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Tennis Fool
Jun 28th, 2010, 11:56 PM
I know Petra is not fluent in English, but it's funny to read her repetitive tics of "so", like Rafa says "no?" and Capriati used to say, "like". :lol:

P. Kvitova - 28 June 2010
Monday, 28 June 2010
Q. Great match today. Can I just ask, why are you such a dangerous opponent on grass?

PETRA KVITOVA: So I play very well on the grass, and I play very fast. So she didn't play her game, so maybe that's why was quick.

Q. Are there any particular shots that you were pleased with today? Was anything working well in particular?

PETRA KVITOVA: So it was working, every shot.

Q. Everything?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, the serve was great, and also my fast game from the baseline, so...

Q. What are your thoughts on your next match against Kanepi?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, we'll see. Kanepi play very well right now. We play already three times, I think. Two I lost and one I won.

So we will see. It will be tough match, but it's open, the match.

Q. We don't know you very well. Can you tell us a little bit who you are.

PETRA KVITOVA: So I was born in Bilovec, Fulnek is my residence, and I'm practicing in Prostejov. I am practicing also with Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova.

Q. There is a challenger in Prostejov?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, yeah.

Q. There is an academy, too?

PETRA KVITOVA: It's the big tennis center in the Czech, so...

Q. The national tennis center?


Q. So you practice with Lucie Safarova and Berdych?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, in the same club.

Q. The name of your coach is in the media guide, or you have a new one?

PETRA KVITOVA: I don't know if it's in the media, but it's David Kotyza.

Q. Did you expect to be so good at this tournament? Did you improve your practice specially for this tournament?

PETRA KVITOVA: I did just practicing my serve. But, yeah, I practiced a lot. Now it's good.

Q. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

PETRA KVITOVA: So I don't know. (Laughing.) The weaknesses, I think it's my fast game from baseline, and my left‑handed on the serve on the grass.

And I don't know what is worst. Maybe moving on the court. Yeah.

Q. What does Wimbledon mean to you? This is your best Grand Slam so far. How special is it?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, it's playing on the grass, what is special, and special indoor season, so it's nice here.

And also, the Wimbledon has traditional, so it's nice to be here.

Q. Are you close to Safarova? You are good friends?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, we are good friends. We play also the Fed Cup together. Yeah, she's nice. And yeah.

Jun 29th, 2010, 12:21 AM
Petra's broken English is so endearing. :hug:

Jun 29th, 2010, 01:59 AM
Journalists would get so much more out of interviewing girls like Petra if they would just hire a translator. She obviously has problems expressing herself in English, so why get half an interview when you could just get a full one?

Jun 29th, 2010, 02:35 AM
Lady soso

Jun 29th, 2010, 03:45 AM
You can add Clijsters' you knows the to list.

Jun 29th, 2010, 04:15 AM

I think it's because she's Czech. They say 'tak' (which means 'so') about 97562 times per sentence, I guess it's normal for her to say it.

Jun 29th, 2010, 04:17 AM
Horrible interview. They had no idea what to ask her.

Jun 29th, 2010, 07:04 AM
:rolls: That's SO cute. ;)

I really like Petra's game, have done for a little while. She seems to be a very nice girl. I think she has a new fan in me.

Tennis Fool
Jun 30th, 2010, 03:56 AM
So So Girl strikes again :hug:

P. Kvitova - 29 June 2010
Tuesday, 29 June 2010
Q. How did you feel when you had those matchpoints against you? Did you ever stop believing, or did you always think you'll get through the next point and carry on?

PETRA KVITOVA: So in fact I didn't thinking about she have the match point. So it was just ‑‑ I just thinking about what I can play in this ball. Yeah, it's enough.

Q. You've never won a tour match on grass before this tournament. Now you're in the semifinals. Did you practice much on grass before coming here, or did you just think, Grass, it's only a couple of weeks, we'll get on hard courts and my season can continue?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, I was playing in the 's‑Hertogenbosch. It was just one week on the grass before the coming here.

Now here, I don't know, I just try my best tennis play and I'm in semifinals. What is dream? I don't believe now. So, yeah.

Q. Was there a point during the match where you thought she was just playing too well, she was going to win, you had no chance?

PETRA KVITOVA: Of course I did. So I thought about it, I can lose and I go home and something.

But when I was in the match, I was trying not thinking about it and just be positive.

Q. Can you talk about the tiebreaker. She had three match points. You fought them off. Then you get into the third set where maybe you should have momentum, and all of a sudden it's 4‑0 for her. Can you talk about what you were thinking then?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, I don't know what's happening. So the tiebreak was very, very close. At the beginning of the third set, I was so tired like in the head and also the physical. I was really down.

And then if I was break her, it was just a new game, and just try the each point to win. So, but, I don't know what I can tell.

Q. When did you realize you had a great chance to win? Was it at the game where she served for the match and maybe got nervous?

PETRA KVITOVA: So I was 5‑2 down. I just knew that she can make some mistakes and it's my chance. So, yeah, it was just the break her. And then I got my serve. It was very close about the thinking I can win. So, yeah.

Q. You had such a comfortable win in the previous round against a much higher‑ranked opponent. Did that drain you emotionally for the start of this game?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, it was just one game in the first set. So it was just my serve. At the beginning, it was very nervous from myself. So, yeah.

Q. You were struggling on your service a lot.

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, unfortunately I played very bad my serve today. But without serve I won, so I don't believe also this.

Yeah, but, I was just try to playing and not thinking about my service because there was many double‑faults, yeah.

Q. When you beat Azarenka 6‑0 in the second set, she said, I think Petra, that girl, played the best tennis of her life. Do you feel like you can play that kind of level all the time?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, I think so. I play now very well, my best tennis in my life, my career. But it's very, very hard to stay on this level. So I have to be focused for each match, for each point.

Yeah, we will see what will be in the future.

Q. The future is against Serena, who has won 12 Grand Slam titles. She has a lot of experience. She's very good on grass. How do you go into that match and play your best and not get so nervous playing on the big court against her?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, she is very good player, and she won here I don't know how many times. I lost against her in the Australian Open. So it was very quick.

But, yeah, I'm not favorite, so I can play just my game and just play and enjoy. So we will see.

Q. Do you think you can win the tournament here? Do you think you can be Wimbledon champion?

PETRA KVITOVA: No, I don't think. I don't think so, no (laughter.)

Q. Why not?

PETRA KVITOVA: So maybe it's two matches. But, yeah, maybe I can lose in the Serena. I don't know what I can tell. I don't think so, yeah.

Q. Had you sought any advice from the last left‑handed Czech to win at Wimbledon, Martina?

PETRA KVITOVA: Martina? Yeah, I met her now and she congrats to me, so it's nice from her.

Q. Has she spoken to you throughout your career?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, of course she's nice. I know it.

Q. Has she given you advice over the last few years?


Q. Did you meet her today or yesterday?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, after the match.

Q. So she said, You have to serve and volley all the time?

PETRA KVITOVA: No, no (laughter.) No, unfortunately, no.

Q. Has Jana Novotna given you advice recently or over the years?


Q. Is Martina Navratilova a big hero for you?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah. She is legends. Yeah, it was my idol when I was small children.

Jun 30th, 2010, 03:59 AM
Daniela always answers with "definitely"

So would you agree that you never win important matches?

Have you underachieved?
Yeah, definitely.

Have any fans died because of your choking?
yeah definitely

Tennis Fool
Jun 30th, 2010, 04:10 AM
^ :lol: But she's Slovakian, the underachieving side of the former Czechoslavakia :p

Jun 30th, 2010, 05:40 AM
True :o
and the Czechs are the over achieving side :sobbing:

Jun 30th, 2010, 05:47 AM
Petra :hearts: Thats so cute..