View Full Version : Measured Against the History of Women's Tennis, What happened this season?

Nov 2nd, 2009, 04:03 PM
As in, 20 years from now, when fans are discussing 2009, what do we KNOW will be at least mentioned in the conversation

0) Nothing noteworthy happened in doubles or mixed. Resumes were padded. Slightly. Nothing Margaret Court would notice.
1) Serena absolutely cemented her place in the all time top ten
2) Svetlana Kuznetsova and Kim Clijsters both moved out of 'one-slam wonder'-dom.
3) Elena Dementieva became the only (modern) Olympic Gold medalist in tennis who's never won a slam. NOTE: She's the third to win without having won a slam already. Capriati and Davenport both went OG before winning their first slam.
4) Maria Sharapova has made a 'successful' comeback from the first significant loss of time due to injuy in her career. 16 tounaments. Finish the year in the top twenty. Look at recent history. She have fallen FAR further. Most of the greats lose some stretches of time somewhere. The question is whether Sharapova goes Tracy Austin, or Steffi Graf.

5) The Revenge of ASV. AKA (also known as) 'Anybody can lose to an inspired Retriever.' From Venus at Oz to Sharapova at the US, retrievers showed they were an extinct species. Like serve-and-volleyers. Big Babe Tennis hasn't routed hte world. Yet.

Footnote: Ivanovic has set heself up for a HUGE comeback later in her career.

Footnote: Jankovic and Safina both have contracted Novotna-itis.