View Full Version : WWW Wimbledon Q3: Mirjana Lucic vs. Michaella Krajicek

Jun 16th, 2010, 06:27 PM
...and make MD. Both need the win. Make your prediction!

jimbo mack
Jun 16th, 2010, 06:33 PM
head says krajicek

hearts wants lucic

either way the qualifying has been a success for mirjana imo

Jun 16th, 2010, 06:33 PM
Rooting for Lucic to win, and Krajicek to make it as LL.

Jun 16th, 2010, 06:34 PM
Misa 6-4 5-7 6-2

Jun 16th, 2010, 06:45 PM
shit draw when you look at other match-ups :mad:
really hope miki can pull through!

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:11 PM

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:18 PM
Hope Lucic! :scared:

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:20 PM
Misa 6-2 6-0 :)

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:21 PM
Shitty draw, they both should get to MD! :( I give a slight advantage to Misa.

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:24 PM
A win would mean everything to Mirjana and Misa!

Please Misa, take this match :sobbing:

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:41 PM
Lucic hopefully. Would be a much greater story than Krajicek, who is irrelevant.

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:43 PM
Rooting for Lucic to win, and Krajicek to make it as LL.
Moi aussi :D

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:54 PM
Please win Mirjana!

Jun 16th, 2010, 07:56 PM
Something very interesting is happening in Mirjana's career!
I've been following her since her comeback in 2007 and she has improved so much

I hope she can be around 100-120 at the end of the year

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:03 PM
Lucic 6-4 3-6 7-5. It will be close Lucic in overall better form.

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:34 PM
Lucic 7:6(4) 6:4

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:37 PM
Lucic in 3 tough sets :bounce:

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:39 PM

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:41 PM
I hope Mirjana!

Jun 16th, 2010, 08:50 PM
Lucic hopefully. Would be a much greater story than Krajicek, who is irrelevant.


Jun 16th, 2010, 10:05 PM
I haven't actually seen any of Misa's matches so I really only know half the story. I do know Mirjana will hold up her end of the match very well indeed however. Krajicek is going to have to play at a very high standard to beat her.

Nothing against Krajicek, who I'd also be happy to see get an LL spot, but having seen some of both of Lucic's last two matches I desparately want to see this girl where she belongs. And in the short term that means the main draw of Wimbledon. And in the slightly longer term it means the top 100 and eventually the top 50.

Jun 16th, 2010, 10:12 PM
I'll be happy for either player :) both could really use this win...

anyway I think Lucic will win in 3 sets :shrug:

Jun 16th, 2010, 10:25 PM
I hope with all my heart that Mirjana can pull this out, it would mean SO MUCH.

My gut says Misa is the favorite, though. :sad: Horrible draw for both of them.

Jun 16th, 2010, 11:15 PM
I think it depends which Mirjana turns up. Earlier this year she beat someone 6-1 6-0 then lost to the same player 7-5 6-0 a week later

Jun 16th, 2010, 11:46 PM
please qualify, Miki

Martian KC
Jun 17th, 2010, 12:27 AM
Come on Mirjana! So close to making it!!!!!!

Lord Choc Ice
Jun 17th, 2010, 01:37 AM
I think Lucic.

Jun 17th, 2010, 01:47 AM
Rooting for Lucic to win, and Krajicek to make it as LL.
Likewise. But Lucic blew several close, important matches in her comeback attempts, and I think Misa will win in 3. Hope I'm wrong.

Jun 17th, 2010, 05:11 AM
Misa will win

Jun 17th, 2010, 09:05 AM
I'd rather see Lucic win, but unfortunately I think Krajicek will take it in 3. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Jun 17th, 2010, 09:44 AM
do not know:confused:

Jun 17th, 2010, 09:47 AM
I really like both, but want Lucic to win it a little more. Good luck Mirjana!

Jun 17th, 2010, 10:02 AM
Hopefully Lucic

Jun 17th, 2010, 10:07 AM
interesting match-up for sure. i think krajicek will win.

So Disrespectful
Jun 17th, 2010, 10:16 AM
I may be mistaken, but I don't think Krajicek plays her best tennis against flat-hitters. This is her best surface, but it's Mirjana's too, so the match should be close.

Jun 17th, 2010, 10:31 AM
Good luck Miki! :bounce:

Jun 17th, 2010, 12:24 PM
I hope Mirjana and I will be routing for her, but I think Krajicek will win...