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Oct 18th, 2002, 05:31 PM
Very painful defeat for the Belgian, a two set loss against a direct competitor, yet again no Tier 1 title and a missed chance to take #4.... Will she ever be able to make it to the absolute top ?

Kim should definitely now call it a day at the Seat Open...

Oct 18th, 2002, 05:39 PM

Oct 18th, 2002, 05:40 PM
Well I don't think it's a bad loss at all considering she beat Linds in 3 sets then Amelie the next day in three sets, then Hantuchova the day after that in 3 sets. Then she played Bedanova with a cold and then coetzer only to have to face a fresh Davenport who only had to play Panova two days ago! Lindsay is getting first round byes still and Kim played two pretty tight sets.

Oct 18th, 2002, 05:41 PM
supremeross, do you have anything positive to add to the board since alex has lost and the williams are skipping the entire fall?

Oct 18th, 2002, 05:43 PM
that's not a bad loss!!!without injury Lindsay would stay still in top 5 and u know it well.so u shouldnt complain about Kim cos she lost to a champion,and she did fight as always so i think u have to admire her!

Oct 18th, 2002, 05:56 PM
yeah she is embrassing and should retire right away :rolleyes:


Oct 18th, 2002, 05:58 PM
Gopher, stop seeing things on the dark side! She lost to Davenport! Big deal! She won so many matches in a row, no wonder she's tired! Let the girl take some days off and prepare for LUX!

Congrats Davenport & good luck Kim in Luxembourg :)

Oct 18th, 2002, 06:01 PM
gopher...may be you should start supporting Serena..then you know your favourite will win almost everything :rolleyes:

Kim lost against Lindsay Davenport, ex-number 1 and on her way back to the absolute top... so please stop this crap.

Oct 18th, 2002, 06:02 PM
Originally posted by gopher
yet again no Tier 1 title and a missed chance to take #4

I thought Kremlin is a Tier 1?
She must be feeling run down.

Losing to Lindsay is not a bad thing. I believe she is the best after the sisters.

Oct 18th, 2002, 06:03 PM
I was quite shocked as she's beaten Lindsay the last 3 times they have played!

Oct 18th, 2002, 06:04 PM
euhm Kremlin is won by Maleeva right?

Oct 18th, 2002, 06:08 PM
Kim will get her tier 1 or grand slam :)

Oct 18th, 2002, 07:00 PM
off course she will!

Serendy Willick
Oct 18th, 2002, 07:38 PM
What the heck?! Kim beat Davenport last week and will most likley beat her again in the future. This is what makes me mad about some people, they expect these players to be machines. GREAT JOB KIM REST AND GET READY TO KICK BOOTAY IN Luxembourg!

Oct 18th, 2002, 08:29 PM
Kim could have won the match, but I think her and Dani are probably still mentally tired from last week (thus both lost, though Dani nearly won). Don't worry, both will bounce back.

Oct 18th, 2002, 08:40 PM
I'm more surprise when Lindsay loses to Kim, not vice versa.

Oct 18th, 2002, 09:05 PM
yes Victory me too! :)

Oct 18th, 2002, 09:14 PM
Originally posted by per4ever
euhm Kremlin is won by Maleeva right?

Oh thanks! It was Porsche Kim won.:)

Oct 18th, 2002, 11:04 PM
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

gopher....your comments are just ridicilous....I hope you're just saying this to get attention and not because you actually take yourself serious....off course pathetic in both ways....but the first reason is somewhat less dumb :o :rolleyes:

NO ONE agrees with you....you're all alone on your litlle bash-island :rolleyes:

Oct 19th, 2002, 12:57 AM
They should follow Serena and Venus's and take the Fall off....Oh I forgot they can't afford to do that both financially and in terms of point. he he. That's why they are the queen and princess.

Oct 19th, 2002, 03:07 AM
Originally posted by Monica_Rules
I was quite shocked as she's beaten Lindsay the last 3 times they have played!

Before this, she beat Lindsay the last two times they played, not three.

Oct 19th, 2002, 03:47 AM
irma - lol, i absolutely agree.

victory - yes, im w/ ya there too. i find it more surprising when lindsay loses to kim, not the other way around. but then again, that's just me. granted, im biased, but hey, so are ALL the kim fans in this thread, so don't even tell me :rolleyes: