View Full Version : Jr. Wimby QF: Kristyna Pliskova def Sloane Stephens 4:6 6:1 9:7

Caipirinha Guy
Jul 1st, 2010, 12:13 PM
Tough match, well done Kristyna! :worship:
Sloane :hug: well faught

Jul 1st, 2010, 12:19 PM
Sloane :sad: you had GP's for an 8-7 lead

Rising Sun
Jul 1st, 2010, 12:20 PM
Oh Sloane... :banghead:

Jul 1st, 2010, 12:22 PM
Who is this Sloane? Nice fight :hug:

Kristyna :yeah:

Jul 1st, 2010, 12:40 PM
Who is this Sloane? Nice fight :hug:

Kristyna :yeah:

Sloane Stephens? She was born in March of 93 I guess first splash she made in tennis (juniors) was last year around RG time, won a big tournament (Madrid) then made RG SF in juniors, then this year was given QWC into IW and beat Voracova and Para Santonja to qualify and then in MD beat Hradecka. Against Zvonareva lost 4 & 5. And then right before RG this year lost in the F of a 25k to Oprandi.. She's a good young American on the rise currently ranked 307

Jul 1st, 2010, 12:57 PM
Damn, Sloane :sad: but good job beating Timea :) but I'm sad Timea has to be out as well :o.

Hopefully Kristyna can win it all now :yeah:.

Jul 1st, 2010, 01:02 PM
Sloane :sad:

Jul 1st, 2010, 01:03 PM
Bye bye Sloane.

Jul 1st, 2010, 02:23 PM
Sloane :awww::hug:
But keep on working, you're getting there.

Jul 1st, 2010, 02:34 PM
kris :cheer: well done!

Jul 1st, 2010, 03:16 PM
Nice job Kristyna, this is 10th grass win in a row :worship:
Hope she could beat Yulia and get into the final

Jul 1st, 2010, 03:21 PM
I knew that this would be close but not this close. :eek:

So glad that Kris was able to tough this out, a huge win. Her ballbashing working a treat on the grass :yeah:. Shame for Sloane though, but i'm sure she'll have much better success on hard where she's more comfortable. Now kill the bitch, Kris! I'll be there.

Jul 1st, 2010, 03:22 PM
^^ Take some pictures xD

Jul 1st, 2010, 03:25 PM
^^ Take some pictures xD
I will.

None of the bitch though, or else i'll end up throwing my camera at her.

Jul 1st, 2010, 03:28 PM
hahahah just take shots of Kristyna. I don't care about Yulia, but if she won match, I will throw camera at her, too :)