View Full Version : 100 votes!

Oct 12th, 2002, 05:11 AM
Well looking at the weekly poll on the website (if you havent visited, click the banner on the top left corner ;)) we have now hit 100 votes!

I have purposefully left the poll going for months to see what the perception of Iva is in regards to her returning to the Top 10 (that and the fact Im too lazy to do another, j/k). Its funny that when she is slumping the no votes rise, and when she has some good wins the yes votes rise ;)

I actually think the results are a little kind! A clear 70% think she will not return, whilst 30% think she will! Yes I think that is a little kind to Iva ;) but its interesting to see! Either that or we have had multiple voters voting "yes" :p

Anyway, I of course voted yes *cough*. As a fan you always think positive, and she's been there once before so why not again? But obviously the Top 10 now is much tougher, so realistically it is propably out of reach. I definately say Top 20 and Top 15 (if Anna Smashnova can get there, Iva can...no offence Anna and fans), because we all know when in the zone Iva can beat almost anybody.

But anyway, I just felt like posting this :p It was a fun poll, so I hope people dont think I am a delusional fan waiting for the Top 10 like its going to come tomorrow, cos quite frankly no.10 or no.100 Iva is still the best :cool:

Master Lu
Oct 12th, 2002, 06:35 AM
well now that Rubin came back this year, everyone is preaching the second coming. I like Rubin, I really do, but I know Iva is a greater talent, and a greater player. So if 90% of people think Rubin should be in the top10, I can think Iva should.