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Sep 4th, 2010, 02:43 PM
Rollo and I have been discussing having a consistent set of country abbreviations. Since the Results sections focus on events prior to the adoption of the computer and the standardized three letter abbreviations, we both generally preferred the abbreviations used by World Tennis duirng the previous era. (Not that WT was particularly consistent). So here is a proposed list for your consideration:

Algeria Alg
Argentina Arg
Austria Ast
Australia Aus
Barbados Bar
Belgium Bel
Bermuda Ber
Brazil Brz
Bulgaria Bul
Canada Can
Ceylon Cey
Chile Chl
China Chn
Colombia Col
Costa Rica C.R.
Cuba Cub
Cyprus Cyp
Czecholslovakia Cz
Denmark Den
Ecuador Ec
East Germany E. Ger.
Egypt Egy
Estonia Est
Finland Fin
France Fr
Great Britain GB
(West) Germany Ger
Grece Gre
Guatemala Gua
Guyana Guy
Hungary Hun
India Ind
Indonesia Indo
Ireland Irl
Israel Isr
Italy It
Jamaica Jam
Japan Jpn
Kenya Ken
South Korea Kor
Lebanon Leb
Luxembourg Lux
Malaysia/Malaya Mal
Mexico Mex
Monaco Mon
Morocco Mor
Netherlands Antilles Neth.Ant.
Norway Nor
Netherlands Neth
New Zealand NZ
Pakistan Pak
Palestine Pal
Panama Pan
Peru Per
Philippines Phil
Poland Pol
Portugal Por
Puerto Rico PR
Rhodesia Rho
Romania Rom
Russia Rus Rus
South Africa SA
San Marino S.M.
Spain Sp
Sri Lanka Sri
Sweden Swd
Switzerland Swz
Taiwan Tai
Thailand Thai
Trinidad Tri
Tunisia Tun
Turkey Tur
Uruguay Ur
United States US
Venezuela Ven
Yugolsavia Yug