View Full Version : Did anyone watch the Latin Grammy's?

Sep 20th, 2002, 12:21 AM
I did and they were pathetic as usual focusing on the side the "Americans" would like. Most of the presenters with the exception of Laura pausini and a few others were actors that can't speak spanish at all or not very well ex. Jimmy Smits,Paul Rodrigez,Cheech Marin. why did they have Justin Timberlake and nick Carter publicly lusting after Shakira:rolleyes: . They had not one single perfromance by a grupero or grupera which even though I am not a fan of this music it is the music in Spanish that sells the most. It always sees the same people get nominated where were La Oreja de Van Gogh,Monica Naranjo,aterciopelados,Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Natalia Oreiro,los Tigres del Norte ex. all.
thalia sang and again proved to us all she can't sing too well live.
Alejandro sanz,Vicente and Alejandro fernandez, and Carlos Vives were the best performances.
Also there is a huge identity crisis with what is Latin Here in the U.S. they are marketed towards spanish music but also awarded is brasilian music and music in Italian which can also be considered. So it awards spanish,portugese and Italian but the awards are held in English and almost everyone made their speech,or performed in Spanish.Overall they SUCKED and still Premio Lo Nuestro as bad as it is probably is still the most revered prize in Latin America .Unless there is an award in Spain I don't know about.