View Full Version : How does US scholarship dollars/yr compare to professional prize money/yr for women??

Feb 16th, 2010, 07:19 PM
Does anyone know how the dollar amount in year of US scholarships, compares to the amount of professional prize money in US based tournaments? This point came up in a discussion and google didn't bring up any ready anwers.

But as a starting point of calculations would it be true that

About 75 teams are fully funded with 8 scholarship athletes.
Another 50 teams on average are funded at a level of 6 athletes
Another 75 teams would on average be funded at 4 athletes.

And I could multiple that amount by an average tuition/cost of school.

Feb 16th, 2010, 08:59 PM
Div 1 Tennis scholarships are worth a min. of 40K per year, it costs at least that much a year to fund a player to travel, train and play on the pro tour. PRIZE MONEY does not even cover a fraction of those costs, (a 10K level pro circuit event will net the winner only 1600) If a young player turns down a college schoralship she is trading an education worth 160 - 200K for a lottery ticket on the pro tour where she can compete with girls from other countries who have quit school to train like pros in the 4th grade.

Feb 17th, 2010, 04:50 PM
# of schools with scholarships... Your estimates are low. Here is a better projection: Approx 310 D1 schools (it goes up and down a couple every year)

Of the 117 BCS football schools, atleast 110 offer full 8 scholarships; there are a few like Oregon State that do not offer tennis

110 BCS full 8 .. plus at least 40 Mid majors offer full 8 (like most Mountain West, alot of WAC, Conf USA, parts of Sun Belt, Big West, MAC, etc)

150 D1 offer the full 8 'at minimum'

70 Mid major offer 6-7 .. at least in state value

50 Mid majors offer 5 .. at least in state value

40 Mid majors that offer less than 5.. including Ivy's who really do completely fund but call it 'academic' scholarships.

Total D1 scholarships: Atleast 2000... or 500+ per year available

(Example: 1 Big West is fully funded at 8, 4 are 6-7 due to state funding cuts... the other four ar 5. Nobody offers less than 5)

Women's Tennis is fairly inexpensive to offer relative to other sports and Title IX makes it a popular sport for athletic departments to fund at minimal expense.

Depending on the school, a 4 year scholarship with housing is from $60K to $250K PLUS free training room medical care, free coaching and all tennis equipment/clothing/travel expenses paid.

So figure $100K to $300K value over 4 years.

Guess how many 'pro' players bouncing around the ITF's every make a gross $60K?

Unfortunately the American tennis system is failing college tennis because they don't produce enough 'quality' prospects to adequately fill 500 (or even 200) scholarships per year.

Feb 17th, 2010, 07:00 PM
Thank you form, using your suggestions my spreadsheet looks like this. (Sorry the headings did not line up)

Schools Spots Athletes Ath/yr Value /Yr Totals
BCS 150 8 1200 300 50,000 $60,000,000.00
MM 6-7 70 6.5 455 113.75 30000 $13,650,000.00
MM 5 50 6 300 75 30000 $9,000,000.00
MM 4 40 4 160 40 40000 $6,400,000.00
310 528.75 $89,050,000.00

The values that I am using I believe are good for the cost of college tuition, housing, food , but does not include anything for free coaching, travel expense, etc.

The conclusion of the spreadsheet is that there is more money in women college tennis than in prize money for professional women's tennis. This would seem to be a surprise to some because my experience with discussions with other people with weight in the US tennis world, is that it is always taken as given that there is more money in professional tennis.

(I'm going to try to find a link for total professional prize money in the US)