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Feb 9th, 2010, 06:15 PM
The Adidas deal and the SI feature got me interested in who was managing her.


DH Management was formed in 2003 when Swiss entrepreneur Dan Holzmann agreed to become the business manager of a talented 15-year-old tennis player named Ana Ivanovic.

Belgrade-born Ivanovic was in need of financial assistance as she chased her goal of becoming a professional. Holzmann, who is the chief executive of NSA AG, a licence holder of Juice PLUS + ®, the world’s biggest-selling nutritional supplement in capsule form, invited Ivanovic and her family to meet him in Basel.

“I asked Ana what she wanted from life,” recalls Holzmann about their first meeting. “She looked me in the eye and replied, 'I want to be No.1 in the world.' I was smitten at that moment. I took a quick decision that I would help her reach her goal.”

Holzmann fondly remembers attending his first tournament since he started working with Ivanovic. “She lost in the first round and she was crying. She didn’t come out of the changing room for four hours, she thought I was going to end our agreement!”

Ana recalls with a smile: “I remember that tournament. I played terribly! I was worried he would leave, but then I quickly understood how much he believed in me, and that gave me extra confidence.”

Over the next few years Holzmann, who has several business interests in addition to Juice PLUS + ®, funded Ana’s development as a tennis player by covering coaching and travel expenses. It was an investment that totalled almost $500,000.

According to the terms of their agreement, Ivanovic paid back every cent after signing endorsement deals with adidas and Wilson and earning over $500,000 in prize money during her first full year on tour.

During 2005 Holzmann recruited respected tennis journalist Gavin Versi as an advisor and he joined DH Management on a full-time basis in May 2007. Together with a back-up staff of accountants, lawyers, administrators and a dedicated web team, Holzmann and Versi form the core of DH Management.

Ivanovic, who today is ranked among the world’s tennis elite, says: “I have a great relationship with my management team. Dan will always be one of the most important people in my life. We’re great friends, and my management does a great job for me.”