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Jan 17th, 2011, 11:23 PM
Had a great day 1 at the open! Colder than normal and the light rain stopeed play for like 2 mins maybe twice but very lucky.
Started with Schiavone and Parra. Like them both so wasn't sure who to go for. Parra is really skinny. Frannie looked a little out of sorts and Aranta was the first to take the intiative better more often. Domingues, MJMS and Nuria watched on.
I left after the first set and wondered around. Looking for Julien Bennetue but he was a late withdrawal :(
I ended watched some of Gallovits and Goerges. This was a realy good match, Raymond watched and at the end of the match was asked Julia's coach what she was saying to him! Goerges is really beautiful and has a great figure for tennis. She has a good game, made a few errors when -she pressed today. Eddy G-H is always god to watch -for me- has god variety- just gets overpowered though.
Walked arund to see Marino and her coached all sitting at a table outside court 14 (near a tilet) Strange place for pet talk?
Headed over to wqatch Cuevas and Gil. Watched a lot of this match. Cuevas initially dind't look interested at all and down and set and a break I was thinking he was going to lose the 2nd and just tank. Well he just setepped it up. It was sad bc he was the agrresor and he didnt win. Suarez N watched parts of it.
Headed over to see Marino, as I have never seen her live.(nor Namigata) In the first set she was awesome. Just swinging and hitting and I was thinking, if she can stay focused & fit, here comes the top 30. Great to watch. As for Namigata, she was like a Sawamastu & rika Hiraki clone. She has obvioulsy worked hard and at the ripe old ages of 28 made it to her first gs direct entry so good on her but I can't see her progressing much more. I left the match and went back to see the end of Cililkova nd Kerber. Both seem like unhappy ladies. Not that much to report.
Checked out Li and Arvidsson. Li up and set a break. I love Sofia and am often cirtical of her but she looks really fit. She wwas also really focused. The chinese vs swede crowd was fun. Li just had the extra firepower and speed to defeat a galant Sofia. Sofia could have won that 2nd set you know. Who knows if she won it what would have happened?
Cack to Cuevas, who in the 4th set called for a trainer for a sit quad. Lets just say, the trainer would have no problem finding his 3rd leg if you know what i mean:D No delicate way to say this but man, has anyone noticed? get some better support dude! Anyways, wandered back to see the last few games of Schiavone and Parra, Franny just to consistant in the end. Benot Paire, to prepare for his match, wanders around. I think he may be like a lot of the other good looking, highly talented frechman and may lack focus which may not let see him forfil his potential. (Di pasquale, Moncourt (rip)PH Mathieu, julien)
Watched Harrison, next big hope of USA just being outclassed by another flashy and talented Frenchmasn, Mannarino. Ryan, very fit, very A rod, has a great game, maybe needs a biogger weapon?
Back to the 3 legged man, Cuevas. The last set, he could hardly play. Trying to hot winners off every shot. Some worked, some not. Gil is tenacious and watched by his countryman Machado - who is alos v shoirt and slight, just got over the line. He was v happy.
Went back to see Marino- who had lost her way, finally re gain control and finish of Namigata.
Saw some of scheepers and spre,m. Chanelle looks fitter than ever, but is still very much a counterpuncher. Not that I have been a massive fan of hers but Sprem is such a waste of talent. Why oh why hasn't she got a coach, a good coach, to get her to the top 20 where she belongs. I watched her in Vienna in 2003 beating Vera, and she was such a fearless and amazing ball striker. Now she is a timid mess. Liek she looks like she doesnt want tobe there. So love, either get a coach, use your talent or f off.

Similar story to Paszek- who is still young.
Watched her match against Vania. Vania tries so hard and is a clever player. I really like her. (and also feel sorry for bc of that evil mary-moll Fernandez stoppping her play fed cup) Pazsek is such a Sprem. A few years back, no fear in hitting, so whilst she is fitter, she has lost that enginma.

Watched the last few ghames of Tax's career. Marion really is the fittest ever. She looked relly good. Tax, too actually!
Was really keen to watch Pous-Tio, having not seen her play for like 5 ot 6 years. She is a real honey, so sweet. Laura Thorpe and her mum watched on. She is a great counterpuncher, and the young russian just had too much power 9and massive hair) for her. Sad times.
Watched Kamke lose, Pivoranova watched on, along with her dirty texting- coach or whatever. Like don't want to sound like I was snooping but the guy with her was fully sexting a 'Sarah Melbourne'. Good luck to you Sarah melbourne :)
Keen to watch Aravene and Babsi. Rezai looked very timid and showed no variuety in the first set. She hits it hard but Babsi was there ad loved the pace. Before you knew it, 6-0. Nicky Escude (very feminie, is he gay??) aweful Aliex Fusai, Emilie loit (who herself beat rezai only 3 years ago on the ajoining court) paracite Dechume all watched on. 2nd set, Babsi -winning- starts to complain about lightest of rain. rRezai playes a bit more clever- Babsi looses it. Racquets everywhere. 3rd set Rarvane gets to 2-0 so you think it is all over before going back into her shell. Strycova yells at crowds- who was very pro Rezai- slammes raqcuet but gets a win/
Also watched Baltacha and Hampton. (Sofia there too) Hampton is a clever player. Baltahcer taller and fitter than I thought. Gutsyu match from both.
Watched Paire- he is so what you expect. Awesome pyyshique (.....for tennis??) tall leab and athletic. Great firepower, very flashy. You can see why FFT haven't given him wilcards until now. Maybe they are trying to make him more hungry. After a couple of terrivbl;e losses this yar, he was on fire toDAY....watched by di pasquale!
Saw Keovthavong and Rodinona- very much like her sister- Anne certainly goes for it a lot more- was a good match. Sofia A also there.
Mattek Sands and Rus- Rus looks a bit like Sweet Carooline. She is an awkwrd lefty. Matek couldnt handle to changes in pace, spin last night.
Finsiehd up 9.30pm...late nights!
Ok 10.20am here now, better get my skates on for day 2. Hope you enjoyed!

Jan 18th, 2011, 01:04 AM
Thanks :)
Can you evaluate on Sprem? How did she play? :unsure:
Was Marcos watching her? :p

Jan 18th, 2011, 12:37 PM
Thanks for the report :)

Jan 18th, 2011, 02:29 PM
young russian just had too much power and massive hair :lol:

Pazsek is such a Sprem :lol:

Jan 18th, 2011, 02:38 PM
Thanks for telling us about the brits :)

Yellow Moon
Jan 18th, 2011, 11:23 PM
thx 4 the report, hos :hatoff:
Babsi is so funny when venting steam and smacking rackets everywhere :lol:. Got any pics?