View Full Version : Afinogenova lost again...

Oct 8th, 2002, 09:25 PM
... this time to worlds #632...

when did Katya win the last time?

where is her career going (if there is one)? was she overrated to start with?

Oct 8th, 2002, 09:41 PM
she was going ok then she got injured in June in QF vs Melissa Torres
it was her 1st match back
but i still expected her to win this match

Katya :sad:

the cat
Oct 9th, 2002, 01:24 AM
Katia's management team made the wrong decision leaving the juniors, where she would have gotten alot of easy wins and built her confidence. I just hope she hasn't become so mentally fragile because of all the losses.

And Katia supposedly signed a 10 year contract with Rick Macci a few years ago. That was a big mistake! :eek: She probably needs to change academies. What she's doing with Macci isn't working out. And that's a shame! :(