View Full Version : Rant Insult *$^%& Tennis *#$*& Personal Insult &#^$% Near Violation of the Guidelines

Feb 14th, 2010, 09:57 PM
Sometimes I lose my mind and completely go off on other posters in this forum. It usually seems justified, at the time. But right now, I really feel like something to respond to in a tuly abusive fashion, and there are really no completely stupid posts out there. (Not including my own, of course.) It like when you want to pull the wings off flies, but the only thing around are butterflies.

Almost nobody even badreps me anymore. I've grown old and stale. But wait, that's blaming me. YOU'VE grown old and stale. It's all YOUR fault! No, that's not fair either. It's the admins! They've beaten us down! They've hammered our swords into plowshares! We dispute with genteel civility where once we ranted, stomping knee deep through fields of literary blood, having abandonned reason to the remourseless pit it deserves!

A-hm. Okay. Just had to get that off my chest. I'm working my way through a .Net tutorial, and it's making me a little ... well, anyway, once my meds kick in, I'll be fine. The admins are nice. Really.