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Wild Cards are those players chosen by the Tournament Director to fill designated spots in the draw. The only restrictions on Wild Cards are for players who have already use the Maximum number of Wild Cards allowed in a Tour Year, and those players ineligible to receive a Wild Card due to restrictions set forth in the Sanex WTA Age Eligibility Rule. By reason of the foregoing, Wild Cards are not considered official until approved by the Tour. A Wild Card may be seeded, based on Sanex WTA seeding proceedings.

<ul type="square"> a. Each Tour Tournament, exclusive of the Grand Slams and the Championships, will receive an additional Wild Card spot to be called the “Exempt Wild Card”, based on the following: If a Tournament does not have Contractual Player Commitment or loses Contractual Player Commitment prior to the start of the Tournament, the Exempt Wild Card will be first used by the Tour to move a Gold Exempt Player into the Main Draw of a Tournament who fulfils Contractual Player Commitment. If the Tour does not use Exempt Wild Card, the Exempt Wild Card may be used by the Tournament Director to be awarded only to a Gold or Silver Exempt Player who must be ranked in the Top 100 singles ranking used for player movement in order to be eligible for the wild card. i. The Tournament Director must advise the Sanex WTA or the Sanex WTA Tour <br />Supervisor in writing of the singles Wild Card nominations and alternate Wild Card nominations by 4:00pm the day of Qualifying sign-in. If there is no Qualifying event, Wild Card nominations must be made in writing by Friday by 4:00pm the week preceding The Tournament, or by the day before the draw is made, whichever comes first. Wild Cards named by the Tournament Director prior to the deadline will be tentative until the Qualifying sign-in deadline. If at any time prior to the scheduled start of Qualifying, a Wild Card or Wild Card team into the Qualifying or Main Draw based upon her or their computer ranking or if a tentative Wild Card has withdrawn from the Tournament and an alternate Wild Card or Wild Card team was named prior to the Wild Card deadline, the Tournament Director will be allowed to fill the vacated Wild Card spot with his alternate Wild Card.

NOTE: If a Main Draw Wild Card withdraws before the start of the Main Draw and before the Qualifying sign-in, the Tournament has reasonable time until the start of the Main Draw to name an alternate Wild Card. In this case the alternate Wild Card does not need to be named prior to the Wild Card nominations deadline. The new Wild Card cannot be a player participating in the qualifying. If the Tournament does not name another Wild Card, a Lucky Loser will fill the open spot.

If the ranking of the alternate Wild Card (current ranking used to determine seedings) is high enough to be seeded, the seeds will be adjusted accordingly. The leas amount of seed movement will be done with the formerly “last seed” to fill the open spot created by the withdrawal of the original non-seeded wild card.

NOTE: At events where there is no on-site alternates, openings in the draw may be filled by additional Wild Cards. Players/teams waiting to get in to the draw as additional tournament wild cards must sign in with the Supervisor / Referee before the scheduled start of playing each day to be eligible for any openings in the draw that day. The maximum number of Wild Cards any player may receive into a Sanex WTA Tour singles event during a Tour Year is six (6) with a maximum of three (3) allowed in the Main Draw. The following exceptions apply to both singles and doubles Wild Cards where indicated.

1. Gold Exempt Players may receive an unlimited number of Wild Card nominations.<br />2. Silver Exempt Players may receive a total of seven (7) singles and seven (7) doubles wild cards. A maximum of five (5) singles and five (5) doubles may be used in a main draw in both singles and doubles.<br />3. Players who have competed on the Tour Tournaments for ten (10) years or more (not necessarily consecutively) will be allowed three(3) additional Wild Cards, either in Main Draw or in Qualifying.<br />4. Any player who is a past singles champion of a Grand Slam or Tour Championship will be allowed an unlimited number of Singles Main Draw Wild Card nominations.<br />5. Any player who is a past champion of a Grand Slam or the Championship Women’s Doubles title will be allowed an unlimited number of Wild Card nominations.<br />6. Pursuant to the Age Eligibility Rule, players under the age of 18 are restricted in the number and level of Wild Cards the may receive.<br />7. As to the Exempt Wild Card, Gold Exempt Players #14-20 and Silver Exempt Players may only be awarded the Exempt Wild Card a maximum of three (3) times during a Tour Year.<br />8. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Sanex WTA Tour has the sole discretion to select the 16th player in the singles draw of the Championships.<br />9. In Order for a Gold/Silver Exempt Player to be eligible for the Exempt Wild Card, she must be ranked in the Top 100 singles on the rankings used for player movement.[/list]

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