View Full Version : Doubles corner 2003 : who will team with who ?

Nov 5th, 2002, 12:27 PM
1)Is McNeil still to play in tournaments ?
2)Will Navratilova choose a regular partner ?
3)Who teams with Zvereva
4)Who teams with Rubin
5)Who is Clijsters to choose as a regular partner
6)Dokic - is she with Petrova ?
7)Stubbs - is she with Likhovtseva, Black whoever
8)Sanchez/Hantuchova - a team for the future ?
9)Po/Morariu - is Po to continue ?
10)Boogert after Oremansī retirement
11)Martinez/Tarabini - split or what ?
12)Schett - continueing with Farina ?

Lots of questions - letīs find the answers ...