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Mar 1st, 2010, 08:50 AM
Hey guys,

I know many people here love tennis and love fashion equally as much (just by looking at the number of post regarding player's on and off court outfits). I'm exactly like that also and therefore, started my own blog on tennis and fashion. Although most entries are either explicitly about tennis or fashion, but as most of us know, the two often coincides and they have such a fun and interesting relationship, and I love posting interesting on court and off court fashion (most notably the fashionistas on the tour such as Venus, Serena, Maria...to the lesser ones Ana, Jelena, and dare I say Kuznetsova, who always brings something....intriguing)

I haven't had much tennis related blog post since February is kind of a dud, but good thing Venus won two tournaments, so you'll find a lot of fashion post recently. Once IW and Miami kicks in there will be more tennis related news, prediction, and comments.

Please check it out and give me some feedback, I also try to follow all the latest fashion weeks with trends or clothes that I think is cool, innovation, and just plain awesome. I'm trying to get some updates on Serena's signature collection and Venus' EleVen line.

The website is: http://myfavoritepasttime.blogspot.com