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this is my overview on the WTA tour from year 2000 up till now:

2000-2001: rised 4 queens, 1 from the far land of Switzerland her highness "queen Martina Hingis" and queens of The US of A, her majesty "queen Lindsay Davenport, queen Venus Williams and queen Jennifer Capriati". Conquering parts of the land from Tokyo to Moscow. With all four battling to rule the Queendom as their own, it all came to an end and by the year 2001 Queen Venus slayed all her nemesis, as the result the WTA Queendom was hers to control.

2002-mid2003: trying to keep her throne, Queen Venus fell short that year never got the Queendom in her palm, as a result in the start of the year former Queen Jennifer empower though Australia and owning their respect. But in fact the Queen never got her former glory back after both never quiet got their former power. After waiting behind in the spotlight of her glorious Queen Venus, Princess Serena strikes for the throne and eventually taking the WTA Queendom, starting a civil war against her older sister in conquering the great lands of France, Britain, America and Australia. Winning all her battle, Queen Serena Williamsreign began from then on.

Mid2003-mid 2004: with France in her mind as her next territory the great Queen Serena looked promising of ruling France once more, but that only remain a dream for the Queen as the Belgian princesses emerge to telling the world the Queendom of WTA will be theirs and they will be queens. Striking first was princess Justine who defeated Queen Serena and with her than friend, princess Kim…they eventually took the throne and the two princesses reunite and rule WTA together as Queens Justine Henin and Queen Kim Clijsters. Their quest to be on top was going as plan until…Queen Justine thought she wanted the Queendom to herself and fought for sole control of WTA…and by 2004 Queen Justine who dethroned Queen Kim got the Queendom to herself.

Mid2004-2005: Queen Justine failed to keep her Queendom as three princesses of Russia, princess Maria, princess Anastasia and princess Svetlana came to the scence and she was dethrone, by than there were no hierarchy in the land of WTA. After ruling the Queendom in a democracy way for a while, terror strikes back as the former Queen Kim came with avenges on Becoming Queen once again, and after many many battles and surviving plenty wars she finally won the great land of America to herself and finally got WTA to herself. Hierarchy was once again restore.

(to be continue…)

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To be continue?