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Oct 1st, 2002, 07:48 PM
I am so excited as the playoffs begin today :D

My Arizona Diamondbacks will attempt to repeat as World Champs, but it will not be easy.

With the injuries to Luiz Gonzalez, Craig Counsell, and Danny Bautista(Arizona's three best players in the playoffs last year) this team is in some trouble. However, the one-two punch of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling is still intact and with the d-backs on a 3-man rotation, the Cardinals will have to beat Randy or Curt TWICE! I am still confidsent that the D-backs can pull off this divisional series. :D Go Dbacks.....

Here are my predictions for the divisional series:

Twins vs. Athletics:

Game 1-Oakland
Game 2-Oakland
Game 3-Minnesota
Game 4-Oakland
The skinny: Oaklands rotation will be too much for the Twins' dormant(at times) offense.

Angles vs Yankees:

Game 1-Anaheim
Game 2-New York
Game 3-New York
Game 4-Anaheim
Game 5-New York
The Skinny: The angels have played some of their best basebalkl in the last month and a half. But the Yankees will find a way to get the job done, as usual.

Giants vs Braves:

Game 1-Giants
Game 2-Braves
Game 3-Giants
Game 4-Giants
Skinny: If the Atlanta pitching staff can find a way to exploit Bonds, they'll have a chance. Benito Santiago has been swinging a hot bat of late. X-factor, Pac-Bell crowd will be twice as loud as the Atlanta crowd where there are rows and rows of empty seats.

Cardinals vs Diamondbacks:

Game 1-Diamondbacks
Game 2-Cardinals
Game 3-Diamondbacks
Game 4-Diamondbacks
Skinny: The Unit will frustrate the tough Cardinals line-up. The cards can beat Schilling in game two; Chuck finley will face a lefty-filled Dbacks lineup. Miguel Batista showed his toughness in the playoffs last year. Game 4 will be Johnson domination part 2.

Well, what are your thoguhts??? :D:wavey:

Oct 1st, 2002, 07:52 PM
Angles vs Yankees:

Game 1- Yankees
Game 2- Yankees
Game 3- Yankees
Game 4- Yankees
Game 5- Yankees

.....That sounds about right ;)

Oct 1st, 2002, 11:18 PM
I SEE nobody cares..... :(

Go Dbacks, lol 3 channels in arizona are showing the game lol