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Crazy Canuck
Nov 7th, 2002, 08:54 AM
I would *assume* this is the official calender, seeing as it has a sanex logo on the cover (it also says NASDAQ on it too, mind you). The cover is green and yellow, and it also says
women's tennis tour, 2002 calender" on it.

Anyhow - I just find the exclusion of certain players a litte funny, and the inclusion of other players over certain players , um *funny*.

Does anyone else have this and thought the same thing?

January - Kim Clijsters
February - Jelena Dokic
March - Barbara Schett and Iva Majoli
April - Marta Marrero
May - Miroslava Vavrinec
June - Amelie Mauresmo
July - Elena Bovina
August - Jennifer Capriati
September - Lina Krasnoroutskaya
October - Anna Kournikova
November - Martina Hingis
December - Monica Seles

Nov 7th, 2002, 08:58 AM
April - Marta Marrero
May - Miroslava Vavrinec

I don't even know who they are!! :eek:
Obviously Serena and Venus were too busy @ McDonald's on the day of the photo shoot :p

Interesting that Kim is in there. Are they on-court photos or something? She usually doesn't participate in this sort of thing

Crazy Canuck
Nov 7th, 2002, 09:02 AM
Well, Kim and Jelena are on court photos. Kim is waving at the crowd and smiling, and Jelena is pumping her first and looking somewhat intense.

Barbara and Iva are on court, but not playing. They are crouched at the net with their heads together and wearing sunglasses. It's a cute pic actually.

The rest are off court. In fact, Anna is the only other one wearing her tennis gear (it is just a shoulders-up shot with her against a wall).

Crazy Canuck
Nov 7th, 2002, 09:03 AM
My bad - Amelie is actually playing tennis, about to hit a backhand.

Nov 7th, 2002, 09:05 AM
I have it! I won it last year. WTATour.com had a contest, and I won! It's a pretty good calendar. I wish more top players were featured on it

Nov 7th, 2002, 09:10 AM
Originally posted by untitled2284
April - Marta Marrero
May - Miroslava Vavrinec

I don't even know who they are!!

propose you take a look in my off court photo gallery, and you will see, which pretty girls you have missed in your life....

Nov 7th, 2002, 12:00 PM
Does anyone know where on the internet I can see these pics?

Crazy Canuck
Nov 7th, 2002, 01:00 PM
I'm not certain - the only web adress on the calender is www.jfturner.com - maybe they have it in there somewhere?

Well they list the official site as well, on every page. So it is the official calender I guess. In which case, I find their choices a little odd.

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Nov 7th, 2002, 01:32 PM
Venus and Serena chose to not take part in it.

Crazy Canuck
Nov 7th, 2002, 01:46 PM
OH did they? How come?

Well that explains it! Made no sense before :o