have more chance to win big tournaments. We all have to live with it for about 5 years before they will be gone and/or their performances will go down as they age.

Today, players have to be tall and powerful to be firecely competitive.

Dawn Marie
Nov 9th, 2002, 05:45 AM
People said the same things that Sharky stated when Seles and Graf and Navriltilova came along. Bottom line Tennis evolves and either deal or don't watch or don't play. Imho I am glad I watched cause Seles,Graf,Navritilova ,Venus and Serena are fun to watch.

Sharky, when Venus and Serena retire many more players will then dominate as well. As for Anna are you nuts? Are you blaming the Williams sisters for Anna not winning? Child please!

Nov 9th, 2002, 05:47 AM
Why negatively Mark Newman? Poor girl seems burned out...Melanie Molitor had her hitting tennis balls from a frightfully young age, she achieved SO SO SO MUCH as a teenager and now realised that perhaps her priorities/interests have shifted...

not many players actually enjoy the game it seems, and when Hingis played she genuinely used to IMO..., but from her last matches if her heads not there and shes not enjoying it well there are other things she can do which can bring her more hapiness.

Good luck in Aus next year marti..i so hope she wins the Sydney int'l

Nov 9th, 2002, 08:12 AM
This is so perplexing. Look, I've been a Williams fan from the get-go, but does Hingis truly believe she doesn't have the game to win Slams now? 4 championship points in Aussie Open 2002. Someone has to repeat this to her, although it may be the one thing she wants to avoid hearing. But those four championship points also represent her ability to sustain a quality of play necessary to win Big. Yes, we are allowed our funks, but she ought to calm down, let reason shine through and give herself a real chance. Come back when you're fully healed and prepped, Tina! Trust me, you will not only be welcomed but respected and feared.

Nov 9th, 2002, 08:36 AM
Something doesn't add up here. This article is claiming she won't play next year yet Hingis is on the Sydney commitment list. So which is it?????

Nov 9th, 2002, 09:19 AM
It's not her game, I think. it's the fact that she can't run as before and for her playingstyle that's a disaster!

Nov 9th, 2002, 11:22 AM
Marti is a smart girl . She can do alot of other things besides tennis . I''ll support her whatever decision she makes ! Go Marti !

Nov 9th, 2002, 11:40 AM
Same here Irinska, Euqestirian, Skiing :)

Nov 9th, 2002, 12:28 PM
Sharky wrote : "WTA tennis would have be more interesting and entertaining without 2 Williams sisters today. I am sorry to say but I truly believe that Williams ruins WTA tennis. Sad but true. "

what would make the WTA more interesting is if he other lazy players started workingharder on their serves and consistency of theirgroundstrokes and their net game and their movement and speed. This has nothing to do with the WIlliams. Do u think Seles is to blame for all of this? i mean she started this power tennis that we now enjoy so much? or maybe martina nav is toblame for her fitness revolution? or maybe Graf is to blame for her forehand anf powerfulserve and great movement.

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:42 PM
Nice post from azinna who is a "professed" Williams fan but realizes what a loss to the game she would be. Martina has been interviewed a lot lately and although this article seems very negative...she has been seen in L.A. with a fitness trainer by the name of Pierre Paganini (who has also helped Roger Federer, Martina's friend and a few other ATP players). So, I really think she is serious about getting her fitness level up to acceptable levels. Hopefully she will be able to fulfill that expectation!!:hearts:


Sam L
Nov 9th, 2002, 02:56 PM
Originally posted by vishniac
"If I see that I can't go past quarter or semi-finals in the big tournaments, I think that I'm gonna take quickly the decision to stop definetly tennis", she said.

I knew it! I've said it before and will say it again. Martina's future in tennis will depend a lot on whether she can find a way to compete with the best. If she can't, she won't stick around. I could tell just from her attitude since like in the 90's. I'm not surprised.

I hope she finds a way to compete with the best cause I certainly want her back. Come back strong, Martina! :wavey:

Nov 9th, 2002, 03:01 PM
We all still believe in you Marti. Just belive in yourself!

Serendy Willick
Nov 9th, 2002, 06:50 PM
This is the biggest load of bullocks I've ever heard. So the Williams are to blame for Anna Kournikova sitting on her azz infront of the camera all those years and not winning a title, or for Martina not working on her piece of crap serve, they are blamed for going out there and comepeting like everyone else and busting their ass. WHATEVER!! BTW, I'm sorry but I'm not buying this retirement deal on Hingis until she actually does it. She will be back in Austraila and wont even remember this down time.

Dawn Marie
Nov 9th, 2002, 07:07 PM
Luci, nice post!:)

Hingis is scared. She knows she will come back and compete and she also knows that if she doesn't regain her footspeed that she will find it hard to win the big tourneys. The girls are getting faster and stronger, Hingis doesn't want to fall in rank and get beat up by these girls. So she'll take the easy way out before she continues to slide.

Nov 9th, 2002, 07:17 PM
no matter what you decide to do martina, you'll always be hte best and god will be with you. If you want to keep playing tennis and ur desire is there, i am 100% sure that you will get ur number 1 ranking back and find a way to win slams again. If you want to start a family, then i am 100% u'll be a fantastic mom. And if you want to start another career, well then i'm 100% sure you'll be able to use your brain effectively and be the best at ur job! Good luck recoperating and juss have fun with what you do.

the cat
Nov 10th, 2002, 03:38 AM
Dawn, it really might be over for Martina. If lesser power players like Elena Dementieva are crushing her, what are the elite power players going to do to her? :eek: And I don't ever see her becoming quicker after having surgery on each ankle.

Sharky, you may think the Williams sisters dominance is hurting women's tennis. But you are wrong! Women's tennis would be nowhere right now without the Williams sisters the last couple of years. Seles is done. Hingis may be done. Davenport is breaking down right before our eyes. Capriati's game has slipped drastically this year. The Belgians Clijsters and Henin dissapointed this year. Without the Williams sisters, women's tennis would be stuck in mediocrity! :eek:

If Martina doesn't return to form, I won't be surprised. She doesn't appear to have the hunger to battle the big babes of women's tennis. And I will miss her.

Sam L
Nov 10th, 2002, 03:44 AM
If Martina does retire, I blame this on what happened in 1997 and 1998. I know those were her best years of her career but what happened then was that as a 16 and 17 year old she was built up to be the greatest female tennis player ever.

Everyone in media told her so, everyone around her told her so, and she naive as she was must have believed it and got complacent. At an age when she should've been working on her fitness and game she declined a little. You could see that during the latter half of 1998.

Since then she got into this frame of mind that she was the best and won't accept herself been not the best on tour. It's going to be tough for her to be the best again, cause the grounding she should've had in those years weren't there.

During those times Venus and Serena were working hard on their games cause at 16 and 17 they didnt' have slams and had to continually strive to get better.

Nov 10th, 2002, 06:29 AM
I agree Sam L!!!!!!!

Nov 10th, 2002, 06:39 AM
Martina is still very young. I think after her long break she should be able to recooperate and get back to her normal self. The US Open comeback was just too early for her, and none of her shots were as deep and angled as i've seen it coming from her. I really hope she doesn't retire because she thinks she can't keep in the top 10. Being out of the top 10 is not that bad.

Nov 10th, 2002, 11:07 AM
of course cos she is my favourite it makes me sad to hear that but i have confidence in marti that she will be back playing great tennis again. this is just a tough period she has to go through but she has the heart of a champion so she knows what she has to do to get back on top.

WE LOVE YOU MARTI! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: