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Sep 19th, 2002, 06:52 PM
Well Im bisexual and i have a girlfriend who ive been going with for about 18 months now, and we have an open relationship. I do love her, but i dont know i think we are growing apart at the moment.

Cos we have an open relationship I also have a guy who Ive been sleeping with as well.
She dosent mind him at all we've even discussed 3somes together and stuff so she was fine with him. I dont love him at all he's just a friend who I have sex with it satisfies both of us cos i get what i need from a man, and he's single so i give him what he needs.

But I've always sort of had the hots for this guy but because at the time me and my girl were in an monongamous relationship I decided to set him up with my best friend. It was cute they make a really sweet couple, and what not, but deep down i know i only set them up so i couldnt cheat on my girlfriend, and it was a year after that when we decided to go experiment with other people.

Well 2 days ago he and I were talking and having a great time it made me like him more ALOT more he's so fucking sexy!! and funny everything I want. He has those deep brown eyes i could look into all day and his voice is so deep and sexy...Total Hottie, so sensitive and sweet too!! :hearts:

But my friend has him shes always talks to me about chucking it in and saying she dont think he's the right guy for her, but she hasnt done it yet she says she will but u know she dosent act like it.

The last thing i want to do is hurt my best friend i love her as a friend i really do. And my girl Ive known her forever she means so much to me, but I really want to be with this guy.

What shall i do?

I think i have to dump the guy im seeing on the side...but what do i do about my girlfriend my best friend and the man Im in love with?

Sep 19th, 2002, 06:58 PM
My goodness! Is this a Passions episode? This is serious drama.

Let's see. First I would try to amicably break it off with your girlfriend. I'm sure you mean a great deal to one another but if you have an open relationship and are fine with it - I can't see you being that IN LOVE with her...I mean when you are truly in love with someone you don't want to share that person...

Now, go ahead and keep the cute boy on the side - the friend guy - he's harmless and it's just sex.

Then, I would tell your best friend how you feel about her boyfriend. Just put it out there. Tell her that you would never proceed if she is still sincerely interested in him but if she is not then to let him go because you can think of 1,000 things you would like to do to him...:angel:

Opinions only..:kiss:

Sep 19th, 2002, 07:18 PM
lol :D Thanks hun. I really appreciate your opinion

And i guess your right about my girlfriend its just she and i have history and i always have loved her i do love her, but yeah i guess since we did the 'whole open relationship' thing we lost something.

We only did it to give each other space and see if we still wanted each other after it cos u know we are fairly young and didnt want to tie each other down.
But now i reckon it probably is time to move on from her.

My guyfriend...oooh i like him. He's just a pal really and ur right its just sex but i think it would be un decent of me to persue someone else while still sleeping with him.

Tell my friend!! Oh no! Honesty is the best policy i guess but she would feel like im using her right? I dont know but i dont even know if this guy likes me anyway so i dont know if its worth it but at the smae time its like I cant let him pass me by NO WAY!