View Full Version : Alternatives on watching RG other than on TV

May 29th, 2011, 08:43 PM
Where do you guys watch RG other than on TV? I'm asking because I have no alternatives but to only watch it on TSN and they prefer Nadal Federer Djokovic matches over WTA. For the first week it's ok but as the tournament progresses I want to watch live. Say if I wanna watch tomorrow's Makarova vs Azarenka match, TSN will most likely be broadcasting Nadal vs Ljubicic which is fine for me too (I root for the legenda) but this is one of those matches that I can just check on the score instead of really watching it, what I really wanna watch is Maka vs Vika right so what can I do? Where can I watch it?

I hope they would broadcast Li Na vs Kvitova instead of the Chela Falla match and I'm not sure in the end of the day will they broadcast Masha vs Rad or Petko vs Kiri. I would prefer watching Petko vs Kiri and just check the score constantly on the Masha match but I guess TSN is going to broadcast the bigger star again which is Masha? So what can I do? I'm sure many ppl have these problems how do you guys deal with it?