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Apr 28th, 2011, 05:29 PM
What's your best and worse memories in Gran slam finals (defeated of your fav ,bad quality of tennis and so on )
For me :
Best :Marie Pierce in 95
Amelie Mauresmo in 2006
Worse :E.Goolagong in 71

Best :Martina in 82
A.Sanchez in 89
J.Capriati in 2001
Worse :S.Graf in 88 (not because she won but it was the worst women final i've ever seen )

Best :Ginny Wade in 77
Martina in 78
E.Goolagong in 80
Worse :The defeat of Sabatini in 91
and the most painful : Novotna defeat in 93

US Open
Best:Chris in 1980
Martina in 84
Gaby in 90
Worse:Martina in 81
Dementieva in 2006


Apr 28th, 2011, 11:26 PM
Aussie Open
Best: 1999 Australian Open - just about all the top players were there from a multitude of generations and Hingis played tremendously well to complete her singles & doubles three-peat.
Worst: 2004 Australian Open - a depleted draw, very few memorable matches, Schnyder and Zuluaga as semifinalists and Mauresmo withdrawing due to injury.

Roland Garros
Best: 1992 Roland Garros. Seles simply refused to be beaten. What mental toughness to seal the hat-trick in arguably the greatest women's match ever played at Roland Garros.
Worst: 2002 Roland Garros. This was a complete disaster with Henin & Clijsters losing early, Hingis & Davenport missing and a hideous final.

Best: 1998/2005. Novotna FINALLY winning is just the best memory :) and ofcourse Natasha Zvereva impressing with wins over Graf & Seles. 2005 had some fantastic matches involving Venus, Lindsay, Maria, Amelie and Mary Pierce.
Worst: 2008 Wimbledon. I think this was the one where Venus (or Serena?) reached the final without having to face a Top 10/20/50 player or something like that? The draw completely fell apart. And the other one played Dementieva in the SF.

US Open
Best: 1999. Again, just an epic tournament with brilliant matches throughout the two weeks, leading to high-quality SF matches and then Serena's stunning win.
Worst: 2010. Except for Wozniacki's dismantling of Sharapova and loss to Zvonareva, I can't think of one "decent" quality match. Clijsters-Venus in the semifinals was horrendously low quality.

Apr 29th, 2011, 12:10 AM
Roland Garros
Best: 1992 Roland Garros. Seles simply refused to be beaten. What mental toughness to seal the hat-trick in arguably the greatest women's match ever played at Roland Garros.

And she did the same in the SF, when Sabatini got an apparently crucial lead with great tennis and Monica "simply refused to be beaten". I've said it other times, IMHO this was Seles greatest tournament win as a testament of her champion mentality added to her ferocious tennis to overcome brilliant game from her opponent.

Apr 29th, 2011, 07:38 AM
The Australian Open finals haven't been particularly memorable for me. I didn't see the match at the time, but Chris Evert beating Martina in the 1982 finals was a great result. And the match, when I saw it years later, was thrilling. I heard the 1987 Hana-Martina final was a doozy, but I've never seen it.
As far as the worst, I don't think it could get much worse than when Henin retired in 2006, and still (?!?$&*@#!) stayed on court after the match and through the entire ceremony. (And I thought she was ill??)

The French Open finals have had their share of dramatic matches. It's tough for me to choose. But still, the best memory, and the most dramatic match of all time, is Steffi Graf's 1999 final round win over Martina Hingis. I could watch that a thousand times, and never get bored with it. Chris Evert's 1985 win over Martina Navratilova is a close second as far as thrilling and dramatic victories.
The 2009 Kuznetsova-Safina or the 2008 Ivanovic-Safina drubbings were all-time lows for women's tennis.

Wimbledon has had many memorable finals. The Evert-Goolagong 1976 final was great. So was the Graf-Sanchez final in 1995. Our Ginny's win in 1977 was very, very popular and memorable.
As close as the match was, I thought the 2005 final between Venus and Lindsay was overrated. Perhaps because I felt Lindsay found more ways to choke away a major final than I thought were possible. In my book it was a far bigger choke than Novotna's in 1993 (Jana had never won a major, so she should have been forgiven somewhat; Lindsay played the '05 final as though she wanted to lose!) The 2007 Venus-Bartoli final was also an all-time low for women.

The women have not staged an interesting (or 3 set) US Open final since 1995, which sadly illuminates the bad state women's tennis is currently in. The 1995 final between Graf and Seles was one of the most tension filled matches I have ever witnessed. The 1985 final between Hana and Martina was one of the most invigorating and memorable women's matches I have ever seen. I wish I was able to see the 1974 final between King and Goolagong.
Unfortunately, there are too many really bad US Open finals, especially as of late. Last year's Clijsters-Zvonereva was bad; the 2007 Henin-Sveta final was horrible, as was the 2005 Clijsters-Pierce. I also felt that the two Williams sisters finals were completely devoid of real drama or quality play. And even two finals between the #1 and #2 players turned out to be duds: 1976 and 1983.
I wish the US Open could produce more memorable matches. These days, I am more relieved than disappointed that the US Open is over. It's my least favorite major to follow or watch :(

Apr 29th, 2011, 01:26 PM
If we're talking only about quality ,thriller and drama ,for me 2 matches are above the others :the 1970 Wimbledon final between Margaret Court and B.J King and the 1985 French final .Nobody tought Chris could win ,perhaps the best final i've ever seen .

May 1st, 2011, 04:24 AM
My favorite memory

Australia: Martina beating Chris in 1985. Good match. Individual: Hana Mandlikova playing an outstanding tournament in 1987

French: 2001 Jennifer Capriati winning over Kim Clijsters. Individual: Mary Pierce winning the year before in 2000. Justine Henin winning her titles. Very explosive.

Wimbledon: 2002 Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams. History. Individual: Marion Bartoli's run to the final before losing to Venus in 2007. Likewise, Conchita Martinez playing flawless in 1994.

U.S. Open: Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert in 1984. Individual: Graf in 1988 as Hana in 1985. Wow.


Australia: Jana Novotna losing in 1991

French: Kim losing to Justine.

Wimbledon: Jana in 1993

U.S. Open: 2004 final with Dementieva and Kuznetsova.

May 1st, 2011, 09:09 AM
The word "memories" means you actually think I can remember. Thanks! The first major final I saw was on TV in 1975- Billie Jean King defeated Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon in a rather lackluster match. I was just a kid, and my dad was rooting for Evonne, and I (of course) was solidly behind the afro-toting Billie Jean. in fact, BJK's Battle of the Sexes match first turned me on to tennis, and the family watching that one match was enough to goad my father into taking me for my first tennis lesson. I've watched so many finals on TV since then, it's difficult to pick a best and worst. The only major final I actually saw was the 2003 Australian Open between the Williams sisters. I didn't much like the error fest of a match, but I did get to meet and chat with Margaret Court afterward (quite unexpectedly) so it was well worth it. Also, the roof was closed, which was weird to see an indoor final, but cool.