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Nov 4th, 2010, 08:52 AM
def (28)Martinez Sanchez (2/6 6/1 6/4) - Fed Cup: After 2 devestation loses to MJMS, Sam finally gets on the board leading Aus to a victory over Spain in their WG2 Match...

def (8)Jankovic (6/1 7/6[7]) - Miami R16: After her lost to Jankovic just the week before in Indian Wells, Stosur started off strong and then held off a fight back to have her first Top 10 win of the year...

def (22)Zvonareva (6/0 6/3) - Charleston F Winning her biggest title of her career with a demolishing of the now No/2 Zvonareva (and might I say causing the biggest tantrum of the year as well)...

def (23)Henin (2/6 6/1 6/4) - RG R16: I what was set out as the 'impossible' road to the title, Stosur avenged her Stutgartt final, ended the "Clay-GOAT" 23 match record at RG, in what will become to be known as the passing of the Clay tourch...

def (1)S. Williams (6/2 6/7[2] 8/6) - RG QF: Proving that the def of Henin was not a fluke, Sam followed it up with her first victory over a reigning No/1, saving MP and making it to back-to-back RG SF's...

def (4)Jankovic (6/1 6/2) - RG SF: In what was suppose to be a pretty even match on paper (with both having def's over the other earlier in the year), this was Sam's easiest victory at RG and made her first final...

def (12)Dementieva (6/3 2/6 7/6[2]) - US Open R16: In what is one of the matches of the year, Stosur and Dementieva last past 1 am (the lastest EVER match at the US Open), slugging it out, matching winner for winner, saving 5 MP's and converting (i think) on her second MP...

def (6)Schiavone (6/4 6/4) - YEC RR: In the RG Championship Rematch, Stosur Came away with the victory after trialing 0/4 in the first set...

def (1)Wozniacki (6/4 6/3) - YEC RR: Stosur's second victory over the No/1 player, Stosur dominated with her massive forehand, braking down the 'grate wall of Denmark'...

Nov 4th, 2010, 08:57 AM
Best in terms of dominance: Zvon in Charleston
Best in terms of performance: Dementieva in US Open / Williams at RG\

My fav would be Dementieva at US... Sam was hitting a lot of winners, her backhand was working, saving 5 MP'swith some guttsy and spectacular winners, defeating a great returner/defender and someone who is competant off both wings (something that Sam has trouble with), and Elena was playing phanominally...
GREAT overall peformance from both players and Sam just stepped it up at the right moment!!!

Nov 4th, 2010, 09:11 AM
I watched many of these live: MJMS, Zvonareva, Henin (her loss in Germany and then her win in RG), Serena, Dementieva...

But I picked the final against Zvonareva. It was simply awesome. An amazing way to claim her 2nd title when winning finals had been a problem for so long. I loved the spack-attack that Vera had. And when I watched the repeat my and my nephew-in-law pissed ourselves laughing because the American commentator stumbled over his words when Vera smashed her racquet. He tried to say that her racquet 'bears the brunt of her frustrations' but he actually said 'bears the c*nt of her frustrations'. Haha... it was so funny... we replayed it about 20 times.

Thanks for all the great memories this year Sam!

Nov 4th, 2010, 10:18 AM
I have to say her win against Serena is the best for me. World No.1, No.1 seed, all time legend on Centre Court in a Grand Slam quarter final. Played great for a set and a half, saved match point and ended up winning an epic encounter

Nov 4th, 2010, 10:51 AM
Wow, that's tough http://www.vvdrienerlo.nl/smileys/71.gif
I hesitated between the fantastic match against Serena in RG, the epic win against Elena at the US Open and her demonstration against Vera in Charleston. Those three matches were for me the best this season and it was hard to choose. I finally picked the Charleston Final http://www.vvdrienerlo.nl/smileys/61.gif Sam was sooo in the zone that day, hitting winners after winners, everything was just clicking perfectly, it was a pure delight to follow that match http://www.vvdrienerlo.nl/smileys/worship.gif

Nov 4th, 2010, 06:38 PM
It has to be Serena for me :worship: After winning vs henin she could have thought she has done enough and relax, but she played another incredible match under the pressure to perform at RG better than the previous year and won over a monster of a player who to me is the hardest one to beat in WTA.

Nov 4th, 2010, 10:59 PM
Wow tough poll. I love ALL the victories! They remind me of what an amazing year Sam has had.

I voted for her win against Serena. To me it's the significance of beating Serena Williams (then world no. 1 and undeniably still the best player on tour) at a Grand Slam. Serena's strike rate at Grand Slams is so good there is only a select few who can upset her, even if it's the French. The dramatic match and match point saved are simply icing on the cake.

Sam's Charleston final victory and 4th round win over Dementieva are close behind. I probably like Charleston better because it was so dominating and the shots were just phenomenal, incredibly deep and kicking high. And the win sealed her 2nd title. USO win is more bittersweet because I like Dementieva and looking back it was her final shot at a Grand Slam.

After these three, I'd say her wins over Henin at the French and Wozniacki at Doha were also fantastic. Henin is a legend on clay, and the win is all the more satisfying since Sam lost in Stuttgart. Wozniacki is the world no. 1 and one of the most in-form player coming into Doha - and Sam gave her a tennis lesson. :hearts:

That rounds out my top 5. :)

Nov 5th, 2010, 02:12 AM
Oh god this is so difficult to pick a winner :lol: All of these wins have been breakthroughs for her, whatever shape & form.

After a lot of consideration, I' am going to go with her win against Vera in the Charleston final :) She pretty much played the perfect match. Her forehand & serve were working a treat, her backhand was solid & her focus & composure was just at its best. I mean Vera really couldn't do much to stop Sam's phenomenal play, even she threw a few loopy shots at times & Sam would just hit them with the same ferocity on the forehand & eventually won the point. Plus I mentioned Sam's focus & composure. Even when Vera came back & made it 3-3 all in the 2nd set (could be wrong), it did not deter Sam one bit & she came out & won the last 3 games to seal it. So that in my eyes showed how focused & composed she was, & what impressed me was that she did not panic.

But I mean she showed great focus & composure during those epic matches against Justine, Serena, Elena & even that match at the YEC against Fran where she trailed 4-0, just did not panic at all. So my Top 5 in order:

1. Charleston Final win over Vera
2. US Open 4R win over Elena
3. French Open QF win over Serena
4. French Open 4R win over Justine
5. YEC RR win over Fran (overcame some scar tissue there)

Nov 5th, 2010, 03:06 PM
I would have to say the win against Serena in RG. I don't think any of us expected her to win, especially after that win against Justine. To play against two of the best back-to-back in a Grand Slam and win wasn't something I thought she could do. And lets face it - after she lost the second set, all seemed lost. She came back and showed how strong she is mentally. As an added bonus, a lot of people outside the Smash 'em Sam family respect her so much more after that match.

Well that was hard to choose :lol:. The match against Bepa in Charleston and the match against Justine in RG were close seconds.

Nov 13th, 2010, 07:52 PM
Tough to choose! I ended up voting for her RG QF win against S. Williams. The sweet revenge against Schiavone in YEC was a close runner-up for me.:)

Nov 14th, 2010, 02:10 AM
Her win against Serena, RG QF.
Charleston a close second.

Nov 14th, 2010, 03:47 AM
1. Henin (RG) - Argubably the big first hurdle on massive run at RG, this win must of given her a lot of confidenece and fought hard when a set down and then 3-4 0-30 in the last set. Beating a 4-time champ at RG, incredible achievement
2. Williams (RG) - Obivous reasons here, saving match point, Serena a superstar in her own right and then of course those two points we will never forget at 6-6 15-30 to help break Serena's serve and close out the match.
3. Vera (Charleston) - A big title win in such convinving fashion, green clay suits her game nicely.
4. Elena (USO) - Saving those match points on a court she hadn't done particularly well in the past, primetime in that stadium, actually shows a lot of mental strength. If it wasn't for a horrific 3rd set against Clisjters, this might rate higher.

Tough to seperate the 4 though.