View Full Version : Any decent exhibition events in Europe after Christmas?

Sep 26th, 2010, 11:37 AM
Does anyone know of any decent exhibition events (or even domestic indoors championships) in Europe (or even the Canary Islands) during the week after Christmas?
My firm closes down between Xmas & New Year, so am looking for somewhere to go on holiday for a few days (probably from 27/12 - 02/01) and hope to combine with watching some tennis.
My options at the moment are looking a bit limited:
a junior tennis Europe tournament in Paris, that has admitted has some good winners in the past. However, the venue seems to be one of those "bubble" type things that often have limited spectator areas.
a 16s national tour in Bolton (normally an 18s in Welwyn that week, but not this year)
In previous years, I've read about an Irish indoor champs in Dublin around that time of year, but can't find anything mentioning it on the Tennis Ireland website