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May 17th, 2010, 11:17 AM
July 2005
Wozniacki's first pro tournament (Cincinatti)

February 2006 - into top 1000!
An impressive performance at her 3rd pro tournament (Memphis) lifted Caro from well outside top 1000 into a position of approx. #461! Caro defeated K. Brandi and A. Harkleroad before losing to Sofia Arvidsson in QF. Arvidsson went on to win the tournament.

July 2007 - into top 100!
Caro progressed to 2nd round in Wimbledon - her 2nd GS tournament. Caro's performance lifted her from #103 to #88 in the rankings.

January 2008 - into top 50
Caro progressed to the 4th round in AO, which lifted her from # 64 to #45!

August 2008 - into top 20
Caro's second WTA title - in New Haven (unseeded!) - lifted her to #18 in the rankings.

May 2009 - into top 10!
Caro was runner up in Madrid (lost to Safina) and finally got the #10 spot in the rankings.

September 2009 - into top 5
Progressed to the final in the US open which lifted her to #6 in the rankings. A week later, Caro got the #5 spot when Kuznetsova fell from #4 to #6 after losing her points from Tokyo 2008.

February 2010 - #3!
Progressing to 4th round at AO (one round further than in 2009, when she lost to Dokic in 3rd) lifted Caro to #3 in the rankings.

March 2010 - #2!
Runner Up at Indian Wells lifted Caro to #2 in the world.

May 2010 - #3
Injuries and a poor performance in Madrid caused Caro to drop to #3.

June 2010 - #4
Wozniacki is not able to defend her 2009 Eastbourne title and drops to #4 in the rankings.

July 2010 - #3
Wozniacki reaches 4th round at Wimbledon which is equal to her 2009 performance. But Caro still rises to #3 in the world since Venus Williams has a poor Wimbledon and drops to #4.

August 2010 - #2
Caro is back at her career best #2 because Jankovic was unable to defend her 2009 title at Cincinnati.

October 2010 - #1
Serena Williams has not played a tournament since Wimbledon, so when Caro reached the QF at Beijing she overtook Serena's position as the new World No. 1. Caroline eventually won at Beijing. Prior to Beijing Caro has had two terrific months with tournament wins at Copenhagen, Montreal, New Haven, and Tokyo - and a SF at US Open!

Below is a graph of Caro's ranking progression compared with A. Radwanska's and Azarenka's rankings.

(EDIT: The reason I'm comparing Wozniacki with Azarenka and A. Radwanska is that I consider these three women the most talented player of the years 1989-1990. They all won Junior Grand slams (Vika and Aga two each), and at the year end Junior rankings 2005 they were ranked 1 (Vika), 2 (Aga), and 4 (Caro). More important though is that these are the only players of their generation who have been ranked in the top 10 (apart from the unfortunate and now retired Vaidisova). Because there are so many similarities between Aga, Caro, and Vika, it's obvious to compare them.

I like them all, and it's not my aim to prove who's better or more talented. They're all extremely talented, at no statistics can or should be used to prove othewise! But their careers may progress differently which the graph might indicate).


The graph is based upon the published ranking positions in Notes & Netcords from SEWTA's homepage. Those lists, of course, includes only top 100 rankings. The ranking positions outside of top 100 are based on the listed rankings in the player's h2h activies - also from SEWTA's homepage.

Wozniacki, A.Radwanska, & Azarenka ranking progression dates:

Position Wozniacki A.Radwanska Azarenka
Top 1000 FEB 2006 SEP 2004 APR 2004
Top 100 JUL 2007 SEP 2006 JUL 2006
Top 50 JAN 2008 JAN 2007 MAY 2007
Top 20 AUG 2008 FEB 2008 MAY 2008
Top 10 MAR 2009 JUL 2008 MAR 2009
Top 5 SEP 2009 ---- ----
No. 3 FEB 2010 ---- ----
No. 2 MAR 2010 ---- ----
No. 1 OCT 2010 ---- ----

Jul 11th, 2010, 02:41 PM
I've updated the graph with Caro's latest ranking ups- and downs.

Btw: Tv2 has made an overview of Caro's career highlights (http://sporten.tv2.dk/tennis/article.php/id-32084245:20-%C3%A5r-wozniackis-kometkarriere.html) as a celebration for her 20th birthday (in Danish).

Jul 11th, 2010, 06:37 PM
I've updated the graph with Caro's latest ranking ups- and downs.

Btw: Tv2 has made an overview of Caro's career highlights (http://sporten.tv2.dk/tennis/article.php/id-32084245:20-%C3%A5r-wozniackis-kometkarriere.html) as a celebration for her 20th birthday (in Danish).

Thanks for the link I have translated it and posted it on the Articles and Interviews Thread
Here Caroline's Comet Carrier (http://www.tennisforum.com/showthread.php?t=347308&page=10)

Oct 12th, 2010, 07:56 AM
First post updated with the new #1 ranking!

Oct 12th, 2010, 06:08 PM
nice work. thanks :)