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Mar 5th, 2011, 11:45 AM
This Is A New Thread For 1976 Results
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Mar 5th, 2011, 11:51 AM
International Mixed Doubles Dallas Texas Ends January 5 1976

1 Round
Navratilova Martina -riessen Marty D Gunter Richey Nancy -richey Cliff 6/2-7/5
Wade Virginia -cox M D Durr Francoise -pattison A 6/3-6/4
Meyer Carrie -emerson Roy D Stove Betty -davidson Owen 6/4-6/2
Casals Rosemary -stockton Dick D Hunt Lesley -alexander J 6/1-7/6

Wade V-cox M D Navratilova M -riessen M 6/3-4/6-6/4
Casals R -stockton D D Meyer C -emerson R 6/3-6/4

Casals Rosemary -stockton Dick D Wade Virginia -cox M 6/3-6/4-6/4

Mar 5th, 2011, 11:59 AM
The Benson And Hedges Open Auckland New Zealand January 5-11
Draw 16

1 Round
Barker Sue D Monds Shelley 6/3-6/1
Tegart Dalton Judy D Elliott Pauline 6/3-6/1
Ruddell Kim D Tomanova Renata 7/6-7/6
Eisterlehner Heidi D Tyler Michele 6/4-6/2
Harter Kathy D Connor Judith 6/3-7/6
Turnbull Wendy D Newton Chris 7/6-7/5
Young Janet D Simon Brigitte 6/2-7/5
Masthoff Niessen Helga D Phillips J 6/2-6/4

Barker Sue D Tegart Dalton 6/3-6/4
Eisterlehner D Ruddell Kim 6/3-6/2
Harter Kathy D Turnbull Wendy 6/2-6/2
Masthoff Helga D Young Janet 6/2-6/1

Barker Sue D Eisterlehner 4/6-6/1-6/3
Masthoff Helga D Harter Kathy 4/6-6/2-6/0

Finale Divided
Barker Sue Leads 6/5 In First Set Against Masthoff Helga

Mar 5th, 2011, 12:02 PM
L Eggs World Series Lakeway Austin Texas January 9-11
Draw 4
Evert Chris D Navratilova Martina 6/0-6/3
Goolagong Cawley Evonne D Wade Virginia 7/5-6/0

Evert Chris D Goolagong Cawley Evonne 6/3-7/6

Third Place
Navratilova Martina D Wade Virginia

Mar 5th, 2011, 12:32 PM
The Pacific Coast Indoors Championships Portland Oregon January 5-11

2 Round
Margolin Stacy D Martinez Cecilia 7/5-6/2

Holladay Terry D Vermaak Yvonne 6/4-6/7-7/6
May Kathy D Stratton Jane 3/6-7/6-6/2
Mehmedbasich Sue D Margolin Stacy 6/1-6/1
Schallau Guerrant Mona D Bryan Flo 6/0-6/0

Holladay Terry D May Kathy 6/3-6/4
Schallau Guerrant D Mehmedbasich Sue 7/5-6/4

Holladay Terry D Schallau Guerrant Mona 6/3-6/4

Martinez Ceci -stratton Jane D Holladay -smith Paula 7/5-4/6-6/4

Mar 5th, 2011, 12:34 PM
The German Indoor Championships Bremen January 5-11

Mottram Linda D Winkens Edith 6/0-6/1

Mar 5th, 2011, 12:40 PM
The New Zealand Hard Court Championships Whangerei January 12-17

Ruddell Kim D Chapman S 1/6-6/4-6/3
Phillips J D Elliott Pauline 6/7-7/5-6/4
Newton Chris D Daub P 2/6-6/3-6/2
Connor Judith D Monds Shelley 6/7-6/2-6/2

Ruddell Kim D Phillips J 6/2-6/0
Connor Judith D Newton Chris 6/0-6/2

Connor Judith D Ruddell Kim 6/2-6/0

Elliott P -newton Chris D Connor -phillips J 6/4-2/6-6/3

Mar 6th, 2011, 05:11 AM
1976 Virginia Slims results:

An earlier post about 1976:

Mar 8th, 2011, 01:11 PM
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I Am Concentrate In The Future Circuit

Mar 9th, 2011, 08:46 AM
Barnett Bank Futures Of St Petersburg Florida January 12-17 10k Clay

2 Round
Fayter Jackie D Devereux Jan 6/4-4/6-7/6
Marsikova Regina D Hamilton Sara 7/6-7/6

3 Round
Carillo Mary D Appelbaum Sally 6/1-6/3
Morse Lindsay D Rowe Joni Jam 6/2-6/1
Epstein Lyn D Ching Ling Chang 6/1-6/3
Medrado Patricia D Mitchell Pam 6/3-6/1
Appel Elly D Cbutler Betsy 6/1-6/2
Marsikova Regina D Gerulaitis Ruta 7/5-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Dignam Erin 7/5-6/2
Gregory Nerida D Matte Marilia Bra 6/0-6/2

Mar 9th, 2011, 08:55 AM
Preliminary Round
Marsikova Regina D Carillo Mary 7/5-5/7-7/6
Ruzici Virginia D Gregory Nerida 6/3-6/1
Mihai Fiorenta D Morse Lindsay 6/3-6/2
Sato Nana D Matte Marilia 6/4-5/7-7/5
Gerulaitis Ruta D Schwikert Joy 6/2-6/2
Epstein Lyn D Fox Rayni 6/2-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Mitchell Pam 6/1-6/4
Appel Elly D Medrado Patricia 6/0-6/4

Main Draw
1 Round
Marsikova Regina D Nagelsen Betsy 6/4-6/3
Sato Nana D Buckley Bev 6/3-6/2
Stark Roberta D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/3-6/2
Downs Barbara D Tenney Robin 6/1-6/4
Bentzer Ingrid D Struthers Mary 7/6-7/5
Simionescu Mariana D Appel Elly 6/4-6/4
Redondo Marita D Vermaak Yvonne 2/6-6/1-6/2
Tenney Laurie D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/0-6/2
Mihai Fiorenta D Fayter Jackie 6/7-6/1-7/5
Gurdal Michele D Anthony Julie 2/6-6/1-7/6
Beaven Lindsay D Martinez Cecilia 6/2-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Kiyomura Ann 6/2-1/6-6/4
Epstein Lyn D Michel Peggy 6/1-6/1
Antonopolis Lea D Dimond Jenny Aus 6/1-6/1
Bruning Bunny D Greer Sally 4/0 Ab
Gerulaitis Ruta D Kemmer Shaw Kristien 7/6-6/1

Mar 9th, 2011, 09:03 AM
2 Round
Marsikova D Sato Nana 6/2-4/6-6/0
Stark Roberta D Downs 6/2-6/3
Simionescu D Bentzer Ingrid 6/4-4/6-6/4
Redondo D Tenney Laurie 6/1-6/1
Mihai D Gurdal Michele 6/2-6/1
Ruzici D Beaven Lindsay 4/6-6/1-6/4
Epstein Lyn D Antonopolis 3/6-6/2-6/4
Gerulaitis D Bruning Bunny 6/2-3/6-6/1

Marsikova D Stark Roberta 2/6-6/4-6/3
Simionescu D Redondo Marita 6/2-6/3
Mihai D Ruzici 6/4-6/1
Epstein Lyn D Gerulaitis Ruta 3/6-7/6-6/4

Marsikova D Simionescu 7/5-6/1
Epstein Lyn D Mihai Fiorenta 6/2-6/1

Marsikova Regina D Epstein Lyn 6/2-6/3

Shaw K -kiyomura D Anthony -michel Peggy 6/4-6/1

Mar 9th, 2011, 09:08 AM
Barnett Bank Futures Of Fort Myers Florida January 19-25 10k Clay

Preliminary Round
Bruning Bunny D Hamilton Sara 6/1-6/3
Appel Elly D Tenney Robin 7/6-6/2
Perea Carmen D Greer Sally 7/6-6/1
Fox Rayni D Brankovska Barbara Can 3/6-6/3-6/2
Gerulaitis Ruta D Banzhof Sharon 6/3-6/4
Dignam Erin D Medrado Patricia 6/2-7/5
Ruzici Virginia D Fayter Jackie 6/2-6/7-6/1

Mar 9th, 2011, 09:14 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Gurdal Michele D Tenney Laurie 7/6-6/4
Anthony Julie D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/2-6/1
Medrado Patricia D Perea Carmen 1/6-6/4-6/2
Beaven Lindsay D Dignam Erin 4/6-7/5-6/4
Kemmer Shaw Kristien D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/2-6/3
Gerulaitis Ruta D Vermaak Yvonne 7/6-6/3
Martinez Cecilia D Bentzer Ingrid 6/2-7/6
Appel Elly D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/3
Stark Roberta D Nagelsen Betsy 6/2-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Redondo Marita 6/3-4/6-7/6
Gourlay Helen D Fox Rayni 6/3-6/1
May Kathy D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/5-6/1
Struthers Mary D Michel Peggy 6/3-6/0
Downs Barbara D Dimond Jenny 6/3-7/5
Tomanova Renata D Hannas Molly 6/4-6/3
Kiyomura Ann D ???

Mar 9th, 2011, 09:19 AM
2 Round
Anthony Julie D Gurdal 6/2-6/2
Medrado Patricia D Beaven 7/5-6/2
Gerulaitis Ruta D Kemmer Shaw 6/7-7/5-7/5
Kiyomura Ann D Martinez Ceci 1/6-6/4-6/1
Appel Elly D Stark Roberta 6/4-6/2
Gourlay D Ruzici Virginia 6/3-6/4
May Kathy D Struthers Mary 6/3-1/6-6/4
Tomanova D Downs Barbara 6/4-6/4

Anthony Julie D Medrado 6/1-6/2
Kiyomura D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/4-6/2
Gourlay D Appel Elly 7/6-3/6-7/6
May Kathy D Tomanova 6/4-6/2

Kiyomura D Anthony Julie 6/3-6/3
May Kathy D Gourlay 6/3-6/2

May Kathy D Kiyomura Ann 5/7-6/3-6/1

Fox R -nagelsen D Redondo -mehmedbasich 6/2-6/2

Mar 9th, 2011, 10:05 AM
Malmoe Tournament Sweden January 17-21 Indoor

Mottram Linda D Thompson Belinda 6/2-5/7-7/5

Stenberg Lotta -bohm Nina D Coe Annette -blachford Lindsay 5/7-6/2-6/1

Mar 9th, 2011, 10:07 AM
Bolltex Tournament Boras Sweden January

Mottram Linda D Coe Annette 6/3-6/2
Bohm Nina D Blachford Lindsay 6/4-6/1

Mottram Linda D Bohm Nina 6/1-6/2

Coe Annette -blachford D Eewersk-wikstedt Mimi 6/1-6/4

Mar 9th, 2011, 10:11 AM
Mcallen Futures Texas January 26- February 1 10k Hard Court

Preliminary Round
Greer Sally D Senn Lisa 6/0-6/2
Matte Marilia D Hobbs Pam 6/1-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Medrado Patricia 6/2-6/0
Appel Elly D Laduke Hilary 6/2-6/0
Perea Carmen D Hannas Molly 7/5-4/6-6/2
Harter Kathy D Dignam Erin 6/2-6/1
Gerulaitis Ruta D Buckley Bev 6/4-6/2
Cody Pat D Gregory Nerida 1/6-6/4-6/3

Mar 9th, 2011, 10:18 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Stevens Greer D Dupont Laura 6/3-7/6
Gerulaitis Ruta D Cody Pat 6/1-6/0
Fernandez Isabel D Martinez Cecilia 6/3-7/5
Redondo Marita D Perea Carmen 6/4-6/2
Appel Elly D Coles Glynis 6/2-6/0
Walsh Sharon D Bentzer Ingrid 2/6-6/2-7/5
Nagelsen Betsy D Vlotman Elizabeth Afs 6/3-6/1
Dimond Jenny D Tenney Laurie 6/1-7/6
Gurdal Michele D Evert Jeanne 6/0-5/7-7/6
Harter Kathy D Matte Marilia Bra 6/2-6/0
Jausovec Mima D Greer Sally 6/2-6/2
Ruzici Virginia D Ormstein Nancy 6/4-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Tomanova Renata 7/6-6/3
Struthers Mary D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/5-7/5
Russell Jo Anne D Bruning Bunny 6/2-6/3
Tenney Robin D ???

Mar 9th, 2011, 11:18 AM
2 Round
Stevens D Gerulaitis Ruta 5/7-6/3-6/3
Fernandez Isabel D Redondo 7/5-6/1
Appel Elly D Walsh Sharon 5/7-7/5-7/6
Nagelsen D Tenney Robin 7/5-7/6
Dimond Jenny D Gurdal 6/3-6/3
Jausovec D Harter Kathy 6/3-7/5
Ruzici D Vermaak Yvonne 6/0-6/0
Russell D Struthers Mary 7/5-6/3

Stevens D Fernandez Isabel 6/2-6/1
Appel Elly D Nagelsen 6/2-7/6
Jausovec D Dimond Jenny 6/3-6/2
Russell D Ruzici Virginia 6/4-1/6-6/3

Stevens D Appel Elly 2/6-6/3-6/3
Russell D Jausovec Mima 2/6-6/4-7/6

Stevens Greer D Russell Jo Anne 6/1-6/2

Fernandez I -jausovec D Stevens G-dimond 6/1-6/2

Mar 9th, 2011, 11:22 AM
Scandinavian Covered Courts Championships Copenhague Ends January

Mottram Linda D Ekblom Elizabeth 6/4-5/7-10/8
Coe Annette D Klougart Mari Ann Den 6/4-6/4

Mottram Linda D Coe Annette 6/1-7/6

Mar 9th, 2011, 01:43 PM
Futures Of Midland Texas February 9-15 10k Hard Court

Preliminary Round
Perea Carmen D Gregory Nerida 6/2-3/6-6/4
Bostrom Pat D Cody Pat 6/3-6/4
Ornstein Nancy D Carillo Mary 6/1-7/5
Tenney Robin D Brankovska Barbara Can 6/3-6/4
Greer Sally D Hamilton Sara 7/5-6/1
Fox Rayni D Spex Aleida Cuba 6/2-6/2
Fayter Jackie D Hannas Molly 6/4-6/4
Kloss Ilana D Buckley Bev 6/1-6/2

Mar 9th, 2011, 01:49 PM
Main Draw
1 Round
Marsikova Regina D Beaven Lindsey 5/7-6/4-6/3
Bostrom Pat D Kloss Ilana W.0
Redondo Marita D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/3
Nagelsen Betsy D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/4-7/6
Mehmedbasich Sue D Boshoff Linky 6/3-6/4
Fox Rayni D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/2-6/2
Ruzici Virginia D Dupont Laura 7/6-6/7-7/6
Struthers Mary D Greer Sally 2/6-7/6-6/3
Dimond Jenny D Perea Carmen 4/6-6/4 Ab
Gerulaitis Ruta D Ornstein Nancy 7/6-4/6-6/4
Tenney Robin D Sato Nana 6/3-6/1
Fernandez Isabel D Harter Kathy 6/3-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Fayter Jackie 6/0-6/2
Stark Roberta D Tenney Laurie 1/6-6/4-6/2
Fromholtz Dianne D Gurdal Michele 6/0-6/3
Zwaan Tine D Medrado Patricia 6/1-6/1

Mar 9th, 2011, 02:11 PM
2 Round
Marsikova D Bostrom Pat 6/7-6/1-6/2
Redondo D Nagelsen Betsy 6/4-7/6
Fox Rayni D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/4-6/3
Ruzici D Struthers Mary 7/5-7/6
Gerulaitis Ruta D Dimond Jenny 6/1-6/0
Fernandez Isabel D Tenney Robin 6/3-6/1
Vermaak D Stark Roberta 6/4-6/1
Fromholtz D Zwaan Tine 3/6-6/2-6/2

Redondo Marita D Marsikova 6/2-6/1
Fox Rayni D Ruzici 7/6-6/3
Gerulaitis Ruta D Fernandez I 7/5-2/6-6/2
Fromholtz D Vermaak 6/0-6/4

Redondo D Fox Rayni 6/4-6/0
Fromholtz D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/3-1/6-7/5

Redondo Marita D Fromholtz Dianne 6/1-6/2

Dupont Laura -fernandez I D Redondo -mehmedbasich 6/3-6/2

Mar 9th, 2011, 06:43 PM
Futures Of Austin Texas February 16-22 10k Hard Court

1 Round
Stark Roberta D Medrado Patricia 6/3-6/2
Gurdal Michele D Dimond Jenny 6/2-6/4
Nagelsen Betsy D Hamm Mary 6/4-6/7-0/1ab
Tenney Laurie D Buckley Bev 6/1-6/1
Mehmedbasich Sue D Downs Barbara 7/5-7/6
Beaven Lindsay D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/2-1/6-6/3
Struthers Mary D Greer Sally 2/6-6/0-7/6
Harter Kathy D Bruning Bunny 6/2-7/6
Evert Jeanne D Ornstein Nancy 6/4-6/4
Antonopolis Lea D Giscafre Raquel 6/7-6/2-6/4
Turnbull Wendy D Tenney Robin 3/6-6/4-7/5
Sato Nana D Brankovska Barbara 6/2-6/2
Dupont Laura D Bostrom Pat 6/3-2/6-7/5
Boshoff Linky D Vermaak Yvonne 4/6-6/1-7/5
Metcalf Janice D Fretz Tory Ann 6/4-6/4
Martinez Cecilia D Ruzici Virginia 6/4-1/6-6/3

Mar 9th, 2011, 06:49 PM
2 Round
Stark Roberta D Gurdal 6/3-6/4
Tenney Laurie D Nagelsen 7/5-6/4
Mehmedbasich Sue D Beaven 6/3-6/3
Struthers Mary D Harter Kathy 6/2-6/1
Antonopolis D Evert Jeanne 6/3-6/4
Turnbull D Sato Nana 6/1-6/3
Boshoff Linky D Dupont Laura 7/6-6/4
Metcalf D Martinez Ceci 7/6-6/2

Stark Roberta D Tenney Laurie 6/3-6/3
Mehmedbasich Sue D Struthers 1/6-6/3-6/4
Antonopolis D Turnbull Wendy 6/4-4/6-7/6
Metcalf Janice D Boshoff Linky 7/6-6/3

Mehmedbasich Sue D Stark 6/4-7/5
Metcalf Janice D Antonopolis Lea 6/3-6/2

Metcalf Janice D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/4-7/6

Boshoff Linky -kloss I D Dupont Laura -nagelsen 6/3-6/3

Mar 10th, 2011, 08:35 AM
John Mcfarlin Futures Of San Antonio Texas February 23-29 10k Clay

2 Round
Kerr Vicki D Fleming Carrie 6/4-6/0
Komar Vera Can D Matte Marilia Bra 6/3-6/3

3 Round
Kerr Vicki D Bryan Flo 6/2-6/1
Eisterlehner Heidi D Maharaj Sue Vinton 7/6-6/1
Fuchs Nathalie D Gregory Nerida 6/1-4/6-7/5
Connor Judith D Brankovska Barbara Can 6/4-7/5
Butler Betsy D Komar Vera 6/0-7/5

Preliminary Round
Hamm Mary D Arnold Wheeler Mimi 6/3-1/6-6/2
Bostrom Pat D Butler Betsy 6/2-6/7-6/3
Kloss Ilana D Eisterlehner Heidi 5/7-6/4-6/1
Ornstein Nancy D Sawyer Mary 6/1-7/6
Kerr Vicki D Perea Carmen 7/6-7/5
Connor Judith D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/5-6/1
Hannas Molly D Buckley Bev 7/6-6/0
Fuchs Nathalie D Spex Aleida Cuba 6/4-7/6

Mar 10th, 2011, 08:41 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Bruning Bunny D Simionescu Mariana 6/3-7/6
Evert Jeanne D Fuchs Nathalie 6/1-6/0
Ruzici Virginia D Giscafre Raquel 6/2-6/2
Struthers Mary D Bostrom Pat 6/3-7/5
Stap Sue D Martinez Cecilia 6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Hannas Molly 3/6-6/3-7/5
Gourlay Helen D Kloss Ilana 6/3-6/4
Hamm Mary D Kerr Vicki Aus 6/3-6/2
Fretz Tory Ann D Connor Judith 6/2-6/3
Turnbull Wendy D Vermaak Yvonne 6/2-6/1
Medrado Patricia D Dimond Jenny 7/5-6/4
Anthony Julie D Downs Barbara 7/6-6/2
Beaven Lindsay D Sato Nana 6/1-6/1
Boshoff Linky D Nagelsen Betsy 6/4-6/3
Ornstein Nancy D Tenney Laurie 6/4-2/0 Ab
Fernandez Isabel D Gurdal Michele 6/2-6/2

Mar 10th, 2011, 08:47 AM
2 Round
Evert Jeanne D Bruning Bunny 7/6-6/3
Ruzici D Struthers Mary 5/7-6/2-6/4
Stap Sue D Dupont Laura 7/6-7/5
Hamm Mary D Gourlay 6/4-6/1
Fretz D Turnbull Wendy 6/0-6/3
Anthony Julie D Medrado 6/1-6/0
Boshoff Linky D Beaven 6/4-6/4
Fernandez Isabel D Ornstein Nancy 6/3-6/2

Evert Jeanne D Ruzici 2/6-6/0-7/6
Stap Sue D Hamm Mary 6/7-6/4-7/5
Fretz D Anthony Julie 6/2-6/4
Boshoff Linky D Fernandez I 6/3-6/3

Stap Sue D Evert Jeanne 6/1-6/4
Boshoff Linky D Fretz 0/6-6/0-6/4

Boshoff Linky D Stap Sue 6/3-7/5

Anthony -gourlay D Bostrom Pat -turnbull 6/0-6/4

Mar 10th, 2011, 09:45 AM
Madrid Club De Campo Jotsa Petit Prix March 1-7

O Neil Christine D Estalella Ana Maria 6/4-6/3
Benavides D Charles Lesley 6/4-7/5
Alvarez Monica D Mateo Maria Jose 6/4-6/1
Coronado Carmen D Cooper Anthea 6/3-2/6-6/3

O Neil Chris D Benavides 6/0-6/1
Coronado Carmen D Alvarez Monica 6/7-6/4-13/11

O Neil Chris D Coronado Carmen 6/3-6/3

O Neil Chris -evers Dianne D Coronado -estalella Am 6/3-6/3

Mar 10th, 2011, 09:48 AM
Madrid Real Automobile Club March 8-14

O Neil Chris D Hipperson 6/1-6/2
Charles Lesley D Cooper Anthea 6/4-6/0
Alvarez Monica D Estalella Ana Maria 6/3-7/5
Hobbs Anne D Coronado Carmen 6/4-6/4

Charles Lesley D O Neil Chris 6/4-2/6-6/4
Alvarez Monica D Hobbs Anne 6/4-6/4

Charles Lesley D Alvarez Monica 6/3-6/1

O Neil Chris -evers D D Harrison Clare -cooper A 6/0-6/0

Mar 10th, 2011, 10:51 AM
Futures Of Tallahassee Florida March 8-14 10k Clay

Preliminary Round
Greer Sally D Trombley Alice 6/1-6/3
Bostrom Pat D Maharaj Sue 6/4-6/4
Butler Betsy D Connor Judith 3/6-6/1-6/4
Liess Zenda D Fuchs Nathalie 6/2-6/0
Vlotman Elizabeth D Kerr Vicki 6/4-6/4
Balent Jennifer D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/2-6/0
Gregory Nerida D Waugh Emily 6/1-6/4
Tyler Michele D Mottram Linda 6/4-6/3

Mar 10th, 2011, 10:57 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Fromholtz Dianne D Sato Nana 6/1-6/0
Tenney Laurie D Butler Betsy 6/1-3/6-7/5
Fox Rayni D Ornstein Nancy 6/7-7/6-6/1
Tyler Michele D Gregory Nerida 6/3-6/4
Struthers Mary D Mihai Fiorenta 6/3-2/6-6/3
Liess Zenda D Medrado Patricia 6/1-6/0
Anthony Julie D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/4-6/3
Ruzici Virginia D Kloss Ilana 6/4-6/0
Simionescu Mariana D Bostrom Pat 6/3-7/5
Balent Jennifer D Turnbull Wendy 6/3-3/6-7/6
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Dimond Jenny 6/3-6/3
Tenney Robin D Martinez Cecilia 6/*1-6/3
Dupont Laura D Vermaak Yvonne 1/6-6/4-7/6
Fernandez Isabel D Greer Sally 7/6-4/6-6/4
Gurdal Michele D Bruning Bunny 7/5-6/3
Gerulaitis Ruta D Beaven Lindsay 6/3-6/3

Mar 10th, 2011, 11:03 AM
2 Round
Fromholtz D Tenney Laurie 1/6-6/3-6/4
Fox Rayni D Tyler 6/1-6/3
Liess Zenda D Struthers 3/6-7/5-6/0
Ruzici D Anthony Julie 6/4-4/6-6/2
Simionescu D Balent Jennifer 6/0-6/0
Tenney Robin D Ziegenfuss 6/4-6/3
Fernandez Isabel D Dupont Laura 6/1-3/6-6/0
Gerulaitis D Gurdal 3/6-6/2-6/0

Fromholtz D Fox Rayni 6/0-6/3
Ruzici D Liess Zenda 6/3-3/6-7/5
Tenney Robin D Simionescu 2/6-6/4-6/4
Fernandez I D Gerulaitis Ruta 7/5-7/5

Fromholtz D Ruzici 6/3-6/2
Fernandez I D Tenney Robin 7/5-6/2

Fromholtz Dianne D Fernandez Isabel 6/2-6/4

Anthony -fromholtz D Ruzici -simionescu 6/2-7/5

Mar 10th, 2011, 02:34 PM
Le Caire International Egypte March 1-7 Clay

1 Round
Lovera Gail D Morsi C 6/0-6/0
Holubova Miroslava D Coe Annette 4/6-6/4-6/1
Dupuy Perrine D Marzano Daniela 4/6-6/4-6/2
Guedy Florence D Alcuba 6/0-6/0
Blachford Lindsay D Van Haver Monique Bel 6/4-7/5

Lovera Gail D Holubova M 6/1-6/3
Zinkevich Lydia D Dupuy Perrine 6/3-6/1
Guedy D Blachford 6/1-7/6
Granaturova Yelena D Simon Brigitte 6/1-6/4

Zinkevich D Lovera Gail 3/6-6/4-6/4
Granaturova D Guedy 7/5-7/5

Granaturova Yelena D Zinkevich Lydia 0/6-6/0-6/1

Mar 10th, 2011, 02:38 PM
Madrid La Moraleja March 15-21

O Neil Chris D Menendez 6/0-6/0
Evers Dianne Aus D Coronado Carmen 6/4-5/7-6/2
Cooper Anthea D Bakewell 6/2-6/1
Charles Lesley D Estalella Ana Maria 6/2-6/2

O Neil Chris D Evers Dianne 6/3-6/1
Charles Lesley D Cooper A 6/4-6/3

O Neil Chris D Charles Lesley 6/4-3/6-6/1

O Neil Chris -evers D D Coronado -estalella Am 6/4-7/5

Mar 11th, 2011, 08:16 AM
Futures Of Ocala Florida March 15-21 10k

Preliminary Round
Baldovinos Vicki D Sato Nana 6/4-6/1
Martinez Cecilia D Kerr Vicki Aus 2/6-6/3-6/3
Rupert Thomas Linda D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/4
Ornstein Nancy D Mclean Mary 6/0-6/0
Greer Sally D Giscafre Raquel 6/1-6/1
Bostrom Pat D Perea Carmen 1/6-6/4-6/4
Mottram Linda D Hannas Molly 6/2-6/2
Brankovska Barbara D Connor Judith 6/3-6/0

Mar 11th, 2011, 08:23 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Dupont Laura D Balent Jennifer 6/7-6/2-7/5
Liess Zenda D Greer Sally 4/6-6/3-6/2
Nagelsen Betsy D Fox Rayni 6/3-2/6-6/1
Beaven Lindsay D Coles Glynis 6/4-6/4
Ornstein Nancy D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/3-3/6-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Gurdal Michele 6/0-6/0
Tyler Michele D Mehmedbasich Sue 3/6-6/1-6/1
Anthony Julie D Mottram Linda 6/3-6/1
Marsikova Regina D Brankovska Barbara Can 6/4-5/7-6/4
Mihai Fiorenta D Baldovinos Vicki 6/2-1/6-6/3
Perea Carmen D Medrado Patricia 6/4-7/6
Rupert Thomas Linda D Simionescu Mariana 6/2-4/6-6/3
Bostrom Pat D Norton Beth 6/4-6/1
Struthers Mary D Tenney Laurie 5/7-7/5-6/0
Metcalf Janice D Dimond Jenny 6/1-6/2
Turnbull Wendy D Martinez Cecilia 6/3-6/3

Mar 11th, 2011, 08:29 AM
2 Round
Dupont Laura D Liess Zenda 6/4-7/5
Nagelsen D Beaven 7/6-6/4
Vermaak D Ornstein Nancy 6/7-6/3-6/1
Anthony D Tyler 7/6-6/3
Marsikova D Mihai Fiorenta 6/0-6/3
Rupert Thomas D Perea 2/6-6/4-6/1
Struthers Mary D Bostrom Pat 6/3-2/6-7/6
Turnbull D Metcalf 7/5-6/4

Dupont Laura D Nagelsen 6/2-6/4
Anthony D Vermaak 6/3-6/3
Marsikova D Rupert Thomas 7/6-7/5
Turnbull D Struthers 6/1-6/0

Dupont Laura D Anthony 6/3-5/7-6/2
Marsikova D Turnbull 6/3-6/3

Dupont Laura D Marsikova Regina 6/4-6/4

Nagelsen -fox Rayni D Anthony -dupont Laura 6/1-6/3

Mar 11th, 2011, 08:34 AM
Futures Of Pensacola Florida March 22-28 10k Clay

Preliminary Round
Kloss Ilana D Dignam Erin 6/2-6/2
Butler Betsy D Baldovinos Vicki 6/4-7/6
Greer Sally D Hannas Molly 2/6-6/1-6/3
Vlotman Elizabeth D Gregory Nerida 6/0-7/5
Kerr Vicki D Giscafre Raquel 7/6 Ab
Mappin Sue D Mottram Linda 6/1-6/3
Bailey Roylee D Grafton Charlene 6/0-6/1
Connor Judith D Ching Ling Chang 6/3-6/0

Mar 11th, 2011, 09:50 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Metcalf Janice D Sato Nana 7/5-6/2
Vermaak Yvonne D Connor Judith 6/4-6/4
Tyler Michele D Norton Beth 6/3-6/3
Tenney Laurie D Evert Jeanne 2/6-7/6-4/2 Ab
Martinez Cecilia D Stark Roberta 6/4-6/0
Greer Sally D Perea Carmen 6/4-6/0
Mehmedbasich Sue D Stap Sue W.0
Bruning Bunny D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/2-6/3
Nagelsen Betsy D Boshoff Linky 6/4-3/6-7/6
Kerr Vicki D Medrado Patricia 6/0-6/3
Fox Rayni D Ornstein Nancy 6/1-1/6-6/1
Cuypers Brigitte D Bostrom Pat 6/1-6/7-6/4
Mappin Sue D Butler Betsy 7/5-6/1
Tomanova Renata D Bailey Roylee 6/4-6/1
Mihai Fiorenta D Coles Glynis 6/0-6/2
Rupert Thomas Linda D Kloss Ilana 6/3-6/1

Mar 11th, 2011, 10:02 AM
2 Round
Metcalf D Vermaak 6/0-6/2
Tyler D Tenney Laurie 6/4-6/4
Greer Sally D Martinez Ceci 6/4-4/6-6/1
Bruning Bunny D Mehmedbasich 6/1-6/2
Nagelsen D Kerr Vicki 6/7-6/2-6/3
Cuypers D Fox Rayni 6/4-2/6-6/3
Mappin Sue D Tomanova 3/6-6/4-7/6
Rupert Thomas D Mihai 6/4-6/3

Metcalf D Tyler 6/3-3/6-7/6
Greer Sally D Bruning 6/2-6/3
Nagelsen D Cuypers 6/3-6/0
Rupert Thomas D Mappin Sue 6/4-6/2

Metcalf D Greer Sally 6/2-6/7-6/4
Rupert Thomas D Nagelsen 6/4-7/6

Metcalf Janice D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/6-6/2

Boshoff Linky -kloss D Cuypers B -tomanova 6/3-6/2

Mar 11th, 2011, 12:18 PM
Nice Tournament Cote D Azur April 5-11 Clay

1 Round
Lovera Gail Sheriff D Simmonds Sabina 6/3-6/1
Van Haver Monique D Zoni Manuela Ita 2/6-7/6-6/3
Dignam Erin D De Roubin Odile 4/6-6/4-6/3
Ebbinghaus Katja D Guedy Florence 7/5-6/3
Fuchs Nathalie D Rosa Antonella 6/4-6/0
Marzano Daniela Porzio D Venturino Jehanne 7/5-6/3
Darmon Rosa Maria D Walker Jenny Aus 6/3-6/2
Bonicelli Fiorella D Creydt Cora 6/2-2/6-6/0
Bohm Nina D Masthoff Helga 6/2-7/6
O Neil Christine D Nasuelli Maria 6/3-6/1
Dupuy Perrine D Pericoli Lea W.0
Simon Brigitte D Klein Beatrix Hun 4/6-6/3-6/3
Salfati Di Maso Monique D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/1-6/1
Szabo Eva Hun D Ekblom Elizabeth 6/0-6/2
Gurdal Michele D Thibault Frederique 6/3-6/2
Guedy Florence D Zeeman Carol Sheriff 6/4-6/3

Mar 11th, 2011, 12:42 PM
2 Round
Lovera Gail D Van Haver 6/1-6/3
Ebbinghaus D Dignam Erin 6/3-6/3
Fuchs D Marzano Daniela 6/2-6/3
Bonicelli D Darmon Rosa Maria 6/1-6/0
O Neil Chris D Bohm Nina 7/6-7/6
Guedy D Dupuy Perrine 6/1-6/2
Simon D Salfati Di Maso 7/5-4/6-6/2
Gurdal D Szabo Eva 5/7-7/6-6/3

Lovera Gail D Ebbinghaus 7/5-7/6
Bonicelli D Fuchs N 6/3-6/2
O Neil Chris D Guedy Flo 6/4-6/3
Gurdal D Simon Brigitte 6/1-2/6-6/4

Bonicelli D Lovera Gail 7/6-6/2
Gurdal D O Neil Chris 6/1-6/3

Gurdal Michele D Bonicelli Fiorella 6/2-6/4

Ebbinghaus -masthoff D Bonicelli -eisterlehner H 6/2-6/4

Mar 11th, 2011, 12:47 PM
Usta Womens Futures Tour Championships Hilton Head April 9-11 10k Clay

Draw 8
1 Round
Fernandez Isabel D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/4-3/6-6/3
Boshoff Linky D Stark Roberta 6/3-6/1
Dupont Laura D Turnbull Wendy 3/6-7/5-6/4
Anthony Julie D Ruzici Virginia 6/1-6/4

Fernandez I D Boshoff Linky 4/6-6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Anthony 6/4-6/3

Fernandez Isabel D Dupont Laura 6/4-6/4

Mar 11th, 2011, 12:54 PM
Monte Carlo Championships Monaco April 12-18 Clay

Draw 16
1 Round
Masthoff Helga D Vido Rosalba 6/2-6/0
Szabo Eva D Van Haver Monique 6/3-1/6-6/2
Marzano Daniela D Gurdal Michele 1/6-6/1-6/3
Fuchs Nathalie D Nasuelli Maria 6/3-6/2
Simon Brigitte D Bentzer Ingrid 6/4-7/6
Bonicelli Fiorella D Pericoli Lea 6/1-7/5
Creydt Cora D Guedy Florence 6/3-6/3
Lovera Gail D Ebbinghaus Katja 6/1-6/2

Masthoff Helga D Szabo Eva 6/0-6/3
Fuchs D Marzano Daniela 6/4-6/0
Bonicelli D Simon Brigitte 5/7-6/2-6/2
Lovera Gail D Creydt Cora 7/6-5/1 Ab

Masthoff Helga D Fuchs N 7/5-6/3
Bonicelli D Lovera Gail 3/6-7/6-6/2

Masthoff Helga D Bonicelli Fiorella 6/4-6/2

Ebbinghaus -masthoff D Darmon R -lovera G 6/3-7/5

Mar 11th, 2011, 12:59 PM
North Of England Championships Southport April 15-19 Hard Court

Tyler Michele D Ballheimer 6/1-6/2
Jevans Deborah D Durie Jo 6/7-7/5-13/11
Bastin C D Moffitt Fiona 6/3-6/2
Molesworth Corinne D Hobbs Anne 6/2-6/3

Tyler D Jevans Deborah 6/1-6/2
Molesworth D Bastin C 2/6-6/4-6/2

Tyler Michele D Molesworth Corinne 6/1-6/1

Tyler -molesworth D Birchall -gregory N 6/4-6/4

Mar 11th, 2011, 01:03 PM
Robinson S Barley Water Tournament Norwich April 19-24 Hard Court

Tyler Michele D Robinson L 4/6-6/1-6/1
Gregory Nerida D Thompson Belinda 6/3-3/6-7/5
Vermaak Yvonne D Burton Veronica 6/4-7/5
Mappin Sue D Harrison Clare 6/4-6/1

Tyler D Gregory Nerida 6/3-6/0
Vermaak D Mappin Sue 6/4-7/5

Tyler Michele D Vermaak Yvonne 6/4-6/2

Charles -mappin D Tyler -vermaak 6/0-6/3

Mar 11th, 2011, 01:09 PM
The Bridgestone Doubles Tokyo April 21-25

1 Round
King -stove D ???
Evert Chris -navratilova D Coles G -mihai 6/0-7/5
Guerrant M-kiyomura D Doerner -hunt Lesley 2/6-6/2-6/2
Morozova -wade D Durr -casals R 7/5-6/2

King -stove D Evert-navratilova 7/5-6/4
Guerrant-kiyomura D Morozova -wade 6/3-6/1

King -stove D Guerrant -kiyomura 6/2-6/3

Mar 12th, 2011, 08:29 AM
White Satin Gin Tournament Sutton April 26-may First Hard Court

3 Round
Mottram Linda D Evers Dianne Aus 6/1-6/3
Thompson Belinda D Burton Veronica 6/4-6/3
Mappin Sue D Perry Brenda Nz 6/1-6/1
Vermaak Yvonne D Bastin C 4/6-6/3-8/6
Charles Lesley D Shaw Wooldridge Winnie 6/2-7/6
Saliba Sue Aus D Harrison Clare 6/2-5/7-6/3
Kerr Vicki Aus D Gregory Nerida 6/1-7/6
Tyler Michele D Molesworth Corinne 6/4-6/4

Mottram D Thompson Belinda 6/4-7/5
Vermaak D Mappin Sue 6/0-6/3
Charles Lesley D Saliba 6/1-6/1
Tyler D Kerr Vicki 6/2-7/5

Mottram D Vermaak 2/6-6/1-6/3
Tyler D Charles Lesley 6/3-7/6

Tyler Michele D Mottram Linda 7/6-2/6-8/6

Charles L -mappin D Mottram -thompson B 6/1-6/1

Mar 12th, 2011, 08:41 AM
The Family Circle Cup Amelia Island Florida April 26-may 2 Clay

Giscafre Raquel D Butler Betsy 4/6-6/0-6/0
Fox Rayni D Devereux Jan 6/3-6/4
Komar Vera Can D Connor Judith 6/1-3/6-7/6
Struthers Mary D Ornstein Nancy 6/4-2/6-6/2

2 Round
Giscafre D Rupert Thomas Linda 3/6-7/5-7/6
Nagelsen Betsy D Tenney Laurie 6/2-6/4
Harter Kathy D Maharaj Sue Vinton 5/7-6/2-7/6
Kloss Ilana D Fox Rayni 6/2-6/1
Brankovska Barbara Can D Stark Roberta 6/2-7/5
Liess Zenda D Downs Barbara 6/3-6/4
Struthers D Komar Vera 6/3-6/3
Greer Sally D Bruning Bunny 6/7-6/3-6/1

Mar 12th, 2011, 08:47 AM
Main Draw
1 Round
Evert Chris D Turnbull Wendy 6/2-6/1
Fretz Tory Ann D Overton Wendy 6/3-6/2
Giscafre Raquel D Anthony Julie 7/5-6/2
Stove Betty D Ziegenfuss Valerie 7/5-6/3
Redondo Marita D May Kathy 6/3-5/7-6/2
Struthers Mary D Nagelsen Betsy 6/2-6/2
Metcalf Janice D Greer Sally 7/5-6/3
Hunt Lesley D Harter Kathy 6/2-6/4
Barker Sue D Fernandez Isabel 7/6-6/2
Teeguarden Pam D Boshoff Linky 6/2-4/6-6/4
Evert Jeanne D Brankovska Barbara 7/5-6/4
Gunter Richey Nancy D Coles Glynis 6/3-6/3
Reid Melville Kerry D Russell Jo Anne 7/5-6/4
Kuykendall Kathy D Liess Zenda 7/5-7/5
Kloss Ilana D Norton Beth 4/6-7/5-6/3
Navratilova Martina D Bruning Bunny 6/3-1/6-6/4

Mar 12th, 2011, 08:54 AM
2 Round
Evert Chris D Fretz 6/0-6/0
Stove D Giscafre 6/3-6/2
Struthers Mary D Redondo 7/5-6/3
Hunt Lesley D Metcalf J 6/3-7/5
Barker Sue D Teeguarden 6/2-6/2
Gunter Richey D Evert Jeanne 6/4-4/6-7/5
Reid Melville D Kuykendall 6/2-6/2
Kloss Ilana D Navratilova 6/4-2/6-7/5

Evert Chris D Stove 6/4-6/4
Struthers D Hunt Lesley 6/2-6/3
Barker Sue D Gunter Richey 6/2-4/6-6/4
Reid Melville D Kloss I 6/2-6/1

Evert Chris D Struthers 6/0-6/0
Reid Melville D Barker Sue 6/2-6/1

Evert Chris D Reid Melville Kerry 6/2-6/2

Boshoff L -kloss D Ziegenfuss -kuykendall 6/3-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 08:59 AM
Pernod Tournament Paddington May 3-8 Hard Court

Evers Dianne D Connor Judith 6/4-6/2
Fayter Jackie D Vermaak Yvonne 6/7-7/6-6/2
Thompson Belinda D Hallam Kaye Aus 6/1-0/6-13/11
Tyler Michele D Wilton Jan 6/3-7/5

Fayter D Evers Dianne 4/6-7/6-6/2
Thompson Belinda D Tyler 6/3-6/2

Fayter Jackie D Thompson Belinda 2/6-6/1-6/1

Charles -mappin D Thompson B-mottram Linda 4/6-6/0-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 11:40 AM
The British Hard Court Championships Bournemouth May 10-16
Draw 48

1 Round
Masthoff Niessen Helga D Tenney Laurie 6/1-6/1
Sandberg Christina D Bruning Bunny 8/6-5/7-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/3-6/2
Mottram Linda D Guedy Florence 6/1-6/4
Coles Glynis D Struthers Mary 6/3-6/3
Shaw Wooldridge Winnie D Whitehouse Rowena 8/6-6/4
Vlotman Elizabeth D Coe Annette 6/4-6/3
Greer Sally D Gregory Nerida 2/6-7/5-6/4
Evers Dianne D Blachford Lindsay 6/3-6/2
Tyler Michele D Fuchs Nathalie 6/3-6/1
Molesworth Corinne D Mclean Mary 6/1-6/4
Mcmillan Allison D Martinez Cecilia 6/2-6/2
Simionescu Mariana D Dupont Laura 6/4-6/4
Thompson Belinda D Mappin Sue 6/4-6/2
Kloss Ilana D Charles Lesley 6/0-4/6-6/3
Barker Sue D Gurdal Michele 6/2-6/3

Mar 12th, 2011, 11:45 AM
2 Round
Masthoff Helga D Mihai Fiorenta 6/4-6/4
Sandberg D Matison Chris 6/3-9/7
Ruzici D Lloyd Julia Gb 6/2-6/2
Mottram Linda D Cooper Anthea 6/4-6/1
Coles D Stratton Jane 7/5-6/2
Vermaak Yvonne D Shaw Wooldridge 2/6-6/2-6/3
Vlotman D Harter Kathy 6/3-6/3
Lovera Gail D Greer Sally 6/1-6/1
Turnbull Wendy D Evers D 6/2-6/3
Metcalf Janice D Tyler 6/3-3/6-7/5
Boshoff Linky D Molesworth 6/1-6/2
Mcmillan A D Paish Wendy Gilchrist 6/2-5/7-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Simionescub 6/3-8/10-12/10
Thompson B D Connor Judith Nz 6/2-6/2
Kloss D Burton Veronica 6/3-3/6-8/6
Barker Sue D Nagelsen Betsy 6/0-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 11:58 AM
3 Round
Masthoff Helga D Sandberg 6/1-6/3
Mottram Linda D Ruzici 6/0-6/2
Coles Glynis D Vermaak 6/4-2/6-6/3
Lovera Gail D Vlotman E 6/1-6/3
Turnbull D Metcalf 2/6-6/2-6/2
Boshoff Linky D Mcmillan A 7/5-6/1
Thompson B D Fayter 1/6-6/4-6/0
Barker Sue D Kloss 6/2-6/3

Masthoff Helga D Mottram Linda 8/6-6/2
Lovera Gail D Coles G 6/1-6/1
Boshoff Linky D Turnbull 6/4-6/3
Barker Sue D Thompson B 6/2-6/0

Masthoff Helga D Lovera Gail 6/4-6/3
Barker Sue D Boshoff Linky 6/2-6/0

Masthoff Helga D Barker Sue 5/7-6/3-6/2

Boshoff L-kloss D Charles L-mappin 6/3-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 12:29 PM
The Surrey Hard Court Championships Guildford May 17-22

3 Round
Greer Sally D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/3-5/7-7/5
Whitehouse Rowena D Hobbs Anne 6/2-6/3
Metcalf Janice D Blachford Lindsay 6/1-6/2
Paish Wendy D Mclean Mary 6/4-6/1
Mottram Linda D Gregory Nerida 6/1-6/4
Kruger Maryse Afs D Wilton Jan 6/1-6/2
Harter Kathy D Charles Lesley 6/4-3/6-6/2
Burton Veronica D Spex Aleida 6/3-6/2

Greer Sally D Whitehouse 6/1-6/2
Paish Wendy D Metcalf 0/6-6/3-6/3
Kruger Maryse D Mottram Linda 6/4-6/3
Burton V D Harter Kathy 5/7-7/6-6/3

Paish Wendy D Greer Sally 6/1-6/3
Kruger Maryse D Burton V 6/1-6/0

Kruger Maryse D Paish Wendy 6/2-6/2

Mcmillan A -whitehouse R D Harter -walsh Sharon 6/4-6/7-10/8

Mar 12th, 2011, 01:37 PM
The German Championships Hamburg May 17-23 Clay

1 Round
Ruzici Virginia D Nosek D 6/2-6/3
Turnbull Wendy D Rozsavolgyi Eva 6/4-6/2
Klein Beatrix Hun D Whytcross Pam 6/2-6/1
Doerner Cynthia D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/1-4/6-7/5

2 Round
Barker Sue D Hellwegen 6/4-6/1
Eisterlehner Heidi D Borka Katalin Hun 3/6-6/0-6/3
Cuypers Brigitte D May Kathy 6/0-6/2
Marsikova Regina D Mihai Fiorenta 7/6-6/4
Hunt Lesley Bd Tenney Laurie 6/1-6/3
Coles Glynis D Schaar Erika 6/3-7/5
Klein Beatrix D Doerner Cynthia 6/2-7/6
Jausovec Mima D Creydt Cora 6/7-6/1-6/3
Ruzici Virginia D Turnbull Wendy 6/2-6/2
Sedlackova Tch D Boshoff Linky 1/6-6/4-7/5
Dupont Laura D Perea Carmen 7/6-6/7-6/1
Masthoff Helga D Sato Nana 6/3-6/2
Kloss Ilana D Schultz Irene 6/1-6/0
Riedel Iris D Nagelsen Betsy 6/3-6/2
Simionescu Mariana D Norton Beth 7/6-4/6-6/4
Tomanova Renata D Baldovinos Vicki 6/0-6/3

Mar 12th, 2011, 01:43 PM
3 Round
Barker Sue D Eisterlehner 6/2-6/4
Marsikova D Cuypers B 6/7-6/3-6/1
Coles Glynis D Hunt Lesley 6/4-7/6
Jausovec D Klein B 6/2-7/6
Ruzici D Sedlackova 6/4-6/1
Masthoff Helga D Dupont Laura 6/3-6/2
Riedel Iris D Kloss 6/3-6/1
Tomanova D Simionescu 6/3-7/6

Barker Sue D Marsikova 3/6-6/3-6/2
Jausovec D Coles Glynis 6/3-6/0
Ruzici D Masthoff Helga 6/3-4/6-6/4
Tomanova D Riedel Iris 6/3-5/7-10/8

Barker Sue D Jausovec 6/4-6/2
Tomanova D Ruzici 6/3-3/6-6/1

Barker Sue D Tomanova Renata 6/3-6/1

Boshoff L-kloss D Dupont Laura -turnbull 4/6-7/5-6/1

Mar 12th, 2011, 01:51 PM
The Italian Championships Rome May 24-30 Clay
Draw 48

1 Round
Kloss Ilana D Nagelsen Betsy 7/6-6/4
Simmonds Sabina D Metcalf Janice 6/2-7/6
Ruzici Virginia D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/2-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/1-6/4
Simionescu Mariana D Dupont Laura 6/1-6/2
Nasuelli Maria D Kuykendall Kathy 6/1-6/1
Eisterlehner Heidi D Turnbull Wendy 6/4-6/4
Tyler Michele D Fuchs Nathalie 6/3-6/4
Bentzer Ingrid D Vido Rosalba 6/2-6/3
Lovera Gail D Gurdal Michele 6/7-6/2-6/1
Struthers Mary D Tenney Laurie 7/5-6/2
Bruning Bunny D Marzano Daniela 3/6-6/3-6/4
Harter Kathy D Bueno Maria Esther Bra 2/6-6/4-6/2
Rupert Thomas Linda D Salfati Di Maso Monique 6/1-7/6
Bonicelli Fiorella D O Neil Chris 6/4-6/2
Mihai Fiorenta D Walsh Sharon 6/3-6/0

Mar 12th, 2011, 01:57 PM
2 Round
Jausovec Mima D Simionescu 5/7-6/1-6/4
May Kathy D Nasuelli M 7/6-6/3
Boshoff Linky D Eisterlehner 6/3-6/2
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Tyler 7/5-6/3
Ruzici D Riedel Iris 6/3-4/6-6/2
Marsikova Regina D Vermaak 6/3-7/5
Simmonds D Tomanova Renata 4/6-6/4-6/3
Barker Sue D Kloss 7/6-6/1
Mihai D Weisenberger Elvira 6/4-4/6-6/4
Bonicelli D Cuypers Brigitte 6/3-4/6-6/4
Norton Beth D Harter K 6/3-6/4
Ebbinghaus Katja D Rupert Thomas 7/6-6/4
Lovera Gail D Doerner Cynthia 6/2-6/4
Bentzer Ingrid D Fernandez Isabel 6/4-7/5
Struthers D Coles Glynis 6/3-6/4
Hunt Lesley D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 02:02 PM
3 Round
Jausovec D May Kathy 6/0-6/2
Boshoff Linky D Ziegenfuss 6/3-6/3
Marsikova D Ruzici 6/4-3/6-6/4
Barker Sue D Simmonds 6/4-6/2
Mihai D Bonicelli 7/6-6/0
Norton Beth D Ebbinghaus 6/3-7/5
Lovera Gail D Bentzer I 6/2-6/1
Hunt Lesley D Struthers M 6/4-6/3

Jausovec D Boshoff Linky 6/0-6/1
Marsikova D Barker Sue 6/1-6/1
Mihai D Norton Beth 6/1-6/4
Hunt Lesley D Lovera Gail 3/6-7/5-6/1

Jausovec D Marsikova 7/5-6/1
Hunt Lesley D Mihai F 6/3-6/3

Jausovec Mima D Hunt Lesley 6/1-6/3

Boshoff L-kloss D Ruzici -simionescu 6/1-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 02:07 PM
Lee On Solent Tournament May 24-29

Burton Veronica D Whitfield Lorna Afs 7/6-6/1
Fayter Jackie D Pendlebury Aus 6/3-6/0
Mcmillan Allison D Molesworth Corinne 6/1-6/2
Kruger Maryse D Chapman S Nz 6/1-6/0

Burton D Fayter 6/2-0/6-6/2
Mcmillan A D Kruger Maryse 7/6-3/6-6/3

Mcmillan Allison D Burton Veronica C6/2-4/6-6/1

Kruger M-mcmillan A D Pendlebury -whitfield L 3/6-6/4-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:17 PM
Red Hackle West Of Scotland Tournament May 24-29

Paish Wendy D Ruddell Kim Aus 4/6-6/4-6/2
Mottram Linda D Love Marjorie 4/2 Ab
Event Abandonned

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:20 PM
Paris Casg Rothmans Open May 24-30 Clay

Simon Brigitte D Vallerot C Fra 6/3-6/1
Thibault Frederique D Weisenberger Elvira 6/2-6/1
Barat H D Berta Ita 6/0-6/1
Fuchs Nathalie D Villaverde Susana 7/5-6/4

Simon D Thibault F 6/4-1/6-10/8
Fuchs D Barat H 6/0-6/3

Fuchs Nathalie D Simon Brigitte 6/1-6/2

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:24 PM
The Northern Club Tournament Manchester May 31-june 5 Grass

Mappin Sue D Hole Sue Aus 6/3-6/8-6/2
Thompson Belinda D Ruddell Kim 6/4-8/6
Charles Lesley D Saliba Sue 6/2-6/4
Hogan Patti D Pendlebury S Afs 6/2-6/1

Mappin Sue D Thompson B 4/6-6/2-6/4
Charles Lesley D Hogan Patti 6/3-6/4

Mappin Sue D Charles Lesley 6/4-7/5

Charles L -mappin D Ruddell K-thompson B 6/3-9/8

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:28 PM
Rose S Lime Juice Tournament Chichester International May 31-june 5 Grass

1 Round
Mottram Linda D Spex Aleida 6/3-7/6
Vlotman Elizabeth D Elliott Pauline Nz 6/2-6/1
Mclean Mary D Andersson Viveca 6/7-7/6-6/4
Tenney Robin D Raymond L Aus 5/7-6/2-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Geeves Linda 6/4-7/5
Rupert Thomas Linda D Harford Tanya Afs 5/7-7/6-11/9
Parsons E D Burton Veronica 7/6-6/3

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:34 PM
2 Round
Mottram Linda D Leatham Charlotte 6/4-6/1
Sato Nana D Holcombe H Aus 6/4-7/5
Coe Annette D Bakos A Afs 6/4-6/3
Bruning Bunny D Vlotman Elizabeth 7/6-7/6
Tenney Laurie D Hamilton J Aus 6/1-6/0
Molesworth Corinne D Stenberg Lotta 6/3-6/1
Sandberg Christina D Whytcross Pam 1/6-6/2-6/3
Wikstedt Mimi D Mclean Mary 6/3-6/2
Evers Dianne D Tenney Robin 6/2-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Lloyd Wronsley M 6/2-6/1
Blachford Lindsay D Moffitt Fiona 6/2-6/0
Walsh Sharon D Bohm Nina 7/5-3/6-6/4
Berkinshaw D Aus D O Brien C 6/2-6/0
Rupert Thomas D Kerr Vicki 6/3-6/1
Parsons E D Kral L Aus 6/1-6/0
Kruger Maryse Afs D Stirton G Aus 6/0-6/1

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:47 PM
3 Round
Mottram Linda D Sato Nana 6/3-6/3
Bruning Bunny D Coe Annette 6/1-6/2
Wikstedt Mimi D Sandberg 7/6-6/1
Molesworth D Tenney Laurie 6/2-6/2
Walsh Sharon D Blachford 3/6-6/0-6/2
Evers Dianne D Fayter 6/4-6/3
Rupert Thomas D Berkinshaw 7/5-6/0
Kruger Maryse D Parsons E 6/2-6/4

Bruning Bunny D Mottram Linda 7/6-4/6-7/5
Wikstedt Mimi D Molesworth 6/2-7/5
Evers Dianne D Walsh Sharon 6/3-6/2
Kruger Maryse D Rupert Thomas 3/6-6/2-6/2

Bruning Bunny D Wikstedt Mimi 6/2-6/1
Kruger Maryse D Evers Dianne 6/2-6/4

Kruger Maryse D Bruning Bunny 6/2-6/2

Kruger M-vlotman E D Sato -molesworth 6/2-6/1

Mar 12th, 2011, 03:50 PM
Sheffield Tournament May 31-june 5 Grass

Paish Wendy D Bastin C 6/0-6/0
Villaverde Beatriz D Flitier D Gb 6/4-6/1

Paish Wendy D Villaverde Beatriz 6/2-7/6

Paish W-villaverde B D Robinson L -drury Cathy 6/3-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 09:12 AM
Kent Championships Robertson S Cup Beckenham June 7-12 Grass
Draw 47

1 Round
Duplooy Van Zyl Annette D Sandberg Christina 7/5-9/8
Blachford Lindsay D Whitehouse Rowena Afs 6/4-9/8
Walsh Sharon D Evers Dianne 6/4-9/8
Simmonds Sabina Afs D Buckley Bev 9/7-6/4
Hogan Patti D Cuypers Brigitte 6/3-6/4
Wikstedt Mimi D Fayter Jackie 6/4-7/5
Whytcross Pam D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/4-6/3
Coe Annette D Harford Tanya 8/9-6/3-6/4
Bueno Maria Esther D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/2-6/3
Connor Judith D Spex Aleida 6/4-1/6-6/0
Norton Beth D Burton Veronica 6/1-6/3
Charles Lesley D Greer Sally 6/3-6/2
Bruning Bunny D Tenney Robin 6/3-6/3
Sato Nana D Vlotman Elizabeth 6/2-6/1
Metcalf Janice D Hunt Lesley 6/2-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 09:18 AM
2 Round
Morozova Olga D Molesworth Corinne 6/2-6/2
Mappin Sue D Tenney Laurie 6/1-6/1
Dupont Laura D Paish Wendy 6/3-6/1
Thompson Belinda D Mottram Linda 6/2-6/0
Duplooy Van Zyl D Blachford 6/1-6/1
Walsh Sharon D Simmonds 0/6-6/4-6/4
Hogan Patti D Wikstedt 6/4-6/3
Whytcross Pam D Ruddell Kim 6/2-6/2
Bueno Maria Esther D Coe Annette 6/4-6/4
Connor Judith D Norton Beth 6/0-8/6
Charles Lesley D Bruning Bunny 4/6-9/7-6/1
Sato Nana D Metcalf Janice 3/6-6/2-8/6
Kruger Maryse D Nagelsen Betsy 4/6-6/1-6/0
Evert Jeanne D Mclean Mary 6/4-5/7-6/0
Mcmillan Allison D Cooper Anthea 4/6-6/1-6/1
Chmyreva Natasha D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/4-6/1

Mar 13th, 2011, 09:24 AM
3 Round
Morozova D Mappin Sue 6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Thompson B 6/1-6/4
Whytcross Pam D Hogan Patti 6/4-6/8-6/3
Walsh Sharon D Duplooy Van Zyl 8/6-6/1
Bueno Maria Esther D Connor Judith 6/3-6/1
Sato Nana D Charles Lesley 6/3-2/6-9/7
Chmyreva Natasha D Mcmillan A 6/2-6/0
Kruger Maryse D Evert Jeanne 6/2-6/1

Morozova D Dupont Laura 7/5-6/3
Walsh Sharon D Whytcross P 4/6-8/6-10/8
Sato Nana D Bueno Maria Esther 2/1 Ab
Kruger Maryse D Chmyreva N 6/4-9/7

Morozova D Walsh Sharon 6/1-6/3
Kruger Maryse D Sato N 6/0-6/2

Morozova Olga D Kruger Maryse 7/5-2/6-6/3

Cuypers B -duplooy A D Morozova O -chmyreva N 9/7-6/4

Mar 13th, 2011, 09:40 AM
Colgate International Of Eastbourne June 15-20 Grass

Draw 79
1 Round
Vermaak Yvonne D Redondo Marita 6/3-6/3
Doerner Cynthia D Lovera Gail 6/3-6/3
Sato Nana D Paish Wendy 6/1-6/2
Shaw Wooldridge Winnie D Tenney Laurie 6/1-9/8
Boshoff Linky D Coles Glynis 2/6-6/2-6/1
Hogan Patti D Thompson Belinda 6/4-6/1
Hunt Lesley D Zwaan Tine 6/0-6/3
Mcmillan Allison D Coe Annette 6/4-6/1
Nagelsen Betsy D Gurdal Michele 6/0-6/0
Burton Veronica D Dimond Jenny 7/5-9/7
Chmyreva Natasha D Walsh Sharon 6/1-6/1
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Fretz Tory Ann 6/2-7/5
Jausovec Mima D Anthony Julie 8/6-6/2
Norton Beth D Blachford Lindsay 6/4-5/7-6/3
Bueno Maria Esther D Tenney Robin 2/1 Ab

Mar 13th, 2011, 09:54 AM
2 Round
Evert Chris D Sandberg Christina 6/3-6/2
Duplooy Van Zyl Annette D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/4-6/3
Kuykendall Kathy D Cuypers Brigitte 5/7-6/2-6/3
Stevens Greer D Kruger Maryse 6/4-6/3
Harter Kathy D Mappin Sue 6/8-9/8-6/0
Barker Sue D Fayter Jackie 9/8-6/3
Russell Jo Anne D Williams Hume Joyce 6/3-2/6-6/4
Stove Betty D Almeida Lilian Bra 6/1-6/0
Metcalf Janice D Charles Lesley 8/6-2/6-6/3
Teeguarden Pam D Fromholtz Dianne 1/6-7/5-6/2
Turnbull Wendy D Whitehouse Rowena 6/3-6/3
Morozova Olga D Bentzer Ingrid 6/2-6/1
Doerner Cynthia D Vermaak Yvonne 5/7-6/3-6/4
Casals Rosemary D Sato Nana 6/4-6/3
Boshoff Linky D Shaw Wooldridge Winnie 3/6-6/3-6/2
Hunt Lesley D Hogan Patti 6/0-6/4

Mar 13th, 2011, 10:07 AM
2 Round
Nagelsen Betsy D Mcmillan Allison 6/4-6/1
Chmyreva Natasha D Burton Veronica 6/1-6/4
Jausovec Mima D Ziegenfuss Valerie 6/1-5/7-6/2
Bueno Maria Esther D Norton Beth 6/1-4/6-6/3
Navratilova Martina D Von Planta A 6/3-6/3
Bruning Bunny D May Kathy W.0
Kloss Ilana D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/2-2/6-6/1
Mottram Linda D Delhees Petra Switz 8/6-8/6
Guerrant Mona Schallau D Tomanova Renata 6/4-6/1
Mihai Fiorenta D Reid Melville Kerry 6/4-3/6-6/4
Dupont Laura D Tyler Michele 6/1-7/5
Kiyomura Ann D Vlotman Elizabeth Truter 6/3-6/1
Holladay Terry D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/3-6/4
Louie Marcie D Beaven Lindsey 6/3-6/3
Evert Jeanne D Vessies Elly Appel 6/3-6/4
Wade Virginia D Ruzici Virginia 6/2-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 10:12 AM
3 Round
Evert Chris D Duplooy Van Zyl 6/1-6/1
Stevens Greer D Kuykendall 6/2-6/1
Barker Sue D Harter 6/3-6/3
Stove D Russell Jo Anne 6/4-6/2
Teeguarden D Metcalf 6/4-3/6-6/2
Morozova D Turnbull 6/1-3/6-6/1
Hunt Lesley D Boshoff Linky 6/2-6/2
Casals D Doerner 6/2-6/2
Navratilova D Bruning Bunny 3/6-6/3-6/1
Mottram Linda D Kloss 3/6-9/7-6/4
Bueno Maria Esther D Jausovec 6/4-6/2
Nagelsen D Chmyreva N 6/3-6/4
Kiyomura D Dupont Laura 3/6-6/3-6/4
Guerrant Mona D Mihai 6/3-7/5
Holladay D Louie Marcie 6/4-4/6-7/5
Wade D Evert Jeanne 6/1-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 10:25 AM
4 Round
Evert Chris D Stevens Greer 6/0-6/1
Stove D Barker Sue 0/6-6/3-6/1
Morozova D Teeguarden 6/0-2/6-6/1
Casals D Hunt Lesley 6/1-6/3
Navratilova D Cmottram Linda 6/3-6/1
Nagelsen D Bueno Maria Esther 5/7-6/1-7/5
Guerrant Mona D Kiyomura 6/4-7/9-6/2
Wade D Holladay 6/1-4/6-6/1

Evert Chris D Stove 7/5-6/4
Morozova D Casals 6/3-6/4
Navratilova D Nagelsen 6/2-6/3
Wade D Guerrant Mona 3/6-6/2-6/3

Evert Chris D Morozova 6/2-6/3
Wade D Navratilova 6/4-6/4

Evert Chris D Wade Virginia 8/6-6/3

Evert Chris -navratilova D Wade V-morozova 6/4-1/1 Ab

Evert Chris -navratilova D Barker -chmyreva N 8/6-6/0
Wade V-morozova D King -stove 6/1-6/4

Mar 13th, 2011, 01:34 PM
The Scottish Championships Edimburg June 14-19 Grass
Draw 16
1 Round
Simionescu Mariana D Armstrong G Scot 6/1-6/2
Imhof Sue D Moodie Sheila 6/1-7/5
Love Marjorie D Livingstone G Scot 6/1-6/1
Lloyd Wronsley M D Armstrong E Scot 7/5-6/4
Bakos Alana Afs D Erskine J 6/4-5/7-6/1
Bianchi Patricia Arg D Lane C Eu 7/5-6/3
Krot E Eu D Robb E Scot 6/4-6/1
Sedlackova J D Pullar Ruth 6/4-6/4

Simionescu D Imhof Sue 6/1-6/1
Lloyd Wronsley M D Love Marjorie 6/3-6/1
Bianchi Patricia D Bakos Alana 6/4-6/1
Sedlackova J D Krot E 6/2-6/1

Simionescu D Lloyd Wronsley M 6/4-4/6-6/2
Sedlackova J D Bianchi Patricia 6/2-6/1

Simionescu Mariana D Sedlackova J 6/2-6/3

Bakos A-lloyd Wronsley D Bianchi P-lane C 6/3-6/2

Mar 13th, 2011, 01:41 PM
Tennessee Valley International Chattanooga Southern Circuit June 29-july 4

2 Round
Tolleson Stephanie D Miller Bonnie 6/0-6/2
Preyer Jane D Butler Betsy 7/6-7/5
Reynolds Candy D Thomas Cindy 2/6-6/4-7/6
Yeargin Nancy D Brill Paula 6/2-6/2
Galt Gretchen D Mcdaniel Kay 1/6-6/0-7/6
Blackwell Phyllis D Wert Linda 6/1-6/2
Appelbaum Jodi D Sands Kim 6/1-6/0
Desfor Dianne D Hirsch Jane 6/3-6/0

Tolleson D Preyer Jane 6/2-3/6-6/3
Yeargin D Reynolds Candy 6/4-6/2
Galt Gretchen D Blackwell 6/1-6/2
Desfor D Appelbaum Jodi 5/7-7/6-6/3

Tolleson D Yeargin 6/1-5/7-6/1
Desfor D Galt Gretchen 6/0-6/0

Desfor Dianne D Tolleson Stephanie 6/3-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 01:46 PM
Wimbledon Ladies Plate July First Week

Bruning Bunny D Matison Christine 9/7-6/3
Walsh Sharon D Mcmillan Allison 6/3-6/4
Wikstedt Mimi D Nagelsen Betsy 6/1-6/2
Fayter Jackie D Antonopolis Lea 4/6-6/2-7/5

Bruning Bunny D Walsh Sharon 6/4-6/4
Wikstedt Mimi D Fayter Jackie 6/2-5/7-6/4

Wikstedt Mimi D Bruning Bunny 4/6-6/3-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 01:51 PM
The Swedish Open Championships Baastad July 5-11 Clay

Tomanova Renata D Martinez Cecilia 6/2-6/4
Fernandez Isabel D Vlotman Elizabeth 7/6-6/3
Anliot Helena D Baldovinos Vicki 6/3-6/1
Bentzer Ingrid D Harter Kathy 3/6-6/2-7/6

Tomanova D Fernandez I 6/2-3/1 Ab
Anliot Helena D Bentzer Ingrid 4/6-6/2-6/3

Tomanova Renata D Anliot Helena 6/3-6/2

Wikstedt M-fernandez I D Hunt Lesley -tomanova 6/1-7/6

Mar 13th, 2011, 01:57 PM
The Swiss Open Championships Gstaad July 5-11 Clay

1 Round
Turnbull Wendy D Eichenberger S 6/3-6/2
Darmon Rosa Maria D Sato Nana 6/4-4/6-6/4
Duplooy Van Zyl Annette D Delhees Petra 6/0-6/1
Nagelsen Betsy D Kindler Marianne 6/2-6/2
Cuypers Brigitte D Von Planta Annina 6/4-4/6-7/5
Lovera Gail D Villaverde Susana 6/3-6/0

Gurdal Michele D Turnbull 7/5-7/6
Duplooy Vanzyl D Darmon Rm 6/1-6/1
Nagelsen D Whitehouse Rowena 6/3-6/4
Lovera Gail D Cuypers B 7/5-6/2

Gurdal D Duplooy Vanzyl 6/4-3/6-6/4
Lovera Gail D Nagelsen 4/6-6/2-7/5

Gurdal Michele D Lovera Gail 4/6-6/2-6/3

Nagelsen -turnbull D Cuypers B -duplooy A 6/4-6/4

Mar 13th, 2011, 02:00 PM
The Irish Open Championships Dublin July 5-10 Grass

Mappin Sue D Harrison Clare 6/3-6/1
Molesworth Corinne D Coe Annette 4/6-6/4-6/2
Evers Dianne D Lennon H Irl 6/0-6/1
Harford Tanya D Charles Lesley 6/4-6/4

Mappin Sue D Molesworth 6/4-6/4
Harford Tanya D Evers Dianne W.0

Mappin Sue D Harford Tanya 6/4-6/3

Charles L -mappin D Coe A -molesworth 8/6-6/3

Mar 13th, 2011, 02:03 PM
East Of England Championships Felixstowe July 5-10 Grass

Wilton Jan D Glancy Kate 6/3-4/6-6/1
Lloyd Julia D Hole Sue Aus 6/4-1/6-6/4

Wilton Jan D Lloyd Julia 6/3-7/5

Morton J-wilton Jan D Hole -leatham C 7/5-6/2

Mar 14th, 2011, 02:11 PM
The Austrian Open Championships Head Cup July 12-18 Clay

1 Round
Turnbull Wendy D Klein Beatrix Hun 6/3-6/3
Anliot Helena D Bruning Bunny 3/6-6/2-6/4
Mclean Mary D Metzger Vroni 6/3-6/0
Eisterlehner Heidi D Wikstedt Mimi 1/6-6/2-6/1
Bentzer Ingrid D Bernegger Sabine 6/3-3/6-6/1
Baldovinos Vicki D Ulrich Uschi Aut 7/6-6/1
Vessies Elly Appel D Pachta Sonya 6/0-6/0
Szabo Eva D Villaverde Susana 6/2-6/3

Mar 14th, 2011, 02:40 PM
2 Round
Turnbull D Tomanova Renata 4/6-7/5-6/4
Anliot D Perea Carmen 6/4-6/4
Eisterlehner D Nagelsen Betsy 6/4-4/6-6/2
Duplooy Van Zyl Annette D Mclean Mary 6/1-6/2
Vessies Elly D Fernandez Isabel 6/3-6/2
Ebbinghaus Katja D Szabo Eva 2/6-6/2-6/4
Cuypers Brigitte D Bentzer Ingrid 7/5-7/6
Ruzici Virginia D Baldovinos V 6/0-6/3

Turnbull D Anliot 6/4-6/2
Duplooy Van Zyl D Eisterlehner 6/4-2/0 Ab
Vessies Elly D Ebbinghaus 3/6-6/4-7/5
Ruzici D Cuypers B 3/6-7/5-6/1

Turnbull D Duplooy Van Zyl 6/3-6/3
Ruzici D Vessies Elly 6/3-6/2

Turnbull Wendy D Ruzici Virginia 6/4-5/7-6/3

Anliot-wikstedt M D Ebbinghaus -eisterlehner 6/4-2/6-7/5

Mar 14th, 2011, 02:44 PM
The Essex Championships Frinton On Sea July 12-17 Grass

Durie Jo D Coe Annette 6/1-6/3
Harrison Clare D Birchall A 6/2-6/2
Molesworth Corinne D Lloyd Julia 6/2-6/2
Geeves Linda D Cottrell Jill 7/5-7/5

Durie Jo D Harrison Clare 7/5-6/1
Molesworth D Geeves Linda 6/2-6/3

Molesworth Corinne D Durie Jo 6/4-9/8

Durie Jo -harrison Clare D Coe A -molesworth 6/4-8/6

Mar 14th, 2011, 02:47 PM
The European Amateur Championships Prerov August 2-8

Jausovec Mima D Marsikova Regina 6/4-7/5
Chmyreva Natasha D Tomanova Renata 6/3-7/5

Jausovec Mima D Chmyreva Natasha 3/6-6/2-7/5

Morozova -chuvyrina M D Bakcheeva G -chmyreva N 6/4-6/4

Mar 14th, 2011, 03:08 PM
The Us Clay Court Championships North Conway Indianapolis August 9-15

Draw 48
1 Round
Boshoff Linky D Sato Nana 6/3-6/3
Evert Jeanne D Whytcross Pam 6/1-6/4
Simionescu Mariana D Rupert Thomas Linda 6/2-6/1
Metcalf Janice D Walsh Sharon 6/2-6/7-6/2
Masthoff Helga D O Keefe Marcie 1/6-6/3-6/2
Guedy Florence D Stap Sandy 2/6-6/4-6/3
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/1-6/4
Kloss Ilana D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/3-6/4
Mihai Fiorenta D Nagelsen Betsy 6/4-6/3
Bonicelli Fiorella D Lovera Gail 6/2-6/1
Ruzici Virginia D Kerr Vicki 6/3-6/4
Kuykendall Kathy D Reynolds Candy 6/3-6/1
Turnbull Wendy D Coles Glynis 6/2-6/3
Eisterlehner Heidi D Kruger Maryse 6/1-4/6-6/1
Struthers Mary D Harter Kathy 6/2-7/6
Newberry Janet D Martinez Cecilia 3/6-7/5-6/3

Mar 14th, 2011, 03:20 PM
2 Round
May Kathy D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/4
Louie Marcie D Tenney Laurie 6/1-2/6-7/5
Hunt Lesley D Gurdal Michele 6/1-6/1
Jordan Barbara D Hamm Mary 6/4-6/2
Struthers Mary D Newberry Janet 6/4-6/1
Turnbull D Eisterlehner 6/1-6/0
Bonicelli D Mihai 6/2-6/3
Kuykendall D Ruzici Virginia 6/2-4/6-6/1
Cuypers Brigitte D Stark Roberta 7/5-6/0
Fayter Jackie D Riedel Iris 6/4-6/0
Dupont Laura D Darmon Rosa Maria 7/5-6/3
Doerner Cynthia D Greer Sally 7/5-6/4
Boshoff Linky D Evert Jeanne 6/4-6/1
Metcalf D Simionescu 7/6-0/6-6/2
Kloss D Ziegenfuss 2/6-6/3-6/0
Masthoff Helga D Guedy Flo 6/1-6/1

Mar 14th, 2011, 03:31 PM
3 Round
May Kathy D Louie Marcie 6/1 Ab
Hunt Lesley D Jordan B 6/3-6/0
Struthers Mary D Turnbull 7/6-2/6-6/3
Bonicelli D Kuykendall 6/2-6/4
Cuypers D Fayter 5/7-7/5-6/1
Dupont Laura D Doerner 6/4-3/6-6/2
Boshoff Linky D Metcalf 6/3-7/5
Masthoff Helga D Kloss 6/1-6/2

May Kathy D Hunt Lesley 6/3-3/6-6/3
Bonicelli D Struthers Mary 6/2-6/0
Cuypers D Dupont Laura 6/2-7/6
Masthoff Helga D Boshoff Linky 6/4-6/4

May Kathy D Bonicelli 6/3-6/3
Cuypers D Masthoff Helga 6/3-7/5

May Kathy D Cuypers Brigitte 6/4-4/6-6/2

Boshoff L -kloss D Dupont L -turnbull 6/2-6/3

Mar 14th, 2011, 05:15 PM
The Canadian Open Championships Toronto August 16-22

1 Round
Jausovec Mima D Komar Vera 6/0-6/1
Newberry Janet D Tomanova Renata 4/6-6/3-6/3
Marsikova Regina D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/3 Ab
Fernandez Isabel D Kuykendall Kathy 4/6-6/0-6/3
Dupont Laura D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/6-3/6-6/4
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Bonicelli Fiorella 6/2-7/5
Gurdal Michele D Holladay Terry 6/3-6/3
Ruzici Virginia D Blackwood Marjorie Can 6/4-7/6
Barker Sue D Riedel Iris 6/3-6/2
Brankovska Barbara Can D Coles Glynis 6/2-6/2
Doerner Cynthia D Nagelsen Betsy 1/6-6/0-6/4
Evert Jeanne D Metcalf Janice 6/3-6/2
May Kathy D Overton Wendy 7/6-6/2
Gerulaitis Ruta D Teeguarden Pam 2/6-6/3-6/4
Masthoff Helga D Stone Susan Can 6/3-6/0
Hunt Lesley D Struthers Mary 6/1-5/7-6/2

Mar 14th, 2011, 05:29 PM
2 Round
Jausovec D Newberry Janet 6/2-6/2
Marsikova D Fernandez I 3/6-6/2-6/1
Dupont Laura D Ziegenfuss 7/5-6/2
Ruzici D Gurdal 6/1-6/2
Barker Sue D Brankovska Barbara 6/4-6/3
Doerner D Evert Jeanne 6/3-3/6-6/2
May Kathy D Gerulaitis Ruta 6/3-6/4
Hunt Lesley D Masthoff Helga 6/3-6/3

Jausovec D Marsikova 6/7-7/6-7/5
Ruzici D Dupont Laura 6/4-2/6-7/6
Doerner D Barker Sue 6/3-6/2
Hunt Lesley D May Kathy 6/0-6/0

Jausovec D Ruzici 7/6-6/1
Hunt Lesley D Doerner 7/5-5/7-7/6

Jausovec Mima D Hunt Lesley 6/2-6/0

Barker -teeguarden D Doerner C-newberry J 6/7-6/3-6/1

Mar 15th, 2011, 12:22 PM
Tennis Week Open South Orange August 23-29

1 Round
Stoll Caroline D Maharaj Sue Vinton 6/1-6/0
Larkin Mickey D O Hara Jane Can 0/6-6/4-6/3
Thibault Frederique D Fayter Jackie 4/6-6/3-6/4
Richards Renee D Beene Cathy 6/0-6/2
Guedy Florence D Newfield Betty 6/2-6/2

Mar 15th, 2011, 12:26 PM
2 Round
Kruger Maryse D Thomas Cindy 6/3-6/1
Rupert Thomas Linda D Buckley Bev 6/0-6/0
Guedy Flo D Fox Rayni 4/6-6/1-6/3
Meyer Carrie D Thibault 6/2-7/5
Richards Renee D Stoll 6/1-0/6-6/1
Harter Kathy D Larkin Mickey 6/1-6/1
Mehmedbasich Sue D Komar Vera 6/2-7/5
Antonopolis Lea D ???

Kruger Maryse D Thomas Linda 6/0-6/0
Guedy Flo D Meyer Carrie 4/6-6/2-7/5
Richards D Harter 6/4-7/6
Antonopolis D Mehmedbasich 6/4-7/5

Kruger Maryse D Guedy Flo 6/3-6/2
Antonopolis D Richards 6/7-6/3-6/0

Kruger Maryse D Antonopolis Lea 6/3-6/2

Mar 15th, 2011, 12:33 PM
Wta Westchester Invitational Harrison New York August 23-29

1 Round
Doerner Cynthia D Bruning Bunny 6/2-7/5
Metcalf Janice D Bostrom Pat 6/4-6/4
Fernandez Isabel D Spex Aleida 6/1-6/3
Gerulaitis Ruta D Laduke Hilary 6/0-6/1
Overton Wendy D Kemmer Shaw Kristien 7/5-3/6-6/2
Tolleson Stephanie D Beaven Lindsey 7/5-6/1
Carillo Mary D Ziegenfuss Valerie 6/4-7/6
Coles Glynis D Struthers Mary 6/1-7/5
Martines Cecilia D Moor Penny 6/1-6/2
Nagelsen Betsy D Evert Jeanne 3/6-6/2-6/2
Gourlay Helen D Stap Sue 6/1-3/6-6/0
Newberry Janet D Tenney Robin 6/2-6/2
Walsh Sharon D Whytcross Pam 6/4-6/4
Norton Beth D Kerr Vicki 6/1-6/1
Butler Betsy D Kahn Robin 7/5-6/1
Dupont Laura D Holladay Terry 6/0-7/6

Mar 15th, 2011, 01:07 PM
2 Round
Metcalf D Doerner 6/0-6/2
Gerulaitis Ruta D Fernandez I 6/3-6/2
Overton D Tolleson 6/2-6/4
Carillo Mary D Coles Glynis 7/5-7/6
Martinez Ceci D Nagelsen 7/5-4/6-6/1
Newberry Janet D Gourlay 2/6-6/1-6/3
Norton Beth D Walsh Sharon 7/5-6/4
Dupont Laura D Butler Betsy 6/2-6/4

Gerulaitis Ruta D Metcalf 4/6-7/6-7/6
Carillo Mary D Overton 6/4-6/3
Newberry Janet D Martinez Ceci 6/7-7/5-7/6
Norton Beth D Dupont Laura 6/1-6/2

Gerulaitis Ruta D Carillo Mary 3/6-6/4-6/1
Norton Beth D Newberry Janet 6/2-6/0

Norton Beth D Gerulaitis Ruta 1/6-7/5-6/3

Bostrom Pat -metcalf D Dupont L -ziegenfuss 6/2-6/3

Mar 15th, 2011, 02:16 PM
Federation Cup Philadelphia August 24-31 Indoor 130k

1 Round
Usa Defeat Israel 3-0
Casals Rosemary D Zubary H 6/1-6/0
King Billie Jean D Peled Pauline Peisachov 6/1-6/0
King -casals R D Peled P-zubary 6/3-6/1

Yugoslavia Defeats Norway 2-1
Alavantic Dora D Kjolstad Bente 6/1-3/6-6/3
Jausovec Mima D Grindvold Ellen 6/3-6/2
Alavantic -papista Judith D Grindvold -robsham K 6/0-6/1

Switzerland Defeats Indonesia 3-0
Eichenberger S D Sumarno Yolanda 6/2-6/0
Delhees Petra D Rachman Loanita 6/0-6/4
Delhees -simmen M D Sutarno Aji-nizarwan Elvia 6/2-6/1

Canada Defeats Cze W.0
Denmark Defeats Spain 3-0
Sorensen Ann Mette D Baldovinos Vicki 6/2-6/3
Viragh Halle D Perea Carmen 6/3-6/2
Sorensen-viragh D Baldovinos-perea 7/6-6/3

Uruguay Defeats Urss W.0
Argentina Defeats New Zealand 2-1
Gonzales Locicero Viviana D Elliott Pauline 7/5-6/0
Giscafre Raquel D Connor Judith 6/1-7/6
Weisenberger -araujo B D Connor-newton Chris 7/5-6/3

Poland Defeats Brazil 3-0
Vessies Elly D Medrado Patricia 6/4-6/2
Stove Betty D Bueno Maria Esther 6/0-6/4
Stove -zwaan T D Medrado-giugni V 6/2-6/1

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:24 PM
1 Round
Gb Defeats France 3-0
Barker Sue D Fuchs Nathalie 6/3-6/0
Wade Virginia D Lovera Gail 6/0-6/3
Wade -barker D Lovera G-darmon Rosa 6/3-6/2

Hungary Defeats Philippines 3-0
Klein Beatrix D Imperial Gladys 6/0-6/3
Szabo Eva D Sanchez Marisa 6/1-6/0
Klein -szabo D Imperial -tamayo Pia 6/2-6/3

Sweden Defeats Japan 3-0
Bentzer Ingrid D Sato Nana 6/4-7/5
Anliot Helena D Nakagawa Kiyomi 6/2-6/2
Anliot -wikstedt M D Saji M-matsushima Matsuko 6/0-6/0

South Africa Defeats North Korea 3-0
Boshoff Linky D Duk Hee Lee 7/5-6/2
Duplooy Annette Van Zyl D Yang Jeong Soon 6/2-4/6-6/2
Boshoff L-kloss D Lee Duk-soon J 6/1-6/2

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:30 PM
1 Round
Rfa Defeats Mexico 3-0
Riedel Iris D Baraldi Alina Balbiers 6/2-6/3
Masthoff Helga D Vallejo Alejandra 6/3-6/0
Masthoff -eisterlehner D Martinez V-vallejo A 6/3-6/2

Italy Defeats Luxemburg 3-0
Vido Rosalba D Krecke Monique Hendel 6/0-6/1
Marzano Daniela D Putz Flore Wagner 7/5-6/0
Marzano -zoni M D Putz-wolter S 6/1-6/2

Belgium Defeats Rhodesia 2-1
Waggot Jenny D Van Haver Monique 7/6-6/4
Gurdal Michele D Mackenzie Fiona 6/1-6/2
Gurdal -van Haver D Waggot -mackenzie F 3/6-6/1-6/4

Australia Defeats Rumania 3-0
Goolagong Cawley Evonne D Ruzici Virginia 6/2-6/0
Reid Melville Kerry D Mihai Fiorenta 6/3-6/0
Reid -fromholtz D Ruzici -mihai 4/6-6/2-7/6

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:36 PM
2 Round
Usa Defeats Yug 3-0
Casals D Alavantic 6/1-6/1
King Bj D Jausovec 6/0-7/6
King -casals D Jausovec-alavantic 6/0-6/0

Switzerland Defeats Can 2-1
Delhees Petra D Brankovska Barbara 6/3-7/6
Stone Susan D Eichenberger S 6/0-6/3
Delhees P-simmen M D Stone -blackwood Marjorie 5/7-6/2-7/6

Denmark Defeats Uruguay 2-1
Sorensen Am D Guarino Carla 6/2-6/0
Bonicelli Fiorella D Viragh Halle 6/3-6/3
Viragh -sorensen D Bonicelli -guarino 6/3-7/5

Holand Defeats Arg 3-0
Zwaan Tine D Gonzales Locicero 6/1-6/4
Stove D Giscafre 6/0-6/3
Stove -vessies E D Giscafre-weisenberger Elvira 4/6-6/2-6/2

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:40 PM
2 Round
Gb Defeats Hungary W.0

South Africa Defeats Sweden 3-0
Boshoff Linky D Anliot 6/7-6/2-6/3
Duplooy Annette D Bentzer I 6/7-6/4-6/3
Boshoff L-kloss D Anliot -wikstedt 6/2-6/2

Rfa Defeats Italy 3-0
Riedel Iris D Vido R 6/1-6/2
Masthoff Helga D Marzano 7/5-6/4
Masthoff -eisterlehner D Marzano -zoni Manuela 6/4-3/6-6/1

Aus Defeats Belgium 3-0
Fromholtz Dianne D Van Haver 6/0-6/1
Goolagong Cawley D Gurdal 6/0-6/0
Goolagong -reid Melville D Gurdal -van Haver 6/2-6/2

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:45 PM
Usa Defeats Switerland 3-0
Casals D Simmen Monica 6/1-6/1
King Bj D Delhees P 6/2-6/1
King -casals D Simmen M-eichenberger 6/0-6/1

Holand Defeats Denmark 2-1
Sorensen A M D Zwaan Tine 6/3-7/6
Stove D Viragh 6/2-6/0
Stove -zwaan D Viragh -sorensen Am 6/1-6/3

Gb Defeats South Africa 2-1
Barker Sue D Boshoff Linky 6/1-6/1
Wade D Duplooy Annette 6/0-6/3
Boshoff L-kloss D Barker -tyler M 6/1-6/4

Aus Defeats Rfa 3-0
Goolagong Cawley D Masthoff Helga 6/1-6/2
Reid Melville D Riedel Iris 6/1-6/2
Goolagong -fromholtz D Masthoff -eisterlehner 6/3-6/3

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:49 PM
Usa Defeats Holand 3-0
Casals D Vessies Elly 6/1-6/2
King Bj D Stove 6/2-6/3
King -casals D Stove -zwaan T 6/1-6/4

Aus Defeats Gb 3-0
Fromholtz D Barker Sue 6/2-7/6
Goolagong Cawley D Wade V 6/1-6/2
Goolagong -reid Melville D Wade -barker 6/1-6/3

Usa Defeats Aus 2-1
Reid Melville D Casals R 1/6-6/3-7/5
King Billie Jean D Goolagong Cawley 7/6-6/4
King -casals D Goolagong -reid Melville 7/5-6/3

Mar 15th, 2011, 03:59 PM
Us Indoors Atlanta Georgia September 14-20
Draw 56

1 Round
Kuykendall Kathy D Tolleson Stephanie 6/3-6/4
Bueno Maria Esther D Doerner Cynthia 3/6-6/1-6/4
Dupont Laura D Fayter Jackie 6/3-6/1
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Bruning Bunny 7/5-6/2
Kruger Maryse D Boshoff Linky 2/6-6/4-6/1
Wikstedt Mimi D Stap Sue 7/6-6/4
Harter Kathy D Coles Glynis 6/3-3/6-6/2
Liess Zenda D Spex Aleida 6/2-6/1
Russell Jo Anne D Metcalf Janice 6/4-6/4
Bostrom Pat D Downs Barbara 7/5-6/4
Kerr Vicki D Mclean Mary 6/2-6/2
Struthers Mary D Gerulaitis Ruta 3/6-6/2-6/4
Rupert Thomas Linda D Fox Rayni 6/3-6/7-6/4
Cuypers Brigitte D Tenney Robin 6/4-7/5
Kloss Ilana D Whytcross Pam 6/0-6/0
Walsh Sharon D Ornstein Nancy 7/5-5/7-6/3
Newberry Janet D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/4-6/1
Turnbull Wendy D Overton Wendy 6/1-6/3
Nagelsen Betsy D Tenney Laurie 6/3-4/6-7/6
Teeguarden Pam D Carillo Mary 6/4-6/3
Kemmer Shaw Kristien D Giscafre Raquel 6/1-6/3
Weisenberger Elvira D Butler Betsy 5/7-6/4-7/6
Stove Betty D Martinez Cecilia 6/3-6/4
Hamm Mary D Greer Sally 6/4-4/6-7/6

Mar 15th, 2011, 04:04 PM
2 Round
Wade Virginia D Kuykendall 4/6-6/3-6/2
Dupont Laura D Bueno Maria Esther 6/7-6/3-6/3
Durr Francoise D Ziegenfuss 6/2-6/1
Kruger Maryse D Harter Kathy 6/3-6/4
Wikstedt Mimi D Beaven Lindsey 6/7-7/6-7/5
Russell Jo D Liess Zenda 6/4-6/0
Struthers D Kerr Vicki 6/2-6/3
Fromholtz Dianne D Bostrom Pat 6/1-6/2
Newberry Janet D Walsh Sharon 6/4-6/4
Turnbull D Casals Rosemary 4/6-7/6-6/2
Meyer Carrie D Thomas Linda 6/3-6/2
Nagelsen D Teeguarden 7/5-6/3
Kemmer Shaw D Barker Sue 7/5-7/5
Stove Betty D Weisenberger 6/1-6/2
Navratilova Martina D Hamm Mary 6/2-6/1

Mar 15th, 2011, 05:23 PM
Corrections 2 Round
Meyer Carrie D Kloss 6/2-5/7-6/3
Cuypers D Thomas Linda 6/3-6/2

3 Round
Wade D Dupont Laura 6/3-6/1
Kruger Maryse D Durr 6/4-3/6-6/3
Russell D Wikstedt Mimi 6/1-6/2
Fromholtz D Struthers 6/1-6/4
Turnbull D Newberry 7/5-2/6-6/4
Cuypers D Meyer Carrie 7/6-6/2
Kemmer Shaw D Nagelsen 6/3-7/5
Stove D Navratilova 6/1-3/6-6/3

Wade D Kruger Maryse 6/2-6/3
Fromholtz D Russell 4/6-6/3-6/1
Turnbull D Cuypers 6/4-4/6-6/3
Stove D Kemmer Shaw 7/6-6/1

Wade D Fromholtz 4/6-6/4-6/4
Stove D Turnbull 6/1-6/2

Wade Virginia D Stove Betty 5/7-7/5-7/5

Durr -casals D Wade -stove 6/0-6/4

Mar 15th, 2011, 05:27 PM
Toray Sillock Open Tokyo September 27-october 1
Draw 8
1 Round
Smith Court Margaret D Fox Rayni 6/2-6/3
Hunt Lesley D Redondo Marita 6/1-6/1
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Wade Virginia 6/2-6/1
Stove Betty D Nagelsen Betsy 7/5-6/2

Smith Court D Hunt Lesley 6/2-7/5
Stove D Ziegenfuss 6/4-6/2

Stove Betty D Smith Court Margaret 1/6-6/4-6/3

Third Place
Ziegenfuss D Hunt 8-5

Mar 16th, 2011, 08:29 AM
Pernod Trophee Open Womens Perth Gb September 27-october 2
Draw 16
1 Round
Charles Lesley D Love Marjorie 6/2-6/0
Jevans Deborah D Drury Cathy 6/3-6/4
Mappin Sue D Leatham Charlotte 6/1-6/1
Durie Jo D Hogan Patti 6/3-6/1
Tyler Michele D Coe Annette 6/4-6/1
Hobbs Anne D Harrison Clare 6/4-7/5
Evers Dianne D Cooper Anthea 6/2-0/6-6/3
Molesworth Corinne D Beaven Lindsey 6/4-7/5

Charles Lesley D Jevans 7/6-6/3
Durie Jo D Mappin Sue 3/6-6/4-6/4
Hobbs Anne D Tyler M 6/4-6/4
Molesworth D Evers Dianne 2/6-6/1-6/1

Charles Lesley D Durie Jo 6/4-6/4
Molesworth D Hobbs Anne 5/7-6/4-6/2

Charles Lesley D Molesworth Corinne 6/2-6/3

Charles -mappin D Hogan P-evers 6/3-6/4

Mar 17th, 2011, 06:59 PM
Pernod Trophee Open Womens Bournemouth October 4-9
Draw 16
1 Round
Tyler Michele D Cooper Anthea 6/2-6/2
Leatham Charlotte D Harrison Clare 4/6-9/8-6/2
Mappin Sue D Jevans Deborah 6/3-6/2
Evers Dianne D Durie Jo 3/6-8/6-6/2
Beaven Lindsey D Coe Annette 6/1-6/3
Molesworth Corinne D Hogan Patti 6/4-6/2
Hobbs Anne D Blachford Lindsay 6/3-6/1
Charles Lesley D Drury Cathy 6/4-6/0

Tyler D Leatham Charlotte 6/4-6/3
Mappin Sue D Evers D 7/5-6/4
Beaven D Molesworth 6/1-6/2
Hobbs Anne D Charles L 3/6-7/5-6/3

Tyler D Mappin Sue 4/6-6/1-6/4
Beaven D Hobbs Anne 4/6-9/8-6/1

Beaven Lindsey D Tyler Michele 0/6-7/5-6/4

Charles -mappin D Beaven -tyler M 6/2-6/0

Mar 17th, 2011, 07:14 PM
Thunderbird Classic International Phoenix Arizona October 4-10 70k Hard Court
Draw 51
1 Round
Kemmer Shaw Kristien D Redondo Marita 6/4-6/3
Evert Jeanne D Kerr Vicki 6/2-6/1
May Kathy D Whytcross Pam 6/3-6/1
Martinez Cecilia D Newberry Janet 6/3-6/4
Simionescu Mariana D Walsh Sharon 6/4-7/5
Dupont Laura D Coles Glynis 3/6-6/4-6/4
Hamm Mary D Bueno Maria Esther 6/1-2/6-6/1
Meyer Carrie D Tolleson Stephanie 7/5-4/6-7/5
Louie Marcie D Metcalf Janice 6/2-6/4
Kuykendall Kathy D Turnbull Wendy 6/3-6/3
Fayter Jackie D Weisenberger Elvira 7/5-6/3
Russell Jo ?anne D Dignam Erin 6/0-6/1
Overton Wendy D Butler Betsy 4/6-6/3-6/1
Stove Betty D Nagelsen Betsy 6/3-6/3
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Harter Kathy 3/6-6/2-6/2
Wikstedt Mimi D Buckley Bev 6/0-6/2
Holladay Terry D Antonopolis Lea 6/0-6/2
Kloss Ilana D Ornstein Nancy 6/1-6/0
Bruning Bunny D Anthony Julie 6/4-7/5

Mar 17th, 2011, 07:19 PM
2 Round
Evert Chris D Bruning 6/2-6/3
Boshoff Linky D Struthers Mary 6/1-6/4
Kloss D Durr Francoise 1/6-7/5-6/3
Holladay D Wikstedt Mimi 6/3-6/2
Russell D Gunter Richey Nancy W.0
Kuykendall D Fayter 6/3-6/0
Wade Virginia D Ziegenfuss 6/3-3/6-6/3
Stove D Overton 6/4-6/2
Fromholtz Dianne D May Kathy 6/3-6/1
Bostrom Pat D Martinez Ceci 6/3-4/6-6/3
Kemmer Shaw D Evert Jeanne 6/3-6/4
King Billie Jean D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/0-6/4
Louie Marcie D Meyer Carrie 6/1-7/5
Guerrant Mona D Hamm Mary 6/1-6/2
Dupont Laura D Doerner Cynthia 6/4-6/3
Navratilova Martina D Simionescu M 6/3-6/3

Mar 17th, 2011, 07:23 PM
3 Round
Evert Chris D Boshoff L 6/1-6/0
Holladay D Kloss 6/4-6/1
Russell D Kuykendall 3/6-6/3-6/3
Stove D Wade V 3/6-7/6-6/2
Fromholtz D Bostrom Pat 6/0-6/2
King Billie Jean D Kemmer Shaw 6/3-7/6
Guerrant Mona D Louie Marcie 6/4-6/3
Navratilova D Dupont Laura 6/3-6/1

Evert Chris D Holladay 6/1-6/2
Stove D Russell 6/4-6/2
Fromholtz D King Billie Jean 6/3-6/2
Navratilova D Guerrant Mona 6/3-4/6-6/2

Evert Chris D Stove 7/6-6/4
Fromholtz D Navratilova 1/6-6/3-7/5

Evert Chris D Fromholtz Dianne 6/1-7/5

King -stove D Boshoff L-kloss 6/2-6/1

Mar 17th, 2011, 07:26 PM
World Invitational Tennis Classic Hilton Head October 12-15 Clay
Draw 4
Goolagong Cawley Evonne D Barker Sue 6/7-6/0-6/3
Wade Virginia D Navratilova Martina 6/4-3/6-6/0

Goolagong Cawley Evonne D Wade Virginia 6/3-6/4

Goolagong -barker D Wade -navratilova 6/4-4/6-6/3

Mar 17th, 2011, 07:29 PM
Madrid International Spain October 11-17

Marsikova Regina D Ruzici Virginia 7/5-2/6-8/6
Simmen Monica D ???

Marsikova Regina D Simmen Monica 6/0-6/2

Ruzici -mihai D Marsikova -tomanova R 6/4-5/7-6/2

Mar 17th, 2011, 08:19 PM
Pernod Trophee Open Womens Aberavon October 11-16
Draw 16
1 Round
Tyler Michele D Jevans Deborah 6/3-6/2
Leatham Charlotte D Durie Jo 6/4-4/6-6/4
Drury Cathy D Lightbody Ellinore 6/2-6/4
Molesworth Corinne D Coe Annette 6/3-6/1
Charles Lesley D Blachford Lindsay 7/5-4/6-6/4
Evers Dianne D Beaven Lindsey 6/3-2/6-6/2
Cooper Anthea D Harrison Clare 6/3-3/6-6/3
Mappin Sue D Hobbs Anne 4/6-7/5-7/5

Tyler D Leatham Charlotte 6/3-6/0
Molesworth D Drury Cathy 6/3-6/2
Evers Dianne D Charles L 6/4-7/6
Mappin Sue D Cooper A 6/3-6/2

Tyler D Molesworth 6/2-7/5
Mappin Sue D Evers D 6/0-6/3

Tyler Michele D Mappin Sue 6/1-6/3

Molesworth -evers D D Charles -mappin 7/6-6/3

Mar 18th, 2011, 11:43 AM
Spanish Championships Conde De Godo Barcelona October 18-24

2 Round
Tomanova Renata D Blackwood Marjorie Can 6/3-6/0
Fuchs Nathalie D Hernandez C 6/2-4/6-6/0
Vessies Elly D Perea Carmen 6/4-6/3
Mihai Fiorenta D Delhees Petra 6/2-6/3
Marsikova Regina D Rodriguez Boulle Michele 6/2-6/0
Simmonds Sabina D Greer Sally 6/2-5/7-7/5
Gurdal Michele D Rosa Antonella 6/4-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Nasuelli Maria 8/10-7/5-6/1

Tomanova D Fuchs N 6/2-6/3
Vessies Elly D Mihai 6/2-6/1
Marsikova D Simmonds 6/2-5/7-7/5
Ruzici D Gurdal 7/5-6/3

Tomanova D Vessies Elly 6/4-6/4
Ruzici D Marsikova 7/5-6/2

Tomanova Renata D Ruzici Virginia 3/6-6/4-6/2

Ruzici -mihai D Fuchs N-gurdal 6/1-6/4

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:07 PM
Colgate Inaugural Open Palm Springs October 17-20 Hd

1 Round
Stove Betty D Kloss Ilana 6/0-6/2
Walsh Sharon D Thomas Linda 6/3-6/2
Louie Marcie D Kiyomura Ann 7/5-6/3
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Dupont Laura 6/7-6/4-6/4
Simionescu Mariana D May Kathy 6/3-7/6
Turnbull Wendy D Struthers Mary 6/4-6/1
Newberry Janet D Overton Wendy 3/6-6/2-6/1
Bueno Maria Esther D Fayter Jackie 7/5-7/5
Nagelsen Betsy D Boshoff Linky 6/3-6/3
Doerner Cynthia D Metcalf Janice 6/2-6/4
Riedel Iris D Fernandez Isabel 7/5-7/5
Evert Jeanne D Hunt Lesley 3/6-7/5-7/5
Russell Jo Anne D Antonopolis Lea 6/2-7/6
Kuykendall Kathy D Fox Rayni 6/3-7/6
Kemmer Shaw Kristien D Coles Glynis 6/3-6/3
Anthony Julie D Meyer Carrie 6/4-6/4

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:11 PM
2 Round
Stove D Walsh Sharon 6/0-6/1
Ziegenfuss D Louie Marcie 6/7-6/0-6/4
Turnbull D Simionescu 6/1-6/2
Bueno Maria D Newberry 7/6-3/6-7/6
Nagelsen D Doerner 6/2-6/4
Riedel Iris D Evert Jeanne 6/2-6/1
Russell D Kuykendall 6/2-6/4
Anthony D Kemmer Shaw 6/3-6/4

3 Round
Stove D Ziegenfuss 6/4-3/6-7/6
Turnbull D Bueno Maria 6/2-6/0
Riedel I D Nagelsen 3/6-6/1-6/1
Anthony D Russell 6/2-7/6

4 Round
Stove D Turnbull 6/4-7/5
Anthony D Riedel Iris 6/2-6/3

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:23 PM
Main Draw 16
Palm Springs California October 21-25 200k Hard Court
1 Round
Evert Chris D Casals Rosemary 6/1-6/0
Gunter Richey Nancy D Reid Melville Kerry 7/5-6/4
Stove Betty D Jausovec Mima 6/2-6/0
Wade Virginia D Guerrant Mona Schallau 7/6-6/2
Fromholtz Dianne D King Billie Jean 6/2-6/4
Holladay Terry D Redondo Marita 6/3-6/4
Durr Francoise D Anthony Julie 6/3-6/3
Navratilova Martina D Barker Sue 6/3-6/2

Evert Chris D Gunter Richey 6/4-6/1
Wade D Stove 6/7-7/6-6/1
Holladay D Fromholtz 6/3-1/6-6/3
Durr D Navratilova 6/1-6/1

Evert Chris D Wade 6/1-6/4
Durr D Holladay 7/6-6/3

Evert Chris D Durr Francoise 6/1-6/2

Evert Chris -navratilova D King -stove 6/2-6/4

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:27 PM
Slazenger Torquay Open Palace Hotel October 25-30 Indoor

Barker Sue D Hobbs Anne 6/3-6/3
Mappin Sue D Beaven Lindsey 3/6-6/3-6/4
Charles Lesley D Mottram Linda 7/6-1/6-6/3
Tyler Michele D Thompson Belinda 6/3-6/3

Barker Sue D Mappin Sue 7/5-6/4
Tyler D Charles Lesley 6/2-5/7-6/1

Barker Sue D Tyler Michele 6/4-6/2

Shaw Wooldridge -jones Ann D Charles -mappin 6/3-7/5

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:29 PM
Japan Open Championships Tokyo November 1-7

Turnbull Wendy D Gurdal Michele 6/2-6/1

Gurdal -sato N D ?

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:34 PM
Dewar Cup London Albert Hall November 1-7 Indoor
Draw 16
1 Round
Evert Chris D Mottram Linda 6/1-6/1
Mihai Fiorenta D Beaven Lindsey 6/2-0/6-6/2
Coles Glynis D Tyler Michele 6/4-6/2
Casals Rosemary D Fayter Jackie 6/4-6/3
Barker Sue D Kiyomura Ann 6/4-6/2
Nagelsen Betsy D Walsh Sharon 6/3-6/1
Stove Betty D Tomanova Renata 6/0-6/1
Wade Virginia D Ruzici Virginia 6/2-6/4

Evert Chris D Mihai 6/4-6/0
Casals D Coles G 6/1-6/7-6/0
Barker Sue D Nagelsen 6/3-6/3
Wade D Stove 6/0-6/1

Evert Chris D Casals 6/3-6/0
Wade D Barker Sue 2/6-6/3-6/4

Wade Virginia D Evert Chris 6/2-6/2

Wade -stove D Casals -evert Chris 6/3-2/6-6/3

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:39 PM
Wightman Cup London Crystal Palace November 12-14 Indoor
Usa Defeats Gb 5-2
Evert Chris D Wade Virginia 6/2-3/6-6/3
Barker Sue D Casals Rosemary 1/6-6/3-6/2
Holladay Terry D Coles Glynis 3/6-6/1-6/4
Evert Chris D Barker Sue 2/6-6/2-6/2
Wade Virginia D Casals Rosemary 3/6-9/7 Ab

Casals -evert D Wade -barker 6/0-5/7-6/1
Kiyomura -guerrant M D Charles -mappin 6/2-8/6

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:46 PM
The South African Open Championships Johannesburg November 22-28 Hard Court
Draw 32
1 Round
Duplooy Annette Van Zyl D Fuchs Nathalie 6/3-6/4
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Boshoff Linky 4/6-6/0-7/5
Smith Wilma D Louie Marcie 6/1-6/1
Kloss Ilana D Hunt Lesley 6/3-3/6-6/2
Brummer Botha Marianne D Doerner Cynthia 6/7-6/3-6/2
Harford Tanya D Vermaak Yvonne
Bentzer Ingrid D Mcmillan Allison

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:51 PM
2 Round
Duplooy Annette D Dimitriou Brenda Kirk 6/7-7/5-6/3
Coles Glynis D Ziegenfuss 7/6-6/4
Charles Lesley D Kloss 7/6-7/5
Cuypers Brigitte D Bentzer I 6/3-6/2
Eisterlehner Heidi D Kruger Maryse 6/3-6/7-6/4
Tolleson Stephanie D Brummer Botha 6/3-6/2
Harford D Stevens Greer 6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Wilmer Smit 6/2-6/1

Duplloy Annette D Coles G 6/2-6/4
Cuypers D Charles Lesley 4/6-6/3-8/6
Eisterlehner D Tolleson 6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Harford 6/4-6/2

Cuypers D Duplooy Annette 4/6-6/3-6/3
Dupont Laura D Eisterlehner 6/0-6/1

Cuypers Brigitte D Dupont Laura 6/7-6/4-6/1

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:55 PM
Gunze Classic Indoor Tokyo November 25-28
Draw 8
1 Round
Evert Chris D Tomanova Renata 6/0-6/2
Casals Rosemary D ???
Barker Sue D Durr Francoise 6/4-7/5
Navratilova Martina D Evert Jeanne 6/0-6/4

Evert Chris D Casals 6/3-6/1
Barker Sue D Navratilova 2/6-6/3-6/2

Evert Chris D Barker Sue 6/2-7/6

Barker -kiyomura D Durr -casals R 4/6-6/3-6/1

Mar 18th, 2011, 12:57 PM
The South American Championships Buenos Aires November
Dupont Laura D Araujo Beatriz 6/1-6/2

Mar 18th, 2011, 02:09 PM
Colgate Open Sydney November 29-december 5 Grass 125 K

1 Round
Navratilova Martina D Louie Marcie 7/5-6/3
Kloss Ilana D Gregory Nerida 7/6-7/5
Holladay Terry D Fox Rayni 6/1-6/2
Smith Court Margaret D Bruning Bunny 6/3-6/4
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Masthoff Helga 6/4-7/6
Barker Sue D Newberry Janet 6/1-6/3
Russell Jo Anne D Ruzici Virginia 7/6-6/3
Fromholtz Dianne D Overton Wendy 6/3-6/0
Reid Melville Kerry D Tomanova Renata 6/3-6/3
Doerner Cynthia D ???
Turnbull Wendy D Durr Francoise 2/6-7/5-6/0
Kruger Maryse D Bentzer Ingrid 6/4-6/0
Bostrom Pat D Bueno Maria Esther 6/2-6/2
Stove Betty D Kiyomura Ann 5/7-7/5-6/2
Stevens Greer D Hunt Lesley 6/2-6/1
Goolagong Cawley Evonne D Boshoff Linky 6/0-6/1

Mar 18th, 2011, 02:14 PM
2 Round
Navratilova D Kloss 6/2-6/4
Smith Court D Holladay 2/6-6/3-6/0
Barker Sue D Ziegenfuss 6/2-6/1
Fromholtz D Russell 6/3-7/6
Reid Melville D Doerner 6/4-6/1
Kruger Maryse D Turnbull 6/3-6/7-6/4
Stove D Bostrom Pat 6/1-6/2
Goolagong Cawley D Stevens G 6/4-6/1

Navratilova D Smith Court 6/3-6/4
Fromholtz D Barker Sue 6/3-6/4
Reid Melville D Kruger Maryse 6/2-6/1
Stove D Goolagong Cawley 7/6-6/4

Navratilova D Fromholtz 7/6-6/3
Stove D Reid Melville 7/6-2/6-6/3

Navratilova Martina D Stove Betty 7/5-6/2

Stove -navratilova D Durr -kiyomura 6/3-7/5

Mar 18th, 2011, 02:21 PM
Toyota Classic Open Melbourne December 6-12 Grass

1 Round
Fromholtz Dianne D Kiyomura Ann 6/3-6/3
Tomanova Renata D Ruzici Virginia 6/1-7/5
Kloss Ilana D Gurdal Michele 7/5-6/4
Holladay Terry D Louie Marcie 7/6-6/3
Barker Sue D Overton Wendy 6/4-6/2
Cuypers Brigitte D Doerner Cynthia 1/6-7/5-9/7
Gourlay Helen D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/1-6/1
Durr Francoise D Ebbinghaus Katja 7/5-6/4
Smith Court Margaret D Turner Bowrey Lesley 6/7-7/5-6/3
Russell Jo Anne D Masthoff Helga 6/1-6/1
Reid Melville Kerry D Turnbull Wendy 1/6-6/4-6/2
Kruger Maryse D Bentzer Ingrid 6/2-6/3
Newberry Janet D Bruning Bunny 7/6-6/1
Boshoff Linky D Stevens Greer 3/6-6/2-6/4
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Wilton Jenny 6/4-7/6
Stove Betty D Bueno Maria Esther 6/1-6/7-6/3

Mar 18th, 2011, 02:26 PM
2 Round
Fromholtz D Tomanova 3/6-6/4-6/2
Kloss D Holladay 6/4-6/4
Barker Sue D Cuypers 2/6-6/2-6/3
Durr D Gourlay 6/2-6/1
Smith Court D Russell 6/2-6/3
Reid Melville D Kruger Maryse 6/2-6/2
Newberry D Boshoff Linky 6/2-2/6-7/5
Stove D Ziegenfuss 6/0-4/6-6/0

Fromholtz D Kloss 6/4-3/6-8/6
Barker Sue D Durr 6/3-4/6-6/3
Smith Court D Reid Melville 7/6-6/2
Stove D Newberry 6/2-6/1

Barker Sue D Fromholtz 6/4-1/6-6/4
Smith Court D Stove 6/4-7/5

Smith Court Margaret D Barker Sue 6/2-6/2

Stove -smith Court D Boshoff L-kloss 6/2-6/4

Mar 23rd, 2011, 09:59 AM
United Airlines Alona Classic Of Kauai Hawai December 6-12

1 Round
Meyer Carrie D Kahn Robin 5/7-6/1-6/2
Martinez Cecilia D Mobs Joni 6/4-3/6-6/2
Krantzcke Karen D Hambridge Barbara 7/5-3/6-6/3
Wikstedt Mimi D Marquez Liane 6/1-6/2
Richards Renee D Karasick Arlene 6/1-6/2
Latham Kate D Thomas Linda 6/2-2/6-6/1
Ornstein Nancy D Brankovska Barbara 6/1-6/4
Hamm Mary D Stockton Donna 6/2-4/6-6/2
Kuykendall Kathy D Werner Chris 7/5-6/4
Viragh Halle D Franta Val 6/2-6/2
Weisenberger Elvira D La Perle Sheila 6/0-6/1
Beene Cathy D Stap Sue 7/5-6/4
Mehmedbasich Sue D Smith Paula 6/3-6/4
Susman Karen D Christensen Maricaye 6/0-6/4
Peled Pauline D Walsh Sharon 6/3-6/3
Struthers Mary D Stuart Betty Ann 7/6-7/6

Mar 23rd, 2011, 10:04 AM
2 Round
Meyer Carrie D Martinez Ceci 6/2-6/7-6/3
Krantzcke D Wikstedt Mimi 6/2-6/7-6/3
Richards Renee D Latham 7/5-6/3
Hamm Mary D Ornstein 3/6-6/0-6/1
Kuykendall D Viragh Halle 6/1-6/0
Beene Cathy D Weisenberger 7/6-5/7-6/2
Susman Karen D Mehmedbasich 6/2-7/6
Struthers D Peled Pauline 7/6-7/5

Krantzcke D Meyer Carrie 6/3-6/3
Richards D Hamm Mary 6/2-3/6-6/4
Kuykendall D Beene Cathy 6/1-6/2
Struthers D Susman Karen 6/3-3/6-6/3

Richards D Krantzcke 1/1 Ab
Kuykendall D Struthers 6/4-1/6-6/3

Richards Renee D Kuykendall Kathy 6/1-6/4

Richards -stuart Ba D Mehmedbasich -wikstedt 6/3-6/2

Mar 23rd, 2011, 10:08 AM
The South Australian Lawn Tennis Championships Adelaide Ends December 6

1 Round
Pratt Kerryn D Wride P 6/4-6/2
Murata Eri Jap D Stewart M 6/2-6/2
Wearne Pam D Peters J 6/0-6/3
Little Elizabeth D Sugawara M 6/0-6/2
Thomson Sharon D Pearson W 6/1-6/2
Campbell Janet D Mcwaite C 6/0-6/0
Neil Kerri D Schipanski G 6/3-1/6-8/6
Robinson Merilyn D Rice H 6/3-6/0

Mar 26th, 2011, 02:51 PM
2 Round
O Neil Chris D Pratt Kerryn 6/1-6/3
Fenwick Jenny D Murata Eri 6/2-6/4
Harrison Leane D Wearne Pam 6/3-6/2
Marzano Daniela D Little Elizabeth 6/2-6/4
Berkinshaw D D Campbell Janet 6/0-6/0
Paish Wendy D Thomson Sharon 6/3-6/0
Mccann Rosalyn D Neil Kerri 6/4-6/3
Gregory Nerida D Robinson Merilyn 7/5-7/5

O Neil Chris D Fenwick 6/4-7/5
Harrison Leanne D Marzano 6/4-6/2
Paish Wendy D Berkinshaw 6/3-5/7-6/4
Gregory Nerida D Mccann R 6/2-6/2

O Neil Chris D Harrison L 6/2-6/0
Gregory Nerida D Paish W 6/3-2/6-6/2

O Neil Chris D Gregory Nerida 3/6-6/4-6/0

Mccann R-gregory D Little E -pratt K 6/3-6/2

Mar 26th, 2011, 02:53 PM
The Western Australian Championships Perth December 13-19

Turnbull Wendy D Tomanova Renata 6/3-6/4

Mar 28th, 2011, 12:15 PM
The South Australian Lawn Tennis Championships Adelaide Ends December 6

1 Round
Pratt Kerryn D Wride P 6/4-6/2
Murata Eri Jap D Stewart M 6/2-6/2
Wearne Pam D Peters J 6/0-6/3
Little Elizabeth D Sugawara M 6/0-6/2
Thomson Sharon D Pearson W 6/1-6/2
Campbell Janet D Mcwaite C 6/0-6/0
Neil Kerri D Schipanski G 6/3-1/6-8/6
Robinson Merilyn D Rice H 6/3-6/0

For some players I found first names on ITF site:
Miyoko Sugawara
Julie Peters
Wendy Pearson
Helen Rice
Dianne Berkinshaw

Kerri Neil is correctly spelled as Kerry Neill
Kerryn Pratt is Keryn Pratt

Mar 29th, 2011, 06:54 AM
The British Hard Court Championships Bournemouth May 10-16
Draw 48

Was it also a "hard court" which in reality is clay?

Mar 29th, 2011, 07:48 AM
Was it also a "hard court" which in reality is clay?


Mar 29th, 2011, 07:51 AM
How I wish that such enthusiasts like you existed for men's history of the game! I hope they are, but I didn't find them yet.

Mar 29th, 2011, 07:58 AM
How I wish that such enthusiasts like you existed for men's history of the game! I hope they are, but I didn't find them yet.

And how I wish there were more great fans of tennis like yourself interested in old results. You are a fresh pair of eyes going over these posts-and your comments are invaluable.

The men do have one person I know who is collecting results into a real database. His name is Izzy something. I'll try and find the link.

Eventually (in about a year) I'd like to team up with him and get our results into database form.

One small step at a time.....

Mar 30th, 2011, 12:49 PM
Mcallen Futures Texas January 26- February 1 10k Hard Court

Main Draw
1 Round
Stevens Greer D Dupont Laura 6/3-7/6
Gerulaitis Ruta D Cody Pat 6/1-6/0
Fernandez Isabel D Martinez Cecilia 6/3-7/5
Redondo Marita D Perea Carmen 6/4-6/2
Appel Elly D Coles Glynis 6/2-6/0
Walsh Sharon D Bentzer Ingrid 2/6-6/2-7/5
Nagelsen Betsy D Vlotman Elizabeth Afs 6/3-6/1
Dimond Jenny D Tenney Laurie 6/1-7/6
Gurdal Michele D Evert Jeanne 6/0-5/7-7/6
Harter Kathy D Matte Marilia Bra 6/2-6/0
Jausovec Mima D Greer Sally 6/2-6/2
Ruzici Virginia D Ormstein Nancy 6/4-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Tomanova Renata 7/6-6/3
Struthers Mary D Rupert Thomas Linda 7/5-7/5
Russell Jo Anne D Bruning Bunny 6/2-6/3
Tenney Robin D ???

Correct spelling is Ornstein

Mar 31st, 2011, 11:28 AM
The United Airlines Alona Classic Of Kona Hawai December 13-19

1 Round
Richards Renee D Christensen Maricaye 6/2-6/2
Peled Pauline D Ornstein Nancy 6/2-6/4
Stockton Donna D Franta Val 6/1-7/5
Stuart Betty Ann D Hamm Mary 6/3-6/1
Meyer Carrie D Smith Paula 6/3-6/0
Beattie Mary Ann Eisel D Martinez Cecilia 6/1-1/6-6/2
Thomas Linda D Arnold Mimi 6/1-6/2
Beene Cathy D Marquez Liane 6/1-3/6-6/4
Kuykendall Kathy D Kahn Robin 6/0-6/3
Hambridge Barbara D La Perle Sheila 2/6-6/2-6/1
Mehmedbasich Sue D Wikstedt Mimi 6/0-6/1
Latham Kate D Moss Toni 6/4-6/0
Struthers Mary D Stap Sue 6/3-6/2
Weisenberger Elvira D Viragh Halle 6/4-6/3
Walsh Sharon D Krantzcke Karen 6/0-6/0
Susman Karen D Brankovska Barbara 6/0-6/0

Mar 31st, 2011, 11:34 AM
2 Round
Richards D Peled Pauline 6/1-6/1
Stuart Betty Ann D Stockton 6/0-6/3
Meyer Carrie D Beattie Mary Ann 3/6-6/4-6/4
Thomas Linda D Beene Cathy 6/4-6/0
Hambridge B D Kuykendall Kathy 4/6-6/1-6/3
Latham Kate D Mehmedbasich 1/6-7/6-6/1
Struthers D Weisenberger 6/1-6/4
Susman Karen D Walsh Sharon 6/2-4/6-6/4

Richards D Stuart Betty Ann 6/1-6/4
Thomas Linda D Meyer Carrie 6/1-6/3
Latham Kate D Struthers 6/2-6/0
Susman Karen D Walsh 6/1-7/6

Richards D Thomas Linda 6/1-6/4
Susman Karen D Latham Kate 6/3-6/4

Susman Karen D Richards Renee 4/6-6/4-6/2

Martinez Ceci -beattie Mary Ann D Richards -stuart B 6/2-6/1

Mar 31st, 2011, 11:42 AM
The New South Wales Championships Sydney December 26 -january 2 1977 Grass

1 Round
Reid Melville Kerry D Paish Wendy 6/4-6/2
O Neill Lehane Jan D Connor Judith 6/1-6/0
Ebbinghaus Katja D Saliba Sue 6/2-2/6-6/4
Turnbull Wendy D Sato Nana 6/1-6/4
Whytcross Pam D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/4-1/6-6/4
Ruzici Virginia D Bruning Bunny 6/4-6/7-6/2
Gurdal Michele D Bostrom Pat 6/4-7/6
Tomanova Renata D Gardiner Jenny Dimond 6/3-6/1
Krantzcke Karen D Harter Kathy 4/6-7/5-6/3
Gourlay Helen D Matison Christine 6/2-6/4
Tobin Amanda D O Neil Chris 4/6-6/1-6/0
Fox Rayni D Marsikova Regina 4/6-7/6-7/5
Sawyer Mary D Doerner Cynthia 6/3-5/7-9/7
Turner Bowrey Lesley D Gregory Nerida 6/3-6/3
Marzano Daniela D Franta Val 6/4-7/6
Fromholtz Dianne D Wilton Jan 6/2-6/2

Mar 31st, 2011, 11:48 AM
2 Round
Reid Melville D O Neill Lehane 6/2-6/3
Turnbull D Ebbinghaus 6/3-2/6-7/5
Ruzici D Whytcross 7/5-6/1
Tomanova D Gurdal 6/3-7/5
Krantzcke D Gourlay 6/4-6/4
Tobin A D Fox Rayni 4/6-6/3-7/5
Turner Bowrey D Sawyer Mary 6/2-6/4
Fromholtz D Marzano 6/2-6/2

Reid Melville D Turnbull 6/4-6/4
Tomanova D Ruzici 6/3-4/6-9/7
Krantzcke D Tobin A 7/6-6/3
Fromholtz D Turner Bowrey 7/5-4/6-6/2

Reid Melville D Tomanova 6/3-6/3
Fromholtz D Krantzcke 6/4-6/3

Reid Melville Kerry D Fromholtz Dianne 3/6-6/2-6/3

Gourlay -nagelsen Betsy D Fromholtz -tomanova 6/4-6/1

Mar 31st, 2011, 11:50 AM
1976 Thread Is End...
My New Thread Will Be Results From 1972

Mar 31st, 2011, 12:55 PM
Richards D Stuart Betty Ann 6/1-6/4
Thomas Linda D Meyer Carrie 6/1-6/3
Latham Kate D Struthers 6/2-6/0
Susman Karen D Walsh 6/1-7/6

Richards D Thomas Linda 6/1-6/4
Susman Karen D Latham Kate 6/3-6/4

Susman Karen D Richards Renee 4/6-6/4-6/2

Martinez Ceci -beattie Mary Ann D Richards -stuart B 6/2-6/1

Wow! I would have loved to have watched this clash between Karen Susman and Renee Richards! Would have been fascinating :bounce:

Mar 31st, 2011, 03:45 PM
susman was still playing in 1976? even if it was off and on, part time? how old was she, and i guess she could still hit a ball if she could beat richards, walsh and latham. too bad well for us that is, that she decided years before to concentrate on family and marriage then a full time career where by now, women were actually making a good living playing tennis.

Apr 4th, 2011, 07:10 AM
susman was still playing in 1976? even if it was off and on, part time? how old was she, and i guess she could still hit a ball if she could beat richards, walsh and latham. too bad well for us that is, that she decided years before to concentrate on family and marriage then a full time career where by now, women were actually making a good living playing tennis.

I think Susman used those Hawaii tournaments as a way to gauge if she could return to the pro tour. She did, albeit briefly. She did play at Wimbledon the following year, which was 15 years after her singles run. She teamed up with Billie Jean, who partnered her to the doubles title. They lost in the 2R of Wimbledon doubles that year to Bostrom and Mary Carillo. Probably the biggest win of Mary's career!

May 17th, 2011, 04:44 PM
Hi Rollo
Don T Forget Thread 1976 .....
Thanks Miguel See You Soon

May 17th, 2011, 11:00 PM
Hi Rollo
Don T Forget Thread 1976 .....
Thanks Miguel See You Soon

I am behind you Miguel. You kept me busy (in a good way of course) with 1926;)

May 18th, 2011, 03:15 PM
All results from this thread have been copied. Over the next month and half I'll edit the new thread and see what I can add to Ugarte's wonderful detailed events.

Thank you ever so much Miguel:hatoff:

May 19th, 2011, 10:08 AM
Nice Tournament Cote D Azur April 5-11 Clay

1 Round
Lovera Gail Sheriff D Simmonds Sabina 6/3-6/1
Van Haver Monique D Zoni Manuela Ita 2/6-7/6-6/3
Dignam Erin D De Roubin Odile 4/6-6/4-6/3
Ebbinghaus Katja D Guedy Florence 7/5-6/3
Fuchs Nathalie D Rosa Antonella 6/4-6/0
Marzano Daniela Porzio D Venturino Jehanne 7/5-6/3
Darmon Rosa Maria D Walker Jenny Aus 6/3-6/2
Bonicelli Fiorella D Creydt Cora 6/2-2/6-6/0
Bohm Nina D Masthoff Helga 6/2-7/6
O Neil Christine D Nasuelli Maria 6/3-6/1
Dupuy Perrine D Pericoli Lea W.0
Simon Brigitte D Klein Beatrix Hun 4/6-6/3-6/3
Salfati Di Maso Monique D Eisterlehner Heidi 6/1-6/1
Szabo Eva Hun D Ekblom Elizabeth 6/0-6/2
Gurdal Michele D Thibault Frederique 6/3-6/2
Guedy Florence D Zeeman Carol Sheriff 6/4-6/3

Something is wrong here - Florence Guedy lost in R1 to Ebbinghaus, but also won R1, R2 and then lost in quarters. Probably someone else lost in Round 1 to Katja Ebbinghaus.