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Sep 24th, 2002, 02:34 AM
from the Toronto Star


Organ donation bridges Mideast divide
Palestinian girl receives kidney of Jewish bomb victim

JERUSALEM (AP) A Palestinian girl was recovering well today after she received a kidney from a Jewish seminary student from Scotland who was among six people killed in a Palestinian suicide bombing, hospital officials said.

Yasmin Abu Ramila, 7, a resident of Jerusalem, had been on a transplant waiting list and undergoing dialysis for almost two years, an Israeli Health Ministry official said.

A donor became available when Jonathan Jesner, 19, a seminary student from Glasgow, died on Friday, a day after he was critically wounded in a Tel Aviv bus attack claimed by the Islamic militant group Hamas.

"The family is very proud that (Jonathan) was able to give life to others," said Ari Jesner, the victim's brother. The most important principle "is that life was given to another human being. I think it's unimportant what religion, what nationality."

During two years of violence, more than 250 Israelis have been killed in more than 70 Palestinian suicide bombing attacks. In all, nearly 1,800 people have been killed on the Palestinian side and more than 600 on the Israeli side.

Yasmin was in a stable condition following the transplant operation, completed on Saturday night, Riva Shaked, a spokeswoman at the Schneider Children's Hospital, said today.

The girl drew a picture of flowers, a house, herself and a heart for the Jesner family, Shaked said. Yasmin wrote the name of Jonathan and her own on the picture, Shaked said.

Her parents were grateful. "I don't know what to say to thank the family of the man killed in the attack," the Maariv daily quoted Yasmin's mother, Dina, as saying. "I grieve for their loss and thank them for their donation which saved the life of my daughter."

Jesner came to Israel last year to study at a Jewish seminary for a year. He decided to extend his stay and put off medical school for a year, relatives said. After medical school, Jesner hoped to return to Israel.

Jesner was buried in Jerusalem on Friday.

Ari Jesner said the family had no plans to meet with the recipient's family now but did not rule out a meeting in the future. "We are glad their daughter was able to be saved," he said, adding, "life here is a bit of a lottery."

the cat
Sep 24th, 2002, 02:45 AM
What a nice story! The world is in deep trouble! But it's always good to read a touching story.

Sep 24th, 2002, 03:11 AM
thats so nice it just show's hunanity does stil exist:) :) :)

Sep 24th, 2002, 07:22 AM
it happens all the time, after every suicide bombing. families of victims donate organs, and usually at least one is planted in a palestinian. it happens because families may not request that their loved one's organs don't go to a certain group of people. the person who needs it most gets it, which is how it should be. I have to say I really don't see a real affect in this.

Sep 24th, 2002, 12:03 PM
I didn't mean it's not a touching story, just that it's not really improving anything. I believe when people donate their relatives organs they shouldn't be saying "they can go to this person, but not to that person". still, if someone suggested that maybe the organs of suicide bombing victims shouldn't go to palestinians, I'm not sure I would think that's so outragous(sp). I saw Jonathan's family talking on an Israeli tv show, and though they didn't object to that, and said that they're just happy some life came out of Jonathan's death, I got the feeling this turn of events was very difficult for them and that they would have been a little more at ease if the organ had gone to an Israeli. they are so distraught right now, I don't think the system should make it harder on them. I think in this case maybe they should have been asked about giving their son's kidney to a palestinian.