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Jun 16th, 2011, 11:05 AM
My Report

I expect this will be moved.

My day started at 11 am play was due to start at 10.30 but due to the rain on Sunday and a bit of rain Monday they were letting the courts breath!

I walked in as I walked in Shahar Peer walked past me, so I asked for an autograph and she was (I am not saying anything bad) I asked her if she going to beat Martinez Sanchez to which she replied No! and then realised what I had asked her she said Yes and went.

My Mum was with me and as she went for coffee's, Petra Kvitova walked by she is so tall! I am 5 9 and she made me feel small, I asked for an autograph and she was happy to sign and even smiled! Nice girl.

I then walked into Centre Court for Keothavong V Cirstea. As we walked in I noticed a girl in a hoodie. Yes it was Heather Watson! I went up to her and asked for an autograph she was more than happy. I congrulated her on reaching the top 100. I asked her if she was going to beat Vera she smiled and I said you could play Serena, she said she was hoping to play well. She stayed for a few games to watch her doubles partner and left.

Keothavong was playing the better even though Sorena was ralling with her. The wind was awful and it was spitting with rain during most of the second set. Keothavong kept the play in ball and used her big forehand to dicate when needed. I thought Anne was going to qualify but lost to Lucic later in the day.

The atmosphere around the court for Venus was amazing! Venus started a bit slow with Petkovic breaking. Richard was shouting encourgament to Venus. Julia Goerges walked in during the middle of the first set. It was great to see her but she ran so quickly to her seat I couldn't get near her. She was cheering for Andrea. Venus managed to break back in the first set. She won it 7 5 and I thought it was going to be a long match as Andrea was playing so well. There was alot of support for her, I was sat next to a German. I think the pair of us were trying to outclap each other, Me for V and her for Petko!

We left to get a pimms! As mentioned before I saw Richard Williams immediately as he left when was down a break. Loads of kids were getting autographs and pictures with him, he was great. I went up to him and asked for an autograph he was happy to do that. I went Venus was playing really her and had won the first set. He smiled at me and said wait around and Serena will be here. All the kids around heard and were screaming! I asked him questions about Wimbledon and he answered all of them, I think he thought I was a reporter! He did look frail bless him.

Stacey Allistar walked past with Pam Whycross ( I know I have that wrong) and I asked for her autograph. She was truly embrassed and said no you want Pammy's! I said no I want yours, you are the CEO! She lovely and signed it for me and told me to enjoy the tennis! My Mum said that she was really embarrased by that.

Then we went to the Practice Courts. Bally was training. Walked a bit further down and Lisa and Liezel were finishing their practice. I got Lisa's autograph she is so small! Liezel was so friendly a good person for the Tour. I asked her how she was after the Fed Cup. She straight away said that it was not done to hurt her and it just happened. How nice is that! She said it took two weeks after for the pain to stop. She said see you at Wimbledon! Even though I am not going.:bounce:

Went back into Centre with my Pimms and Venus was a break down at 4 3 but she broke back. My Mum who dosen't watch tennis alot couldn't believe the standard of the match. Venus was serving at 120. But I have to mention that she slipped about 6 times during the match. At the beginning of the final set she was clutching her hip!!!! I thought she moved a bit gingerly. She really upped the pace and power at the start of the third set and went out to a 3 0 love lead. Petko saved two match points when Venus served for the match but Venus got through! I have to say Alison Lang was very good and every time Venus slipped she shouted straight away for the ballperson to get the towel for Venus! Good umpiring.

I ran down the front to get Venus's autograph. I had my Serena book Queen of the Court. Venus was talking to David Witt for a bit but I couldn't hear what they were saying. She signed two autographs and was about to leave when I shouted Venus I just saw your Dad what a lovely man, she looked up at me and said thank you and signed for me! What amazing eyes she has. I predict now Venus will be Wimbledon Champ! If she dosen't get any injuries.

The Legends came on for a champions tie break. Leconte Hingis & Greg Martinez. Leconte was great he kept pretending to be Nadal and was picking his shorts out of his bum! I ran down again and got Greg's autograph he was happy to chat Nice guy! But I had tried to get Tina's autograph earlier in the day and she told me she was busy. I eventually got her's but I have to say she was a bit stuck up! I was a big fan of her's but I think I preferred Venus's attitude.

Azarenka came on with Peng and when they started the people in the Corporate box were talking and they had obviously been drinking. Azarenka looked right up at them and told them to be quiet! When she was grunting they started copying her. Lucy Grant then looked right round and told them to be quiet! I was amazed grown men with suits on!

Then watched a bit of Radwanska she played well against Gajdosova running around and making Gajdosova play shorts that were short and had spin on. As they were playing I saw Li Na's Husband. I asked him for his autograph and bless him he said I am not a player! I said I know you are not you are Li Na's Husband he was really shocked but signed for me and was smiling!

We walked round to see Dan Cox or Evans cant remember which one was playing. I noticed James Ward was watching in a corner. I went up to him he is tall! And asked him for his autograph which he did straight away. I said congrulations on his week and what was he hoping for. Such a nice guy and I felt sorry as once I asked everyone noticed him and crowded him!

Watched a bit of Stosur V Petrova. Sam was on fire with her serve even though it was so windy. I can't tell you how windy it was. But Nadia was so irrated by everything that she wasen't concentrating at all! We left when Stosur won the first set.

As we were leaving Venus, David Witt, Richard and his Wife were all leaving. I waved at Venus and she smiled back. Richard's wife seems a character!

My day at Eastbourne! I do think it is time that they got rid of the Men. I have been going since 2004 but each year the field gets better that they don't need the Men. Sorry if there are mistakes!

Jun 16th, 2011, 11:23 AM
Great read! :yeah:

Jun 16th, 2011, 11:52 AM
Seems like you had a great time! :)

Jun 16th, 2011, 12:01 PM
aww thanks guys, I thought it would be attacked! Can't say enough how nice Mr Williams was!

Jun 16th, 2011, 12:04 PM
aww thanks guys, I thought it would be attacked! Can't say enough how nice Mr Williams was!

He is. :) I was sitting next to him at Wimbledon last year for Zheng Jie vs. Kvitova and I needed him (and Lakeisha) to stand up to get to the only spare seat on court and he said 'you're very welcome' when I said thank you to him.

I don't think he was too concerned about Serena's loss yesterday. I left the match after the second set (I saw too nervous!) and he was wandering around the courts, happily chatting away to people in the grounds. :lol:

Jun 16th, 2011, 03:08 PM
I think that is the problem with British Tennis personally! Too many snobs running the sport scaring the 'public' kids away! It annoys me how much they ruin British Tennis!